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Lindsay Lohan

Her Ass Was a F****** CHAMPION on 'Eastbound'

8/16/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_lindsay_lohan_east_bound_and_down_article_tmzLindsay Lohan knocked it out of the park on "Eastbound & Down" -- sources tell TMZ, she crushed her cameo Kenny Powers-style ... and even got a standing ovation from the cast and crew.

Sources close to production tell us, Lindsay didn't just conduct herself professionally while on set this week in North Carolina -- showing up on time and memorizing her lines backwards and forwards -- she was actually funny too.

As we reported, Lindsay is set to appear in the series finale, playing Kenny's illegitimate daughter.

After filming, we're told the cast and crew were so impressed by Lindsay's performance, they gave her a standing o. We're told the HBO show's co-creator Jody Hill hugged it out with Linds and thanked her for taking the gig.

Post-rehab fun fact: we're told Lindsay had a sober living coach with her the entire time she was on set.

We're told Lindsay wants everyone to know she's serious about her second millionth chance, and she's determined to make it count. So far, so good.


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Lindsay ///aka "close source" ....sorry to disappoint you girl but that standing ovation wasn't for you but for the catering tables the were just uncovered and rolled onto the stage to celebrate the end of the series.......those boys and girls do like their food and drink......LOL.....hope you didn't get trampled to badly when they ran over you getting to the tables....I must say they have good food down there....

436 days ago


If she does bad trash her.if she does good trash her...I'd need a sober coach too!!!

436 days ago


So this is how it all starts. She does great, then after or before the episode airs, we ear the backstage drama. And standing ovation? Give me a break. They were cheering because they were happy to see her go. As for the sober coach, where was he/she when she was partying with The Wanted? Lindsay darling, you are not taking this seriously. We know this just more positive pr spin on your behalf. Who do you think you are trying to fool?

436 days ago


I used to believe there was at least some independent media. After reading this load of *** today I now know I was an idiot to think so. Can you picture a hard working crew up since probably 5 am, cheering, whistling and giving Slagho a not applause, but a standing ovation for reading her lines. Is this a delusion on LSD or something?

436 days ago


TMZ must think that using "*****" will make it seem like a real person said it and not DUIna. Yeah, sorry, TMZ. Not working.

436 days ago


Is there ANY set this greasy pig has worked on that hasn't been a complete horror show for the cast and crew that has the misfortune of dealing with the LoHag?

436 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You know this crap comes from Dina because everytime Lindsay has a gig, we're supposed to believe she displayed some kind of mystical acting ability that blew the crew's socks off, that's a mother's delusion. She's a stunt cast now, if she ever wants to be anything else, she ought to take acting classes, and learn to play somebody besides herself.

436 days ago


WOWZA!! Lets all pat her on the back for doing her J.O.B.! Sorry, NO CAN DO, you don't get kudos for doing what you're suppose to be doing in the first place, which as an 'actress', is show up on time and know your lines,

436 days ago

Ellie G    

Well yippee skippee, she made it through a whole day without terrorizing anyone she worked with! Give the girl an Oscar and send her home.

436 days ago

John T.    

Then why was she so rude and mean (Her real self) To the people in rehab, so bad they had to leave. She thought she was above all the others? Her spots change pretty fast.We all know nothing has changed, give her a month.

436 days ago


Again, I read this was the finale, the ending of this series. Four years? Together doing this program. Every time I have seen the behind the scenes when a show ends, ALL clap, hit each other on the back, hug, even tears at times. Lindsay saw the crew all giving a last cheer together for the job THEY had done all this time and our little fabulous Lindsay, blushed dipping her head down, stuck her nasty fingers in her mouth, and said, "oh for me? No really, it was nothing," faking modesty. And trust ne Lindz, your part was nothing!!

436 days ago


Good for you Lindsay. Now show the twins!

436 days ago

Ms messy     

Um, it wasn't a dramatic role or Oscar worthy film. Don't take much to do crude comedy.

436 days ago


Who is writing these headlines? Showing as much class as the person you're writing about, is ****ing the only word in your vocabulary?

436 days ago


.....waiting for the next story where we find out how much she stole from them.

436 days ago
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