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CW Reality Star

I'm NOT Homophobic ...

I'm Just Competitive

8/12/2013 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A contestant on CW's new reality show "Capture -- a real-life "Hunger Games" -- is outraged 2 gay contestants have painted him a rainbow hater.

Jarick Walker was booted from "Capture" -- which airs Tuesday at 9 pm on the CW -- after he and his partner (the grey team) were hunted down and captured by an openly gay couple (the red team).

Things got heated during the elimination when Jarick told the host, "No offense to the red team, but I didn't think they were gonna be the team that caught us."

The red team fired back ... "I think the Division 1 football player is upset he got put up for elimination by two homos."

Well Jarick isn't hungry anymore, because our photog spotted him at fancy schmancy Chaya Venice and he said gays and straights are all the same -- inferior to him. 



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If you despise gays, guess what...that's your right. They are not a race, creed, religion, etc...and have no special rights except what some weenie politicians gave them that are not deserved or warranted. They are sexual deviants who cannot --or will not-- control their sick urges.

407 days ago


He looks pretty gay to me.

407 days ago


I didn't think his comment was anti-gay at all. I took it as him saying that he and his partner were two of the toughest competitors and he'd thought that if they'd been eliminated, it probably would have been by someone like the blue team. His comment had nothing to do with sexual orientation. The guy on the red team was the only one who took it that way. I think he may have said that to try to get the others to vote the grey team out because he viewed them as the biggest threats to his team.

407 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Closet queer, obviously....

407 days ago

Anthony Matamoros    

What the Red team should have said was that they were smarter than the other team. He got beat by a team waaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than they were. Stop getting hit in the head bruh! Enjoy the bench.

407 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i just read this one one of them cheesy facebook memes: just because you don't agree with someone else's lifestyle, does not mean you hate them. we all have different values, and no one should be forced to conform to someone else's. (doesn't mean that you are NOT allowed to hate them/banned from hating them, tho, as well... implied). what is it with all these silent social rules of forcing who we all have to love and who we all have to hate. if someone does not like gays, that is their free right. gays hate lots of people as well, and no one's complaining.

407 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

it's true tho. two lesbians would have been for sure to track them down like jungle hunters, and everyone would be like: oh, ok. i can see that. but two gay dudes? you'd think they wouldn't want to get their pink socks dirty. i totally see where the black team is coming from. don't go telling us we are all prejudice. the gays created this impression for themselves. it has absolutely zero to do with 'prejudice'. you told us this is who you are. and then to stand up there all arrogant and smug like: well look at who's up there being eliminated. what a stupid bitch. both of them. and everyone who stood and didn't say chit about this bullchit arrogant vaggits.

407 days ago


In any case, they're mentally ill perverts. Hopefully they get the help they need.

407 days ago


Just a little side note - the red team is openly gay but they're not a couple. They're just friends.

407 days ago


Question: Isn't the term "Reality Star" an oxymoron?

407 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

That's probably the one of greatest burn two homos ever said to a straight person... lol

407 days ago


I find it odd that the people who brought up the Red Team's homosexuality was the Red Team. Surely if Jarick had issues with homosexuals catching him, he would have said something inappropriate. From what I have read, I am not sure how one could misconstrue his statements as being homophobic. If the red team was not made up of homosexuals, Jarick's statement would not have been considered homophobic. Just that he felt his team was better than the Red Team.
Someone is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

407 days ago


Those sissies and gays in general (including TMZ) have taken that stupid word HOMOPHOBIC and ran with it. They're so hypersensitive.
HOMOPHOBIC infers that one is afraid of homosexuals--what if a person is just disgusted with the behavior--drag queens, gay pride parades that looks more like a freak show and we're supposed to just drink the "Gay is Good, Gay is Normal" Kool-Aid. It's not going happen... (with me)
SODOM AND GOMORAH here we are and a wimpy, worthless PRESIDENT who has elevated and promoting this crazy sh1t over the persecutions of Christians, Jews and other religions by counties we're giving money to who openly hates us.
How would we like it if fundamentalist Muslins decided that they weren going to impose stipulations that our women had to be shouded from head to toe if we wanted their oil. Think about that OBAMA--because that's what you're essentially doing--freaking idiot. I have to believe that the world is coming to an end...this just can't keep going on ad infinitum

407 days ago


Where is Al Sharpton's outrage? Yep. Nowhere.

407 days ago


ya'll are makin this why to big. The guy didnt say anything homophobic so he underestimated his competition, who hasn't done that? The guy from the red team must have too many hang ups or something. So what if he didnt talk to you maybe he didnt want to. Im a chick and another girl didn't talk me but hung out with all my friends i thought she hated me. turns out she had nothing to say and when I made an effort to talk we ended up having a lot in common. it goes both ways gay or strait get over your self. sounds to me he wanted attention.

406 days ago
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