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Michael Vick

'Villain to Hero Playbook'

... Revealed

8/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were considered the #1 villain in America ... a dog fighting, law breaking bad guy ... would you pay $111K for an image makeover? Michael Vick sure did ... and it was the best money he ever spent.

TMZ has obtained court documents from Vick's bankruptcy case which show the NFL star paid top dollar for an elite crisis management team in the wake of his dog fighting scandal in 2007 ... and the documents read like a playbook on how to resurrect a shattered image.

Here's how Sitrick & Company executed the greatest image makeover in NFL history:

Step 1 -- "Develop media list and identify friendly media sources."
Translation: Who can we most easily manipulate?

And the media outlets they chose to communicate with -- the "Today" show, "60 Minutes," People Magazine, Newsweek and "Larry King Live."

Step 2 -- Put Vick through intense media training "aimed at regaining initiative in PR war."

Step 3 -- "Prepare list of sympathetic parties in media and community" ... hey, ya gotta know who's on your side.

Step 4 -- Knowing when to shut up. On July 31, 2007 Sitrick advised Vick's legal team on "need to avoid further interviews ahead of planned PR offensive."

Step 5 -- Execute. Vick appeared on "60 Minutes" on August 16. He then faced the media in a news conference on August 27 ... and hit it out of the park,  accepting blame, accepting punishment and vowing to learn from the experience.

He appeared on "Larry King Live" later that day.

When Vick emerged from his 19 months in prison, his image had been repaired enough that the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a shot with the team. Two years after that, Vick signed a contract worth up to $100 MILLION.

In the end, Sitrick's services ran Vick a cool $111,317.13.

Best money he ever spent.


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Dom The Mover    

leave Vick alone, he accepted responsibility, and paid his debt! Enuff B.S. already!

398 days ago


Yeah, what he did was awful, but "#1 Villain" in American? Hardly. I've seen people do much much much worse to not only animals, but more importantly other PEOPLE. Babies, children. There are FAR worse things he could have done. Hate it all you want but its true. I've seen people do worse things to HUMANS and get lighter sentences than Vick got, so yeah, do I think that he served his time, YES. Do I think that people need to get over it already.. YES. Do I think that what he did was okay, NEVER. What he did was horrible and for a man that made millions, it made no sense to fight dogs for money... but there comes a time when people need to move on. That time has come (and gone).

398 days ago

Richard Hawthorne     

Funny thing cops kill dog on video for no reason and no one says anything guess we really care. As long as the killers black...

398 days ago


WHY couldn't this ******* drop dead? Worthless POS.

398 days ago


He is still a shyt pile in my opinion. I can help it if most of America has the attention span of a fruit fly.

398 days ago

Kim Lores Bodaglo    

I will NEVER forgive or forget what MV did to those dogs! No PR team will ever convince me otherwise. F**k Michael Vick. His number one winner just died if anyone cares. People paying this sociopath millions of dollars is sickening.

398 days ago


Michael Vick looks like Chris Rock.

398 days ago

Don't believe the hype    

Vick should worry about the hel* hounds that are justt waiting to rip him to shreads downstairs.

398 days ago


For everyone saying vick did his time get over it, george zimmerman was found not guilty, get over it. See how that works??

398 days ago

train wreck    

The media doesn't give a #$@! about being manipulated. As long as their subject gives them some content to air then they are more than happy to promote whatever the celebrity is trying to promote.

398 days ago

Stupid ppl    

At least he didn't shoot a human being down in cold blood ,at least he didn't praise a killer or donate to his defense.More over at least he didn't celebrate the death of an innocent child .Racist white folks get over it he serve his time thats not good enough? what you wanna hang him.Racist s***s just like you hate us ,we hate you too ,there is no love loss!.

398 days ago


Why is TMZ sensationalizing this animal abuser, animal killer, animal torturer? Michael Vick is a POS and ALWAYS will be.

398 days ago

Stupid ppl    

Comparing MV to GZ is like comparing apples and oranges.MV didn't shoot an innocent white kid down in cold blood.But if MV was a white guy you wouldn't even be making a big deal about this .Its quite clear you white ppl are still pissed about the OJ Simpson verdict why haven't you got over it yet *******s?.

398 days ago


This POS is NO hero. He is nothing but an animal abusing c o c k roach. I wish his nuts would get chewed off by a rabid wolf.

398 days ago


You know Harvey, I understand what TMZ is and is not but really? do you have to give this piece of **** media attention? He's not sorry for anything but getting caught, in fact he said as much when he told the WSJ he "wouldn't change anything in my life if I could". Really s***bag? You wouldn't go back and not abuse and murder the dogs in your care? You wouldn't change how you treated them so they didn't end up with incurable babesia? The Vicktory Dogs and the humans that fought to save them are the REAL HEROES! Give media attention them and the countless others who tirelessly work to fix the wrongs of s***bags like Vick!!!!!!!!!!!

398 days ago
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