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Debbie Rowe

Cries About Paris Jackson

... She's a Shell of a Person

8/15/2013 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paris Jackson lost her soul when her father died ... so said Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe on the stand today, breaking down into tears.

Debbie was testifying for AEG in the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday, when the subject turned to MJ's 15-year-old daughter and her recent suicide attempt.

Debbie said she had been in touch with Paris every day until June 5, when paramedics were called to the Jackson mansion in Calabasas after Paris downed a bunch of Motrin and cut herself with a butcher's knife.

Debbie said Paris had been "devastated" by her father's death and that's what caused the suicide attempt. Debbie added, "She tried to kill herself ... She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Paris is currently at an undisclosed residential treatment center outside California.



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the truwth    

Didn't she take her beloved Mikey to court for cutting off her funds because she dared to appear on TV discussing horses?

Didn't Marc Schaffel, say he had to obtain Michael's permission to allow Debbie to appear in the 'rebuttal' video, how kind of her controlling ex-hubby.

Yet Debbie makes out she is a tough talking, no nonsense kinda gal. At least Paris has Debbie to go to for answers, Prince seems not bothered about Debbie.

Who has poor Blanket got? His own father went on global TV and lied about the cir***stances of his relationship with Blanket's mother.

442 days ago


This lard azz sold her child for a sack of gold coins....maybe that's why she has a hard time putting down the fork and pushing off from the table! STFU lard azz..

442 days ago

Peter Sc    

Some rumors claimed that she was sent to a certain facility outside Hurricane in Utah. Hopefully it is not true as it mostly is known to have destroyed some of the Osmond children and it is also known that a boy died there in 2009.

442 days ago


My only concern is that Paris receives the treatment and gets out of this rut. She must feel lost and alone as the Jackson family is doing their own thing (chasing the $), Debbie basically sold her and her brothers for cash and her father isn't her because he decided to push himself to the limit for cash. As pathetic as it sounds it all comes down to money snd everyone seeing about themselves. Poor kid I really feel sorry for her

442 days ago


Its like she doesn't have a solid, reliable relationship with any of the persons around her

442 days ago


If she`s grieving about her father - she needed to attempt suicide 4 yrs ago

442 days ago


Wow.... So many nasty comments which really didnt need to be said. Michael Jackson is dead and cannot defend himself. His daughter is obviously struggling and does not need relentless attacks from people who do not even know her much less anyone else involved. Come on people.... Where is your compassion????

442 days ago


Debbie is a naive soul. She still is drinking MJ's kool aid. While I don't know Paris, I am sure her mental condition is layered and not caused by one single event.

442 days ago

J Huff    

I feel sorry for Paris, no matter what, MJ was her dad and that is devastating especially at her age! Plus all the media around the family and at the time not having a mom! Thats what sucks about her not having her mom in her life at the time, this could be a lot easier for her! I'm not blaming Debbie Rowe because she did what MJ wanted and if it wasn't her, it would of been someone else. A lot of people donate sperm/eggs and that's what she did. She IS her bio mom and now wants 2 be in her life & she should be, she needs her mom now. I think she should be given custody! She stepped up when she was needed. Still Paris is in for a life of hell if she doesn't get a grip, very sad, she's a beautiful young girl & could have a great life.

442 days ago

Lily Daisy    

All that matters now is that Paris and the other children find a way to live through their problems until more time has passed. Being fifteen is difficult for most young girls, let alone someone who's emotionally been through what Paris has, but if she has someone who can stay close to her and "ride out" this tough age, Paris will eventually build a good life for herself. I know, because I had real serious difficulties with my own child at her age. I hung in there with her and by the time she was eighteen she had grown out of them and was able to live a good life.

442 days ago

BB not bb    

She didn't seem like a shell to me. Maybe Debbie means now that she is in the hospital she is a shell? Maybe they are making Debbie say what they want so that she can still hope to see her kid? Debbie seems like too much of a pushover. I don't think that Paris lost her mind because her caregiver died. I think she was being traumatized by having to live with his family who are a bunch of jealous, money hungry, hateful people.

She is a sensitive kid who stands up for what she believes. That is enough to put her in conflict with her wacky custodians. Her older brother seems more aloof so maybe he doesn't come into the fray as much. Maybe Janet focuses on tormenting Paris because she is female and maybe competition to her.

Paris deserves to be in a happy home environment. I don't feel she gets that with the Jacksons and that is why she was running to spend time with Debbie so much. Maybe she was happy enough until Katherine was deposed as sole leader of the kids.

Katherine is spineless so she is no use in protecting them. Maybe Debbie would be tougher and do a better job.

442 days ago


These kids had to relive their fathers death over and over again. Lawsuits, family members with secrecy and keeping it in the family being the number one priority, on social media. It's no wonder. She never for to grieve. She was just shuffled along a path of grief designated for her. She'll break away from that crazy clan someday an It'll get better.

442 days ago


Why is it she has no life? What did the child do? The sins of her father are haunting her and someone has to tell this child that she is not at fault. This is where a strong family would swoop in an provide a protective shell around her until she was strong enough to tell the world to go to hell. Sadly she has what she has...a money grabbing fame whoring dysfunctional group of misfits all living in the past wishing for fame and glory to return,. This poor girl will have a sad end I am afraid.

442 days ago

Ali go to school you fool    

So let's get this straight. DR knew wacko was a raging drug addict always faking pain and she let him keep those kids? WTH? No wonder Paris is a mess. Her purchaser was knocked out on drugs 24/7 and not caring for her nor himself. Shame on DR. She is to blame for the mess Paris is in.

442 days ago


It seems strange that she wants to kill herself because of MJ's death. That's the type of reaction you'd expect from a lover, not a daughter. Creepy.

441 days ago
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