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Michael Vick

'Villain to Hero Playbook'

... Revealed

8/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were considered the #1 villain in America ... a dog fighting, law breaking bad guy ... would you pay $111K for an image makeover? Michael Vick sure did ... and it was the best money he ever spent.

TMZ has obtained court documents from Vick's bankruptcy case which show the NFL star paid top dollar for an elite crisis management team in the wake of his dog fighting scandal in 2007 ... and the documents read like a playbook on how to resurrect a shattered image.

Here's how Sitrick & Company executed the greatest image makeover in NFL history:

Step 1 -- "Develop media list and identify friendly media sources."
Translation: Who can we most easily manipulate?

And the media outlets they chose to communicate with -- the "Today" show, "60 Minutes," People Magazine, Newsweek and "Larry King Live."

Step 2 -- Put Vick through intense media training "aimed at regaining initiative in PR war."

Step 3 -- "Prepare list of sympathetic parties in media and community" ... hey, ya gotta know who's on your side.

Step 4 -- Knowing when to shut up. On July 31, 2007 Sitrick advised Vick's legal team on "need to avoid further interviews ahead of planned PR offensive."

Step 5 -- Execute. Vick appeared on "60 Minutes" on August 16. He then faced the media in a news conference on August 27 ... and hit it out of the park,  accepting blame, accepting punishment and vowing to learn from the experience.

He appeared on "Larry King Live" later that day.

When Vick emerged from his 19 months in prison, his image had been repaired enough that the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a shot with the team. Two years after that, Vick signed a contract worth up to $100 MILLION.

In the end, Sitrick's services ran Vick a cool $111,317.13.

Best money he ever spent.


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No Avatar


You should see the "play book" your Presidents get!!

435 days ago


There are some crimes that I feel are unforgivable and they are those that hurt or kill innocent beings. Whether it is animal abuse, child molesters, rapists, or those that prey on senior citizens or the handicapped. Stop saying that those of us who continue to condemn MV should care as much for humans as we do for animals.....how do you know whether I do or not. I may be wrong but I truly feel that if hehadn't been caught he would still be torturing those animals that looked to him for their care, food, shelter, and overall well-being. Let's not forget that you can trace animal abuse back through the histories of most serial killers, so it is not something that should be overlooked or taken lightly.

435 days ago


He's an illiterate piece of s*** and if he died tomorrow , I would be rejoicing!

435 days ago


Damn they just outed Pres. Obama's play book.

435 days ago

Barry Soetoro    

If Obama can pull it off anyone can.

435 days ago


Zero to hero? try hero to Zero. He was a football player beloved by the fans of his team... then he tortured, mutilated, skinned alive, electrocuted innocent animals in the name of a "game". He fed losers to other animals, starved them to make them aggressive. He got caught and suddenly he's a Hero cause he's done his time? If he hadn't gotten caught HE WOULD STILL BE DOING IT WITH NO REMORSE!!! He didn't stop on his own and change his life. Guarantee he will be caught either abusing another animal in the future... or he'll be arrested for hurting a human being... because it is a well researched and PROVEN fact that if someone tortures animals with no remorse, their next target will be defenseless humans. The ASPCA had a show on Animal planet about animal rescue and in one episode they would go back and check in on their worst cases. Most of the animal abusers they checked on were back in jail. One man who starved his dog nearly to death, and broke one of his ribs after kicking him was in jail for neglecting his 3 year old child. This man is no hero. He's a loser who will show his true colors again.

435 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Lip stick on a pig. Still a pig. The guy is a dog killer and that is not forgivable. Vick will always be a prick.

435 days ago


How was this money well spent? The few *******s that gave him that football contract don't hold a candle to the MILLIONS who still (and always will) consider him a sorry piece of **** and waste of space.

435 days ago


Maybe it worked for some people, but I still have a very low opinion of him. It will take decades before I would begin to believe he has really changed instead of it just being a PR thing.

435 days ago


If you u still hold a grudge with vick u are a racist white person. He paid his debt to society get over it..u people care about dogs more than humans. Smh

435 days ago


This jerk is a lowlife and always will be. Anyone who mistreats an innocent animal, kills them, and trains them to fight? That's disgusting. Definitely not a fan of the NFL or the team that signed him. He should NOT have been allowed to play professional football again, he should have had to "fight" a few of those poor dogs whom he turned into monsters. Them tearing him to pieces would have been justification than that laughable jail sentence. Anyone who treats anyone innocent in this way, human or animal deserves to get the same treatment they gave to their victims.

435 days ago


I hope he becomes paralyzed from the neck down and lives the rest of his life in pain. He's not sorry he killed; he's sorry he got caught. I would give up Heaven to go to Hell if I could torment him for eternity.

435 days ago


Well money makes the world go round. smh

435 days ago


You're only sorry you got caught, Vick, otherwise what reason would you have to stop your lucrative dog fighting business? You made money, you greedy a-hole, off the backs of trusting and loyal dogs. I hope a giant dog bites your f**king balls off. If you had any. You're not fooling anyone.

435 days ago


Herpes spreading Ron Mexico, money laundering, dog killer Vick is nothing but a FRAUD. Did nothing in 2011 or 2012 to warrant a shot at starting QB this year. But the dumb-as-f@ck Eagles will buy the preseason hype and back up the money truck to his door again. And 3 games in, he'll miss his reads, throw INTs and get the shyt beat out of him. Foles/Barkley will have to clean up the mess. Again.

435 days ago
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