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Chris Brown

Hit-and-Run Case DISMISSED!

8/15/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown's hit-and-run case was just dismissed, even though prosecutors argued Chris deserved to be punished and punished severely for his alleged vehicular misdeed.

Chris and the victim struck a civil compromise -- she didn't want any money because the damage was so minor and she wanted the case dismissed.  But the L.A. City Attorney objected, arguing to the judge this morning that Brown was very aggressive toward the victim after the accident -- calling her a "bitch." 

The City Attorney also argued that Brown was on felony probation and therefore his alleged misconduct of leaving the scene without anteing up a California driver's license was all the more serious.

The judge, however, didn't buy the City Attorney's argument and dismissed the case. 

Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos tells TMZ, "The case never should have been filed in the first place.  It's unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he's done."

Score one for CB.


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Congratulations...... It was just a bumper tap. The Victim did not want anything no damage was done. So drop it all ready. I hope Mr.B updated his license How hard is it to have your assistant put an envelope in each car that says insurance papers.

397 days ago


Obviously Brown paid the woman so she dropped the charges. This is not a serious enough case to push through, so I don't know what the deal is with the prosecutor. L.A. has plenty of homicides, rapes & burglaries to be pursued, I'd rather those cases be prosecuted. I think Brown is a douche, but if he hit my car & offered a private settlement for my trouble; I would gladly take the money & save the court's time & the taxpayers' money.

397 days ago


The city attorney lets Lamar Odom off on charges that were reduced from blatant felony criminal conduct, down to misdemeanor foolishness, and still lets him go. BUT wants to go after Chris Brown for what is in essence a civil matter. Cut the B.S.

397 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I'm sure the idiot judge will enjoy his new autographed photo of Chris "Bozo the Clown" Brown. Even I must admit that I enjoyed his tune "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It."

397 days ago


If I were in any position to offer advise to Chris Brown, it would be to get into Christian counseling so he can learn how to react better when he finds himself in certain situations that he has in the past few months. There are haters who would love to see him get in trouble again so they can say ha ha, I always said he was just a thug. Chris Brown made a mistake four years ago and there are people who want to keep rubbing his face in it, not considering that he has paid his debt to society. He still has many fans who love his music and would like to see him overcome all this. Counseling would help him feel better about himself and learn to make better decisions.

397 days ago


I'm glad its over now we can focus on his music again

397 days ago


Not a fan but the charges were bull****. The reality behind all this crap is it costs Brown a stack of cash to defend his case and the Taxpayers played for nearly everything else. All that and in a broke assed state. WTF will it take to turn our nation around with lawyers and judges ****ing it all the way to the top?

397 days ago


I wonder if he paid off the other driver?

397 days ago


Chris Brown is a cornball. A complete moron

397 days ago


What was the charge he has no license and no insurance if that not true what 's the charge, Could they just ask to see his do***ents without the courts

397 days ago

Suzy Q     

Geragos is a slime ball. Chris Brown is another entitled, classless celebrity.

Celebrity Justice is alive and well in Hollywood and the power people in the music industry are counting their money.

397 days ago


He is not being prosecuted who for he is! He has violated his probation a million times Geragos you lying pig! He deserves jail time! He probably paid off the judge! The judge needs to be ashamed of himself for not putting him in jail for all his probation violations, including falsifying his community service and beating up Frank Ocean.
He did NOT have a valid California license and did not exchange insurance info for the car he was driving so it was a hit and run! You can not tell what he was giving the other driver on the tape so that does not mean crap.

396 days ago


THIS is WHY these nut cases continue to act out! All they do is get a slap on the wrist and off they go until the next encounter! I guess if you have money, you can do whatever you want in CA! Wonder if the judge will get a new car too or the DA? Sad!

396 days ago
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