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Kourtney Kardashian

Male Model Says

DNA Test Is BS

8/15/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian
's DNA test doesn't prove jack ... so says the male model who insists he's the REAL father of her 3-year-old son Mason, not Scott Disick.

Michael Girgenti tells TMZ, he saw the DNA test results TMZ posted on Thursday, which Kourtney got from an independent lab, showing that Scott is Mason's dad -- but Girgenti insists those results could easily have been forged.

As a result, Girgenti is refusing to back off his paternity lawsuit, in which he claims he knocked up Kourtney in 2009 after meeting her at a photo shoot ... and Mason is the result.

Girgenti tells us he won't be satisfied until a court-monitored DNA test is conducted.

As we reported, Girgenti is suing Kourtney for joint custody of Mason. A court hearing has been set for next month.


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i think mason does look like this model dude. and why shouldn't he know the truth. If it it court appointed then the truth will come out and if it is his he should get partial custody and and partial child support ... She has enough money... if it was a girl claiming he was the day he would have to pay so it goes both ways !

246 days ago


I'm surprised Kris allowed Kourtney just tell the public the results free of charge. I would have expected Kris to make her come on her talk show so she could pull a Maury Povich to reveal the DNA test results.

246 days ago


if this guy wants to take it the distance and he is sure Mason is his, then put up some money. If the DNA test comes back that he is full of crap them he pays the Kardashians 100,000... if he is Dad... then he will be well compensated anyway as the kid isn't this guys prize.

246 days ago

Will always LOVE RJ    

Why cant it be Kris "THE WHORE SKANK" jENNER...dead at 57!!! :)

246 days ago


How much did the K Klan pay this guy to do this. This is why these dum b itchs stay in the news

246 days ago


Wouldn't it be a BIG surprise that the next DNA test says he is the Daddy and Kartrashians faked /.forged the first DNA test, hahahahah

246 days ago


This guy is nuts. I looked up pics, and Mason not only looks just like Scott, but the other kid too. Besides, the Kardashians are a wall of re-enforced concrete lol

246 days ago


Interesting that the test was even done. I have no doubt who fathered my children cause I never slept with anyone but my husband. Kourt must have a doubt or Scott to go through with it. Seems like where there is smoke there is fire.

246 days ago


Not a fan of these people but this story is BS

246 days ago


I believe this guy......

246 days ago


Do you people honestly: 1. Think that any of this **** that TMZ reports is actually newsworthy information? 2. Think that anyone gives even the slightest f*ck about what you think? 3. Realize how incredibly, bafflingly, jaw-dropping stupid you mouth-breathers sound whwn your comments sound like you're acting like experts or educated on matters that you were probably vetted by other TMZ (or the like) information in the first place? 4....f*ck it, we'll leave it at 3, I'll just state this: Holy ****, people. You trash and talk **** about celebrities, call people names, try to equate real life problems that "celebrities" have to money, when, truly, they may just be concerns in their lives. You all bounce from story to story saying "all this whore wants is money," "They want a big fat check," "Theyre doing it for attention" blah blah blah. Do you f*coming people realize that the only reason you even come to that conclusion is because a website like TMZ prints the smallest details of celebrity life? I have never once seen a single news-worthy story on this website unless it was death-related. Grow the f*ck up, and honestly, talking like you are intelligent about things like the law, or mental health on a story about a Kardashian or Amanda Bynes BY TMZ makes you look pathetic beyond words.

246 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

She is the least goofy Kardashian.

246 days ago

Temp Angel    

When I had to have a dna test done it came back only 97% and I asked the lab tech why it wasn't 100% and they said that no test ever comes back higher then 98 plus we had to take a pic of me my daughter and the father in question show our id's. I don't know if its true about the percentage but that is what Lab Corp of America told me

246 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just the usual cheap, tawdry dirty laundry about this family of tramps

246 days ago


Yeah, cause the Kardashian clan are known for their honesty. Give me a break.

246 days ago
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