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Kim & Kanye

North West's Mug

NOT For Sale

8/11/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are passing up several million smackeroos ... because they've decided not to attach a price to priceless baby pics of North West.

The pics could fetch a cool $3 mil ... but we're told K & K have already rejected such an offer. 

Our sources says Kim and Kanye toyed with the idea of selling the pics and donating the money to charity, but decided against it.

They've decided to go one of two routes:  Either release the pics to a fancy mag like Vanity Fair, or pull a Bey/Jay Z and release a crude snap on social media.

We're hoping they can still make ends meet.



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Kanye is always on Jayz d*** of course he will do what they did...

382 days ago


They have the opportunity to donate millions to charity and by not doing so shows their character. While I respect the fact they want to protect their child even if it's just a photo shot of feet, head, hands, something .. they could really change a child/children's lives with the money they could make for charity.

382 days ago


Thank god! Now, if the K's and all the extended family would be banished from TV and magazines, we would appreciate it. We are sick of all of them and their bug butts.

382 days ago


The kid must be pretty ugly for them not to want the attention!

382 days ago


Celebrities, so many of them, I'd rather read about the idiots on Big Brother than people that name their first child NorthWest. What the hell??

382 days ago


First of all, nobody cares about this kid, including the parents. So sad, but so true. This family is so idiotic that they really thought people cared. There have been numerous stories about famous people having kids and poseing for pics to get it out of the way so they can move on. Kartrashians are so envious of Royalty and fame, that they've lost track of the fact they're famous for nothing. Kim is famous for being Paris Hilton's lap dog, and her late father getting OJ free from murder. Kris Jenner has a show that is 3 steps below Maury. What does that tell you. Lamar Odom, a below avg. Nba player basically said I screwed up and will fulfill my contractual obligations to the man beast that isn't really a Kardashian Khloe. The slow one is getting claims of infedelity. NOOO! The Kardashians cheated? Give me a break! Tweeting pictures of yourself when you're in your 30's, never worked, huge butt that very few find attractive, and looking more and more like Michael Jackson in his later years with each and every procedure is not enduring.

382 days ago


Pimp Mama must be dying that Kanye won't let her sell their baby, the way she sells her entire family. Why don't Kim and Kanye do what Channing and Dewan Tatum did when they had their baby in June--just very quietly posted a beautiful, loving picture of the 3 of them. No drum roll, no "the picture is coming" crap, no waiting for mom to lose all her fat. Just a mom and dad, proud of their new baby.

381 days ago


Finally they are showing some class. It seems so tacky to sell baby pics off and we wouldn't believe them if they said it was for charity. Jay-z and Bey were cool just to post a homemade snapshot. I'm sure the momager is not happy....

381 days ago


sell em n put the money in her college bank account... you never know she might be the smartest one in the fam

381 days ago


@OHWELL, go for it.

381 days ago


Ridiculous, I'm sure North would've been proud down the road that her parents gave 3 million to say a child's ward at a hospital in her name, what tools.

381 days ago


I call BS!! They probably got offended by the low amount they were offered. And, if they really "toyed with the idea of giving the money to charity", they would have known that no matter how little the received, it would help someone in need. But then they would have had to admit that they weren't offered anywhere near as much as Brangelina...and they're ego's just couldn't stomach the world wide humiliation. Must suck to come to the realization that you're NOT ROYALTY, LOL...

381 days ago


Ew. An illegitimate [bleeper] baby.

No thanks.

381 days ago

Barbara Doppes    

all that ****ing and quick orgasms gave her a black baby-

381 days ago


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