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Michael Vick

'Villain to Hero Playbook'

... Revealed

8/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were considered the #1 villain in America ... a dog fighting, law breaking bad guy ... would you pay $111K for an image makeover? Michael Vick sure did ... and it was the best money he ever spent.

TMZ has obtained court documents from Vick's bankruptcy case which show the NFL star paid top dollar for an elite crisis management team in the wake of his dog fighting scandal in 2007 ... and the documents read like a playbook on how to resurrect a shattered image.

Here's how Sitrick & Company executed the greatest image makeover in NFL history:

Step 1 -- "Develop media list and identify friendly media sources."
Translation: Who can we most easily manipulate?

And the media outlets they chose to communicate with -- the "Today" show, "60 Minutes," People Magazine, Newsweek and "Larry King Live."

Step 2 -- Put Vick through intense media training "aimed at regaining initiative in PR war."

Step 3 -- "Prepare list of sympathetic parties in media and community" ... hey, ya gotta know who's on your side.

Step 4 -- Knowing when to shut up. On July 31, 2007 Sitrick advised Vick's legal team on "need to avoid further interviews ahead of planned PR offensive."

Step 5 -- Execute. Vick appeared on "60 Minutes" on August 16. He then faced the media in a news conference on August 27 ... and hit it out of the park,  accepting blame, accepting punishment and vowing to learn from the experience.

He appeared on "Larry King Live" later that day.

When Vick emerged from his 19 months in prison, his image had been repaired enough that the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a shot with the team. Two years after that, Vick signed a contract worth up to $100 MILLION.

In the end, Sitrick's services ran Vick a cool $111,317.13.

Best money he ever spent.


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No Avatar


He'll ALWAYS Be A Villan in My Book! Anyone Who Could Do What He Did To Those Poor Dogs Is and Will Always Be A Horrible Person!

435 days ago


...Get back in your hole and stay there Michael Vick.

435 days ago


What a piece of ****

435 days ago


i thought he looked like Chris Rock for a sec

435 days ago


It didn't work. The people who are determined to love him because either they think football players are gods and will allow anything as long as the player performs for the team, or who get off on violence still love him, and all the rest of us can tell he is clearly unrepentant and sees nothing wrong with what he has done, and clearly brags about it even afterward.

435 days ago


I see why white people loves dogs they smell like them when they wet...ha ha... people get a life leave this man alone and worry bout ur damn kids than stupid as pets

435 days ago


He needs to be curbed, I lived in Philadelphia for 33 years, I will never be proud after this MFer got to play football.. Cut me break on the I am reformed, burn in hell MV your a waste of space

435 days ago


After you read the transcripts of Vicks court case, you will hate him. Vick testified to very sick things he did to dogs such as stab a pregnant female dog in the stomach because he did not want her pups and he burned a pit bull alive after it lost an eye in a fight. This guy is no good and will always be a sick sub human.

435 days ago


I'll bet he is not a hero to the dogs he fiught and killed. He never gave them a second chance and I am not giving him one either . HERO?????? Really. Look what happened to the Eagles after they sgned him. It's been nothing but a slide downhill. Karma is a Bitch

435 days ago


He is a piece of **** he used and abused animals to gain money l put him in the same category possibly worse then puppy farmers , his a filthy POS those poor dogs have no voice they need us to protect them and the law failed them by letting your arse out of jail

435 days ago


Why'd they put Chris Rock's picture up?

434 days ago


I don't care how much he spends he is still a
P-O-S!!!!! That will never change

434 days ago


He done what justice asked him to he pulled time and thats the end of it everybody who is still stuck in the year 2007 are retards that said they give mothers who kill there children the same amount of time or more and no body makes a big deal about that wow non of yall have a life!

434 days ago


Anyone who can defend him probably shares his sociopathic tendencies.

433 days ago

kimberly bashore    

He's NO HERO, more like a ZERO in life & on the football field!

433 days ago
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