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ShamWow Ex-Scientologist

Leah Remini's Life

Is in Danger

8/12/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You don't attack the Church of Scientology and get away with it ... not by a long shot -- so says one famous ex-Scientologist Vince Offer (the ShamWow Guy), who tells TMZ, Leah Remini is lucky she's still alive.

Offer was out in L.A last night -- and it's clear he's still concerned about L. Ron Hubbard's followers after his highly-publicized split from the Church ten years ago ... because he was VERY hesitant to talk about Remini's situation.

You'll recall, the "King of Queens" actress recently left the Church, then filed a missing persons report regarding Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. The Church was PISSED.

Offer called Remini's move "brave," but said he couldn't say much more because he values his life ... and he wasn't kidding. You have to see how scared this guy is.

As for Scientology -- reps for the Church have repeatedly stated that Miscavige is fine ... and rumors of mistreatment are nothing more than defamatory lies.


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What a lot of people don't know is Bozo The Clown was the real ringleader and L Ron Hubbard was just his puppet.

415 days ago


Wow, can you guys tell your pap to SHUT UP and let the guy speak?! Your camera guy would not let him even answer his questions!

415 days ago


How soon we forget...this is the man who brought super absorbency into our lives changing them all for the better. Team Vince!

415 days ago


Her life is not in danger. If anything happens to her guess who they are going to interrogate first? These cult members.

415 days ago


Why do people call this cult a church?? We all know that they are just a bunch of brain washing thugs.

415 days ago


If you're afraid to leave a "belief" then its not a church people. If you're THAT scared that they will come after you then what good are they doing? I mean really. If you leave a real church they'll tell you "OK thanks bye." And forget about you.

415 days ago


Leah is no dummy. She know exactly what these people are capable of, and most likely has things in place just in case. It is in their best interest that she stays alive and healthy otherwise they will be peeled back like an onion to expose things they want to keep hidden. CAPICE.

415 days ago


Wonder how Tom Cruise feels about this.

415 days ago


If those cultists touch one hair on Leah's head the Feds will shut them down ASAP! They are being watched and they know it.

415 days ago


Tom Cruise is an assassin

414 days ago

Jennifer Y    

Dang I didnt know she was even i to scientolog lol....

414 days ago

Duke Steele    

I'm very proud to say that when it comes to that fake religion,Mentalology, I am a suppressive person.

414 days ago


The reason they're scared is they're forced to tell all their deepest, darkest secrets and thoughts, probably coerced into saying things they DON'T even believe... then it's all recorded. I remember reading that Miscavige listens to them with friends and laughs. I'm sure they don't want that out there, so they keep their mouths shut.

414 days ago


Or, as Whoopi might have said in "Ghost" - Leah, you're in danger, girl.

414 days ago


If something does happen to Leah the LAPD will clear the CO$ of any involvement because if the HOUR-LONG Shelly Miscavige "investigation" proved anything it is that the LAPD is conplicit in all of the dirty dealings within the CO$!

414 days ago
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