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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans

Back to Jail

With a Smile

8/12/2013 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans can't manage to stay out of jail ... even after copping a plea deal to stay out of jail. 

Jenelle was in court Monday for uber-serious drug charges ... including heroin and illegal Percocet possession.  A drug paraphernalia charge was added for good measure, because cops say they found wrapping papers and a pipe.

Jenelle copped a deal with prosecutors and pled guilty to the paraphernalia charge. In exchange the other charges were dropped. She was slapped with 18 months unsupervised probation ... but no jail time.

That is, until the judge had her randomly drug tested Monday morning.

Jenelle's attorney tells TMZ ... the MTV star tested positive for marijuana and the judge sent her to the slammer for 48 hours.

Here's the good news ... It takes more than a few days in the pokey to wipe that stupid smirk off her face ... just check out her latest mug (above).



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I hate stupid people!!!!

439 days ago


This girl is trash but its crazy how she does no time for heroin but gets locked up for weed, not possession but just having it in her system. You can beat somebody to a pulp but as long as you don't have weed you won't be in trouble

439 days ago


Her smirk is hotter than the cattle that work at tmz

439 days ago


I thought Eric Holder was trying to decriminalize marijuana laws, must be only for poor and blacks

439 days ago


Only fools smile for mug shots. She is a dumb one.

439 days ago


I'm sure her son isn't smiling like that, what an idiot

439 days ago


Is she still being paid hundreds of thousands by MTV to "star" in that show ? Is it any wonder these teen moms went off the rails? Uneducated, young kids given more money than most of us in the country make in a couple of years. And our kids look up to them, and think if they could only get on TV.....

439 days ago


Starting to look hagard

439 days ago


What the hell do you need Percocet for if you have heroin? Idiot!

439 days ago


Another poor sap that just don't get it in life, death would be best for her.

439 days ago


Jenelle, jenelle, jenelle....

439 days ago


When will the courts realize this girl needs serious drug rehab. I swear I want her lawyer if I ever should get into any kind of trouble (not that I plan to LOL) but seriously. She is the Lindsay Lohan of white trash (oh wait they are both White Trash) but still. At the rate this chick is going she will be dead in less than a year. I feel sorry for her son. 16&Preg, Teen Mom are the worst shows on TV & all they do is promote getting pregnant so maybe just maybe these girls can get on TV & make some money. The only 2 that have any kind of sense are Caitlyn & Tyler and um they gave their daughter up for adoption (b/c they thought what is best for our child) C&T u r a true inspiration & I'm loving u on Couple's Therapy. Jennelle u are a POS and need a smack upside the head b/c u r doing NOTHING w/ur life & u think the whole thing is FUNNY. One day one time someone or something is going to wipe that smile/smirk/attitude right off that nasty face of yours (I mean nasty as in her soul not her looks) SMH when will we stop rewarding bad behavior in this country?

439 days ago


I'm sad for her and her kids damn

439 days ago


"A drug paraphernalia charge was added for good measure, because cops say they found wrapping papers and a pipe."

LOL, Lordy, you TMZers should educate yourselves a bit. ROLLING papers, OR WRAPS. NEVER WRAPPING papers, sheez. What, was she wrapping a bunch of frigging presents? LOL LMAO

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439 days ago


What's 48 hours? A bed to sleep on and meals for 2 agonizing days! Bet she learned her lesson!!

439 days ago
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