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Lauren Silverman

I Will Never Leave My Son for Simon Cowell

8/12/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Silverman
is pissed because she believes that her estranged hubby's friends are talking crap on her to TMZ, and what they are saying is a pack of lies, this according to close friends of Lauren.

Simon Cowell's baby mama is livid over our story that she has a hard choice to make -- move to Beverly Hills and live with Simon or stay in NY and live with her son. Her friends say she would never move away from New York.

Before Lauren totally flies off the handle she should note that our story says she's in the final stages of signing a lease for a NY apartment and is "setting up shop" in the Big Apple.

If Lauren's friends are telling the truth, it's an interesting twist because that would mean Simon would be living 2475 air miles away from his child.

Short Story: Lauren's got 2 baby daddies on separate coasts, so something's got to give.



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Donka Do Ball    

What a Who-Wah.

438 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Take a good look at that whoars nose in that laughably photoshopped photo. Her proboscis was probably the size of cheesesteak hoagie before some plastic surgeon whittled it down with a cheese grater.

438 days ago


I hope this golddigger takes Cowell for every cent he has.

438 days ago


This chick is hot, I wish I had millions so I could do her a couple of times!

438 days ago


Of course not that's too much $$$$ to give up.

438 days ago


All this Hooker wants is Simon's $$$$$ Simon you are an idiot

438 days ago


Of course some jewess named "Silverman" would live in Jew York. Where else?

438 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Her kids are just pension plans to her.

438 days ago


Waiting for her the start quoting from the movie Fatal Attraction - I'm Not Going To Be ignored!

438 days ago


She is very pretty. They will have a beautiful/handsome baby together.

438 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

From the TMZ story:
> > "Lauren Silverman is pissed because she believes that her estranged hubby's friends are talking crap on her to TMZ"
Hasn't this slut read ONE WORD from all the articles that have been written about her on literally hundreds of web sites around the world? It's not her "estranged hubbies friends" who are calling her a whoar, trollip, bimbo, slut and all other manner of colorful adgetives, it's the entire world that thinks of her as a lower life form who will give up her first born in a heartbeat for a nice house and a ready cash supply.
She may be a moral less slut, but I'm sure she can count up the sheckles she will get from a divorce after her husband shows the judge what a piece of garbage she is vs the money she will get from her husbands best friend who knocked her up.
She better watch out though. If she pisses off Simon enough, he will demand a blood test and imagine what happens to her plans when it ends up she was impregnated by the doorman of her high rise in NYC.

438 days ago


Yeah right - her decision to stay in NY might have something to do with Simon partying it up with bikini girls on a boat.... she's probably realizing that he has no intentios of wife-ing her. She was a side piece and will just be a baby mama from now on. No "love interest" thete, lady. Lmao... stupid sluts never learn. At least she'll have some nice child support to dry her tears :-)

438 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This bimbo is already 36 years old, she's had a nose job, is all botoxed up, and has veneers the size of piano keys.
Does she really expect Simon Cowell to want to play house with her? He is offering her cash money and a house so he can be near his child, definitely not to be near someone who would fuque her husbands best friend - really, even Simon Cowell wouldn't want to be with a woman that skeevy. Let's face it, he would gladly fuque her till her ears bled, but marry some trollop like that? Hardly.

438 days ago


I didn't read the article because I don't care. I just want to slap Simon across his mushed peanut face.

438 days ago


Adulterers suck!

438 days ago
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