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Oprah's Swiss Apology

Something Stinks

8/13/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Oprah's issuing an apology -- of sorts -- for playing the race card over her shopping trip in Switzerland ... but we can't figure out why! Did O really think it wouldn't be a big deal if SHE was the victim of racism? C'mon Oprah.

Plus, Britney Spears' bizarre spending habits! $500 manicures AND shopping trips to the 99 Cent Store?? You can take the girl out of Kentwood, but...y'know.

And, pics of Justin Bieber doing a good deed, but will his fans accuse of Photoshopping these shots too? It's day 2 of the Belieber siege on our newsroom.

(0:00) Britney Spears -- we know what she blows her millions on ... and some of her purchases are shocking.
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan gets help from Ben Affleck in rehab -- how much did his advice affect her?
(10:00) Oprah Winfrey totally hedges on her racist story about Switzerland.
(15:00) Famke Janssen's home gets broken into -- by the creepiest person ever.
(18:00) Octavius Johnson from "Ray Donovan" joins us to talk about the comparison between his character and one Justin Bieber.
(24:00) Usher's son has literally bounced back from his near-drowing ... and we also talked to the man who saved his life.
(29:00) Mama June takes a stand against bullying ... and her own daughter.
(32:00) Justin Bieber does something good!
(34:00) Kevin Federline rages at his wedding reception -- and he's lost a ton of weight!
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Harvey takes the plunge ... on Kris Jenner's TV show.


No Avatar


She wasn't apologizing to Switzerland. She was apologizing that she said "Switzerland" because it allowed people to find the store that she was referencing. I think she just made a mistake. She does know the weight of her words, but even Oprah can't possibly filter everything she says at EVERY moment of the day.

436 days ago


Is this cow looking to date the other race-bater Rev Al?

He has something MUCH thinner and more attractive atm.

Please tell these modern-day suffragettes to get a life.

The race card has already been played. Now it just looks desperate.

Screw you oprah you fat . . . . witch.

436 days ago


Harvey did a dunk tank for kris jenner...he should totally do it for TMZ live...the top 5 employees of TMZ should be the one to throw the ball...or top 5 'beliebers'...

435 days ago


I see it as a class problem not a race problem. Snotty rich!

435 days ago


I hate or so much. She abuses her power all the time. Like when she on her TV show threw her support towards Obama. It is against the law for a media personality to do that. But the CU*T did it anyway and nothing happened to her. Maybe if she had shut her fat as* pie hole maybe Hilary would have won in a fir fight. But, we will never know because Oprah (kinda pissed off that spell check recognizes her name) couldn't keep her fat ugly noise out of it. She knows how many undecided voters are out there she knows how many people hang on to her every word as if she the 2nd coming. She knew by throwing her support that her followers would vote for Obama.

435 days ago


Oprah need this racist remarks as she is promoting her movie. She needs this more than the store in Switzerland. She plays her usual line of being a racist, not much difference between her, Sharpton and Obama.

435 days ago


Oprah is lying. There is no way that anyone in Switzerland would do that. The Swiss are great people, and the ugly Tom Ford bag looked like it came from Walmart. The woman was showing her a beautiful blue crocodile bag. Oprah made it into racism...Another race baiter. How the heck does Oprah know whether or not the other bag was more expensive than the $38,000 bag she wanted to buy? This was an expensive store. the woman never said "you can't afford it." She showed her another bag! Oprah is disgusting. I hope there were security cameras in the store, and I'm glad the woman and her manager won't back down!

435 days ago


Oprah did this in 2005 also. She had a "crash moment" at Hermes in Paris

435 days ago


The Switzerland story was a lie; Oprah did this before in 2005. Hermes in Paris was the accused then, and Oprah was hawking her racism movie "Crash."

435 days ago

I know that I can listen to TMZ live in my car, but how do I listen, you know, live? I line in the twin cities and it comes on at 7pm central. Also, how does one connect to the show? I tried calling the TMZ live number and it just rang. I had some comments about how you guys missed the jokes about naked Bieber.

435 days ago

b de v    

Well, I have to say that everyone makes mistakes. It's not like she lies about being the victim of racism everyday like everyone else does. I think I’ll forgive the big “O.”

434 days ago
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