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Kris Jenner

Khloe and Lamar are Together

Divorce Rumors 'Ridiculous'

8/14/2013 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are NOT getting a divorce and have never even discussed it ... this according to multiple TMZ sources AND Kris Jenner.

Women have come forward recently and claimed they hooked up with Lamar.  Several media outlets are even saying divorce docs are being filed as early as today.  But our sources say it's just not true.

Jenner tells us, "Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced.  There's been no talk of divorce."  Jenner also says both Khloe and Lamar were at her house 2 days ago and everything was fine.

Other sources confirm with TMZ ... Khloe has not even spoken with a divorce lawyer.  

Our sources say they will only comment on what they know ... so they're not calling the women who have come forward liars.  But they are very clear -- Khloe and Lamar are very much together and there is NO divorce.


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Racist bigot evil devil sicko hater

399 days ago


What's RIDICULOUS is Kris Jenner and this WHOLE ridiculous family!

399 days ago


You people are such haters. I love the Kardashians girls but I do agree that the mother is a little too eager to put her girls on the front line of hollywood. I know you all have your opinions and I have mines as well but dang - can't you ever say something positive. You must be a bunch of unhappy souls. With regards to Lamar cheating this is not new news - he's a man. Ladies look to your right at night when you get in the bed - that's a Lamar but without the money... LOL!

399 days ago


Say what? Has she no self-respect? Is that pimp of a mother of hers forcing her to stay with a serial-cheater just for the sake of a few reality-show dollars? This entire family disgusts me.

399 days ago

Dee So Cal    

The porn industry can find thousands of men willing to do movies, it is VERY difficult to find women willing to do movies. So if this women wants a career doing movies it would not be that difficult. The media whore family he is married into will do anything for publicity. Lamar is no better, the only difference is he will screw any chick that is willing, and hopes they will not go public with it. Maybe he should have paid her more for her silence.

399 days ago


Not that I am defending the Kardashians by any means, but I was kind of surprised by Lamar cheating. The few times I have seen their show, I thought Lamar came across as a truly good guy who was truly in love. But then again, these "reality" shows aren't that real.

398 days ago


Everyone can post whatever he or she want. It does not change the truth. He may or may not have cheated, and there may or may not be a divorce in their future. Why is anyone trusting tabloids? You do know they are legally allowed to post lies and do so on a regular basis? Stop caring if the Kardashians are lying or are trying to capitalize on this scandal. You should be more worried that you gave any kind of validation to a tabloid.

391 days ago


Love watching K.J.'s stupid,selfish attempt as a "talk -show host "sink faster than the Titanic...Let that bitch sink.What kind of Slimeball pimps out her whole family...Poor Bruce.,should just blow his damn brains out...

389 days ago


"Divorce rumors are ridiculous", but now when Lamar insists on a divorce, Kris Jenner and Harvey make him a lost crack feind all weekend as the top story on TMZ for 2 days, and when Lamar reaches out, they still put a tiny disclaimer but leave the crack stories at the top of the page. FOR TWO FULL DAYS. Trash promoting Trash.

388 days ago


KuJo and K-Klan lie so much that even if they do tell the truth no one will believe them! The whole K-Klan are a SHAM! Harvey, you wont report on that, now will you?

387 days ago


They have a Brand? What is it call " SHAM" Harvey is being a real KISS-A**er to KuJo ! Harvey back away back away very slowy you to will get BIT by your good friend and partner KuJo! ciao

387 days ago

Jeanette tostado    

Khole god bless you, keep the faith. There is ugly people out there. Just think of what is better for u , and go with ur heart not what people say . Not even ur mother.

372 days ago


today on your live show, the co-host guy acts like chole should just tolerate that guys addiction for as long as he is using dope...YOUR NUTS! i was married to a crack head and unless u know what it is like then shut the hell up! these crackheads will not only destroy themselves but they will also destroy any and everyone and everything around them and they don't care who or what the cost as long as they are getting high and have the money to get high. they are the most selfish people there is and they only think of themselves and that is it! and you think a woman should just tolerate that **** forever because he has an addiction i can tell that guy has led a sheltered life and is clueless to what it is that a crack head can do to a family..the thought of suggesting that she stay is a selfish remark to make! so this woman is suppose to just toss all her dreams and life down the toilet and just wait for god knows how long? only a idiot would suggest such a stupid thing, a clueless idiot at that! So why in the hell should she suffer because he wants to use and have himself a good ole time? She should just sit at home and wait and wait and wait and wait for what will most likely be decades ....if his own father is not a clear enough picture for that guys future i think your blind and really need to get a grip.. it could be decades and Chole is a young lady and should go on with her life and if it means cutting that dead weight loose.....cut the rope and cut it fast and drop that rope and where ever it lands then its his own shallow grave of misery to lay in and die.. she should not have to suffer decades just to help him out...that is stupid to even suggest anyone stick around for a crackhead to get well........i have heard of some crazy **** like, Dr Murrary thinking he was vindicated of responsibility in MJ's death through the verdict of the civil trail...this week alone i have heard the two stupidest things and one is Dr M thinking he is in the clear and second is that idiot suggest that Chole stay with that crack head and just throw away her life and that is exactly what she would be doing, throwing away her life and for what? NOTHING! no good will come of a crackhead being allowed to be a crackhead with no consequences of being a crackhead..yeah crazy and stupid and outrageous! why don't you go pick up a crack head off the side of the road and just let them smoke as much as they want and pay for all their dope and pay for all their food and take care of all their needs too and make it where the only thing they have to do is smoke crack...uh wait!! you say you dont know that person why would you? uh cause the guy smoking crack that chole is married to is not the Lamar she married and she will do nothing but make it possible for him to just worry about smoking crack and that is all he will have to concern himself with is smoking crack while others take care of the day to day duties to keep ones life rolling along because if she was to take him back in and "help him" and he has no interest in stopping dope, that is all that will happen she will just make his life as a crackhead a comfortable life and that is bull**** that ...that girl i assume has worked to hard for what she has and i am sure she doesnt want to loose her life to make his doping life more comfortable! to take him back and "support" him through this is no different than you taking in a total stranger off the side of the road and taking care of that person while they just get high! there is no difference at all! So reconsider that stupid thought next time you want to suggest out loud stupid things for people to do especially when you are totally clueless about what the hell it is like to be in her shoes! I can tell you what it is like it is hell! and it is NOT worth it! it is not worth throwing away your own life for someone who does not give two ****s less about you or your life!

348 days ago


Good for them I like khloe and lamar

315 days ago

mary jo     

The guy is no good for her. But if she thinks she is god and can change a looser than she will fall right with him. Any man that goes out and parties with other women and does not try then she will deserve the lashing from the public. See these people only want praise they cannot take when they get comments for being stupid with all the money she has she could have found anyone

280 days ago
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