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Amanda Bynes

She's Crying

And That's A Good Thing

8/12/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doctors for Amanda Bynes got a 30-day extension on her psychiatric hold ironically because she's doing better -- and surprisingly it involves a cascade of tears ... TMZ has learned.

We previously reported the Rx cocktail doctors have concocted to treat what appears to be her schizophrenia seems to be working.  We're told in the last few days, Amanda has had a breakthrough.

Specifically, she's showing emotion -- something many schizophrenics don't show at all.  We're told Amanda was crying on Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about the Friday court date -- which she did not attend.  Patients who cry are viewed as improving, because sadness is typically not in the playbook.

And we're told Amanda spent Thursday night confiding in one of the nurses about her future, saying she's fine and did not need confinement in a hospital.  We're told the doctors believe her ability to form clear thoughts is progress.

It seems a little inconsistent that she's doing better yet doctors sounded the alarm that they needed to keep her for an additional 30 days because she was "gravely disabled."  We're told doctors insist they were honest about her condition and feel they can help her with more time.



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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Crying... It's definitely in the playbook if you're an actress. Especially, if you can cry on point.

438 days ago


TMZ reports that Amanda is improving because she is showing emotion.

Now, having read some of her Twitter "You're Ugly!!" rants, I believe she was showing emotion back then, namely ANGER!!

438 days ago


I don't remember ANY information like this on Britney when she was committed to the psych ward. Guess you can see the difference between money TMZ had in 2007 and today... they are able to pay off nurses and orderlies now, it seems! We didn't and still don't know what Britney was suffering from... everyone guess it was bipolar disorder but I just remember there being NO information on her medical situation, period.

438 days ago


Good news!!! I'm glad she is getting the help she needs by trained professionals that care about her well being.

438 days ago


She's Fat, and Ugly.

438 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

I'd still love to....oh never mind

438 days ago


Do you know she can sue TMZ and the Hospital for this reporting? If she does, she will clearly win. Client Privacy should be taken seriously.

438 days ago


who are the stupid ****s who write for this site? if you don't think a schizophrenic in her cir***stances is gravely disabled, ur idiots- also, how do you think gravely disabled people get better? how are those two phases inconsistent. so annoying. ur writers/"reporters" suck dick.

438 days ago


She should stay there & continue treatment-if she's released too soon, she may suffer a set-back...!!!

438 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Hope that she is able to maintain the medication schedule when she is finally released.

438 days ago


Most medications used to treat Schizophrenia and other mental disorders can be very toxic at the wrong levels. So, she has to stay in so the doctors can titrate her blood levels, so she gets enough medicine to cross the blood-brain barrier and help her get better and it not be so high that it damages her kidneys and liver. The medicines can take weeks to months to actually work and just popping a pill and getting out in a day isn't very responsible on the mental health community. Plus, schizophrenia patients are bad to refuse their medicines because it dulls their thoughts and reactions but if they don't take it, they can be a danger to themselves and/or society.

438 days ago


She's winning this all. Don't believe any of it. She is a spoiled kid star who was unimportant - until she decided to mix a little Brit Brit + Lilo + Bad wigs and voila! She's a star again. Less then 1% of people are schizo. IF she was really schizo she would have started showing signs way earlier then this. I guess if she really is sick - it's good her parents are taking care of her. She won't ever work again - too risky.

438 days ago


I didn't know that anyone working at TMZ had a medical degree. Just because Amanda is showing some level of improvement, it doesn't mean she's not still seriously ill and a danger to herself and/or others.

438 days ago


Just because she's doing better, does not mean she's cured... She's got a major phychiatric disorder and that disorder includes many moments of purely lucid thoughts. This does not mean she's going to be ok either, it just means she's on the road to a better, healthier life...I'm cautiously optimistic about her. She will have setbacks until she can accept the fact she is sick and needs medication for the rest of her life...

438 days ago


She confided in the nurse and the nurse confided in TMZ..her parents need to move her to a more private hospital

438 days ago
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