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Lamar Odom

No Charges

In Paparazzi Street Clash

8/14/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom has dodged a bullet ... the NBA superstar will not be prosecuted for going berserk on a paparazzi in the middle of an L.A. street last month and breaking some of the guy's gear, TMZ has learned.

The cops had originally sent the case to the L.A. County D.A. for possible felony charges ... and the D.A. referred it to the L.A. City Attorney for possible misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Odom has agreed to pay for breaking the snapper's gear in the July 10 rampage.  So we're told the City Attorney will hold an office hearing -- an alternative to a prosecution -- in which Lamar and the photog will have a chit chat with the hearing officer about rights and responsibilities ... and that's about it. 

As we previously reported, Lamar blew a gasket that day after the photog (not a TMZ guy) blasted him with questions about rumors he was cheating on Khloe.

So in conclusion, Lamar went from possible felony ... to possible slap on the wrist ... to actual check (that's really just a drop in the bucket for a pro athlete/reality star).

Lamar wins.


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So, now this guy and his not so humble friend, Kanye, will feel they have been given carte blanch to destroy anyone's belongings at will?

402 days ago


I for one am glad he got off. These papps provoke and instigate confrontations. For all of you who think Lamar should be in jail, how would you feel if it were you? How would you feel if someone had a camera in your face asking you rude personal questions about your marriage? How would you feel about being harassed? I am sure many of you would be smashing cameras and punching people....You will say no of course not, but you are all lying. No one is perfect, especially all the people come on here and JUDGE because their lives are SO pathetic they have nothing better to do. Go out and get an education, get a job and become a productive member of society.

402 days ago


No charges because it was all set up by PMK. Fake per the Klans MO.

402 days ago

No one is entitled to anything    

Here's the chance for Asians to say he's RACIST!

402 days ago


The games these "people", play. For the benefit of the public? Judging by Harvey's appearance on Jenner's show,as co host, he is entirely smitten with Kris Jenner. That explains why TMZ readers never get the current scandals & photos,of the Kardashians, like all the other sites.What a sell out TMZ is.Such a disservice to the readers that support this site.

402 days ago


I wonder if he had a clue about how bad the paps were going to be when he married a Kardashian. He certainly is no stranger to fame, but the K family is literally nothing without it. What a life when you give up your privacy!

402 days ago


It's L.A.--who in hell thought he would be charged? Besides, he has bigger problems--like a fake charity and his mistresses.

402 days ago


A very common fellow, who (like many of the others) had some innate athletic ability. As shown on the K. show, his father is a heroin addict. Khloe clearly did not consider the ramifications of actually marrying this individual. Really, what kind of behavior did she expect from him? Fidelity is not his forte. He may be "a nice guy", but the class & breeding are not going to be there, are they?

402 days ago


Get used to it ...Get rich or cry trying..

402 days ago


If you or I did it, we would be trying to make bail. Ridiculous.

402 days ago


Only reason he freaked out on the pap is b/c he has something to hide.

402 days ago


You would think Pimp Mama would have figured it out after her bed buddy OJ killed his ex that you can't control the black men. She can try but Lamar and Kanye and even Kris that was part of the family for like 52 seconds ain't gonna have it. Didn't you ever wonder why she married that white former man Bruce? Control baby, it's all about control.

402 days ago


i'm sure this "incident" will be on their show....there's NO WAY in hell this wasn't set-up and filmed. Just like Kon-yeah's "pap attack" at LAX - no charges filed because it's ALL STAGED.

402 days ago


To me this story reeks of being staged. I wouldn't put it past anyone associated with the Kardshians to set it up to look like Lamar was so devoted to his wife Khloe, that he went on an angry rampage when asked about cheating on her. He loves her, can't you see?! The photog gets a payday and pretends to not want to press charges.

402 days ago


The District Attorney's office is a joke in LA with 2 standards for justice; one for celebs and the other for the rest of us. I am glad I live in a different county but have to wonder how the voters can be so stupid as to elect the clowns they do to be DA. Oh well, since they will get screwed if they ever get arrested, maybe they will have time to think about their vote

402 days ago
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