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Scott Disick

My Judas Is Hot

8/11/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget comparing himself to Jesus -- Scott Disick thinks he's more important than Kris Kardashian and Kanye West ... who BTW really does think he's Jesus.

Scott posted this pic in his Instagram, and The Last Supper comparisons are delicious.  Notice Kris Humphries (3rd from left) is present.

You would think Kris H. would be in the spot of Judas, but that was reserved for 17-year-old Kendall.

Scott's the best Kardashian ever.


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"This male has exceeded his usefulness, ergo its elimination seems the most appropriate business decision. It will generate interest and possible revenue. Choose from the following methods in which to create a volatile reaction from the masses: a) political contradiction; b.) religious desecration; c.) homophobic affiliation." -- from the ticker tape of the Kardashian Interest Generator 3000

446 days ago


Where's the painting of Baby Jesus is the manger? Then in the stalls around would have the weiner chick and all the nasty slores that Lamar has been foolin' with behind sasquatchs back!

446 days ago


i guarantee he has either drunkenly hit on kendall or straight up molested her. if he ever pisses her off i bet that will be the first thing that comes out. it will certainly involve alchohol.

446 days ago


Sacreligious and disgusting. Just like the whole Kardashian clan. People think it's the "in" thing to rip religion... live without consequences, deny God. Boy will they be surprised.

446 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Remove Humphries from the line up and you have a pack of no shame no class, skanks, whores, tramps and douche bags

446 days ago


Why isn't Odom's girlfriend in the pic?

446 days ago


everyone is so old school... no such thing as having talent anymore to be famous. people hate this family because they hate their own situation. I honestly doubt anyone who comments here does any good at all for their community. so I don't see why they have room to tell people what's news worthy or whatever. I just sense so much nastiness from people who claim a religion but speak so badly about people who they have never even met. regardless of what these people have done, it's their life! no one is trying to tell you to do whatever the hell it is you do.. like sit and comment on stories of someone you "hate soooo much" lol the show is still running because you all watch it. these stories keep running because the comment numbers are high because you all click on this, read and then find another excuse to get angry about someone else's life. how about you mind your business? don't forget.. people who don't deserve the spotlight get pushed out pretty easily... but in all reality, the kardashians aren't going anywhere. they don't hurt anyone. they aren't in trouble with the law. for the love of god, forgive and move forward for your own hearts. having hate for people you don't know or who haven't done any wrong to people makes the heart tired.... try a little calming tea. might calm your nerves. now go fix your own marriage, family and job problems instead of commenting on about how you hate someone who has NO idea you exist. lol

446 days ago

psycho nurse    

He forgot to plug in a pic of his kid's bio dad...

446 days ago


I use to think Scott Disick was okay. But hes dead to me now. He is now on my "If I could kill people and get away with it list"

446 days ago


*******s all of you !

446 days ago

Los Pepes    

A better pic would be all of them being crucified

446 days ago


Hahaha! Have fun with your pick ax in hell!

446 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*     

...!!! WTF !!!...Are these special needs students taking a class picture???

433 days ago

Amber Olson     

Why is kris humphries in this picture next to kim and kanye? Scott your just too weird bud.

410 days ago
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