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Amanda Bynes

She's Crying

And That's A Good Thing

8/12/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doctors for Amanda Bynes got a 30-day extension on her psychiatric hold ironically because she's doing better -- and surprisingly it involves a cascade of tears ... TMZ has learned.

We previously reported the Rx cocktail doctors have concocted to treat what appears to be her schizophrenia seems to be working.  We're told in the last few days, Amanda has had a breakthrough.

Specifically, she's showing emotion -- something many schizophrenics don't show at all.  We're told Amanda was crying on Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about the Friday court date -- which she did not attend.  Patients who cry are viewed as improving, because sadness is typically not in the playbook.

And we're told Amanda spent Thursday night confiding in one of the nurses about her future, saying she's fine and did not need confinement in a hospital.  We're told the doctors believe her ability to form clear thoughts is progress.

It seems a little inconsistent that she's doing better yet doctors sounded the alarm that they needed to keep her for an additional 30 days because she was "gravely disabled."  We're told doctors insist they were honest about her condition and feel they can help her with more time.



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Am glad shes doing better, now its time to leave her alone and let her recover in private and in peace. I think the person leaking this information should be sacked on the spot. I would be very upset if my private medical information was leaked to the public and I would in fact press charges. Whether or not shes a celebrity she should have her privacy. She needs to stay out of the public eye now once shes better and I hope her parents do that instead of putting back in the public eye again like Britney Spears parents did. She needs to live a quiet life now with her family. Fame is toxic and she knows that, that's why she retired before because more than likely she had enough of being in the spotlight. Showbiz is a very dark and scary industry and a lot of things happen behind close doors. Who knows what this poor woman has gone through being a child star and constantly working.

401 days ago


The only people who know what she is being Diagnosed with are her Doctors and the Judge. Until one of these Professionals make a Public statement saying Amanda has Schizophrenic (which they never will) Stop playing Doctor and accusing her of being Schizophrenic.. Then again maybe you like showing how Ignorant you are.

401 days ago


What's really disturbing it's that confidential health information is being leaked to the media.

401 days ago


I think that if TMZ wants to be considered by its readers to be ANY kind of source of serious journalistic integrity, this article should absolutely be the last one we read about Amanda's (confindential) mental health issues until she has formally been released from the psychiatric clinic.

401 days ago


I know people who have schizophrenia. They cry. I don't know where you are getting your information that most people with schizophrenia don't cry. One of them cries all the time. After her mother died she talks about it even after it's been 24 years. She talks about her mom and then starts crying!

401 days ago


Heres MY OPINION of what happened to her. She snapped because 1. there is some sexual abuse in her childhood, either from family member, or maybe when she first started acting, from someone there.
2. She has mommy and daddy issues and deep seated hatred because of that abuse.
3. the best thing for her, is to get healthy, leave the show biz, stay away from her parents and get a REAL life with some good friends....and make sure God's in that equation.

401 days ago


All I want is for Amanda to get better...That's all...I don't know what's wrong with her anymore than anyone else, but she was a great little actress with a lot of talent, and I just hope that everything turns out okay for her...(and also I hope she has no access to TMZ!!)

401 days ago


To TMZ ~ With the HIPPA laws, I'm not sure how you are getting this information. Quite frankly, those who print from sources on confidential medical information should be held accountable as well!

401 days ago


Crazy chicks are good in bed. That's a fact.

401 days ago

Rita Pessini    

Please get Better, we need you at Lunatic Mansion.(seriously)

401 days ago


Schizophrenia is a lifelong mental condition that requires persistent management. Medications can entirely solve the symptoms but there is no cure. Stop posting so much ignorance. People experiencing psychosis do not often express emotion but if you have schizophrenia, it does not stop you from feeling emotion. Psychosis is a major sign of the illness, but it can be controlled.

400 days ago


It's so sad watching the lay media trying to interpret and misinterpret mental health care. I don't know this lady at all and have no inside information on her case, but I do know schizophrenia in general. The real key concept to grasp is one word..."disorganization". It's not true that schizophrenics don't cry. But when ill, generally the tears don't correlate with real events in a rational way. We call it the "inappropriate affect". For example, a person telling you how devastated they are that their loved one died and laughing oddly the whole time. It's not being insensitive, it's disorganization of emotions. If this girl is schizophrenic and showing disorganization of emotions, most likely her doctors are trying to assess that medications result in more appropriate lining up of emotions with real events. And if you were a previously successful girl that woke up one day in a psych ward, a normal person would probably cry. Perhaps her docs are encouraged that this girl is now becoming aware of her unpleasant predicament and showing appropriate emotion, like crying, that she got locked up in a frickin psych ward. It's a terrible illness, the media should give the medical community the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just maybe, after decades of medical training, the doctors just might really know what they are doing.

400 days ago


Does anybody know why TMZ was created? I'll tell you why. #1. After leaving the peoples court HARVY couldn't find any work, so he created the show to slam celebrities. #2. HARVY has NO life & my gay-dar goes on everytime I see him. #3. HARVY loves to gossip like a teenage girl, sipping from his sports bottle filled with Vodka. #4. HARVY IS GAY and won't come out of the closet already. #5. He gestures like a women and my guess is he hasn't gotten laid in YEARS due to his juvenile attitude and pattern male baldness. #6. His own slogan for his company, "I'm a lawyer!" has ****iness written all over it. #7. Once again, has anyone ever seen him with a woman? GAY! #8. The show is fabricated drama and the queens to go with it. (Including his male servants!) #9. Have you ever noticed he hides his lower parts behind that counter & probably has some dude blowing him during the show?...and #10. The show attracts idiots who buy into all of his so called work. He's phony with his words, NEEDS to get poked already, and his FAKE TANNING SPRAY does nothing for his appeal. He's OLD wanting to be 21 again. It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Dude, you're OLD! STOP with the tanning already and giggling like a little girl! My 10 year old niece is more mature than you are!----Just get better Amanda. It's hard, but don't buy into all the drugs they're giving you. It will make you an addict. You can do it, and personally, I think we all have problems, who are we to judge! Leave the girl alone already and worry about your own damn kids! Just remember, HOLLYWOOD can either make you or break you. Good luck Amanda!

400 days ago


Get better, Jigsaw.

400 days ago


Obviously she wasn't just smoking weed like many said, well that and the meth face.

400 days ago
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