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Debbie Rowe To Testify

MJ Abused Propofol

12 Years Before Death

8/14/2013 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was not only addicted to powerful drugs 12 years before he died ... at least twice in the late 90s doctors misused a drug similar to Propofol so MJ could sleep through the night ... and we've learned that's exactly what MJ's former wife Debbie Rowe will tell the jury today.

Sources familiar with Debbie Rowe's testimony tell TMZ ... Rowe -- who will be called to the stand by AEG Live -- views herself as a hostile witness, because she feels AEG is largely responsible for MJ's death.

We've learned Rowe will testify ... in 1997 doctors administered Diprivan (a form of Propofol) to Michael in a Munich, Germany hotel room.  We're told Rowe will say the drug was administered specifically so Michael could sleep.  There was a full medical staff present and MJ slept under the influence of the drug for 8 hours.  This occurred on 2 days, either consecutive or 1 day apart.

The testimony is significant because AEG is trying to show MJ was the master of his own fate and had misused Propofol for years.

But we've learned Rowe will also say while she was married to MJ she never saw him as a raging drug addict.  She will testify he was addicted to Demerol ... which he used to deal with the pain and anxiety from scalp surgeries after being horribly burned.  She says when she left Michael in July, 1997, he was not an out-of-control addict.  In fact, he had gone to rehab and was open about it.

As TMZ first reported, Rowe injected Michael in the buttocks with Demerol and Vistaril several times while she worked for Dr. Arnold Klein -- MJ's closest doctor and confidante.  Rowe had no idea in the last months of MJ's life Klein injected the singer with Demerol scores of times.

We've learned if asked ... Rowe will say she was horrified when she saw a TMZ video of Michael looking totally out of it as he left Dr. Klein's office days before he died.  The day MJ passed, Rowe will testify she called Klein and said, "You killed him.  What did you give him?" 

We're told Rowe wants to tell the jury ... when the "This Is It" tour was announced and she heard the breakneck concert schedule, she told her shrink, "They're [AEG] gonna kill him."



No Avatar

Chris Farley?

436 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

I am looking forward to a romantic evening with DR and make some babies together...........Tehehe...............Not!!!!

436 days ago

Joellen Hall    

No one forced Michael to agree to he new album. He was depending on his tried and true use of prescription drugs to keep him going, like they always had. Blaming the producers of "This Is It" is pretty lame, at best. Michael killed Michael.

436 days ago


I have to admit, Debbie is an authority on all things ABUSE.

436 days ago


He was a pedophile drug addict. The doctor that got convicted for hos death was such a sham. He should never have been convicted and the only reason why he was was because the person who died was Michael Jackson. He would have been dead not far from his death due to his drug addiction. He was one of the most talented musicians ever in this world, but he was a pedohile and a drug addict who was trying to make himself look like something he was not suppose to look like-white.

436 days ago


Why does Debbie Rowe look like a man with a wig on??

436 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Well, with that picture of Debbie, one has to ask. Did James Gandolfini really die??????

436 days ago


What doctor would do something like this?

436 days ago


OMG Who is this dude??????????

436 days ago


Really? And you left your children with him until he died? They would still be with him had he not died. Leaves you looking a bit pitiful don't ya think. I detest a backwards, greedy, idiot, who will put thier children at risk in search of a payday.

436 days ago


Who cares what Debbie Rowe says about anything.
She sold her kid (or is it 2) to Michael Jackson.
She gave birth and sold OUT.

436 days ago


Just look at her! Hard to believe hey were married.

436 days ago


No one TOLD MJ to go on tour, just as no one TOLD him to take a ridiculous powerful drug intended for in-hospital surgeries as a daily sleeping pill. All I can say, he must have been doing some fabulous parenting all this time while he was doing his Rip Van Rinkle routine. He obviously wanted to die--AEG didn't have anything to do with it.

436 days ago

R. Hall    

Look, wether Debbie was a Maxim model or a Honey Boo Boo look alike, it doesn't matter! MJ was a drug addict, pure and simple. He doctor shopped. Who ever could meet his needs got a payday. He chose Debbie to mother his children. Wether he is the biological father is yet another mystery, but you know these two never had sex. Quit shaming on Debbie. MJ was a total train wreck.

436 days ago


She's so pretty.... cough

436 days ago
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