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Lisa Robin Kelly's Husband


... It's the BF's Fault

8/17/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


More fingerpointing in the death of "That '70s Show" star Lisa Robin Kelly ... 'cause after Kelly's boyfriend blamed her estranged husband for causing the actress to relapse ... the husband tells TMZ the fault lies with the BF.

We spoke with Kelly's estranged husband Robert Gilliam ... who tells us the only reason LRK's boyfriend trashed him to the media after she died Thursday is because "he's trying to cover his own ass."

"In the last two weeks, she called me 22 times to get away from him," Gilliam says.

Gilliam says he offered to help Lisa -- who struggled with alcohol abuse for years -- but under one condition ... she had to check in to a rehab center closer to Northe Carolina, where they lived when they were together.

Gilliam says Lisa agreed -- so he started setting things up ... but she passed away before she could make the move.

Of course, Gilliam's claims are complete BS if you ask Lisa's boyfriend ... who told TMZ Lisa's demons were the result of the physical and emotional abuse suffered at the hands of Gilliam, who was convicted of beating Lisa last May.


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clit ripper    

It's too late to play the blame game. The problem had evolved for quite some time and nobody close to her forced any intervention. It was apparent she was incapable of doing it for herself, her death is everybody's loss and the the two losers who she was dependent upon should just SHUT THE F_CK UP! You two are f_cking sc_m!

410 days ago


The reality of addiction is that ... no one else, except the addict themselves, is responsible for their addiction.
This poor soul would have found an excuse or reason to drink even if everything was perfect in her life - that is simply the nature of addiction.
The day an addict stops finding excuses and blaming others ...and accepts responsibility for their own choices, is the day they start moving towards true recovery.

410 days ago


What a sad day I guess it's true what they say :/ Hollywood does suck the life out of people

410 days ago


This is really sad, she had such a nice personality, it's tragic that life turned that way for her.

410 days ago


Although Northe Carolina did give me a good giggle, Lisa had a blood alcohol content of 3.4 when the boyfriend took her to the hospital. I'm sure neither of these guys are winners, but it sounds like she was driving her own car so to speak. RIP

410 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Sad story.

410 days ago

BB not bb    

She kept picking the wrong men maybe. They are bickering back and forth instead of mourning her death. I don't think her husband had much to do with it if he was from months before. The new boyfriend says demons killed her, but I think there has to be a medical reason.

I wonder if playing a crazy character who used and exploited men on TV influenced her in real life. It seemed like the tables were turned and men took advantage of her instead. If she had felt happy and fulfilled with either of these men, would she have been drinking herself to death?

You can't order someone into a rehab either. If you really want to quit drinking you just quit. If she would have kicked it at home, she could have maybe gone slower and not gone into shock and died. People say you need to keep drinking a little until your body gets used to drinking less.

To just dump her in a bed and leave her when she nearly had alcohol poisoning seems negligent. I blame the rehab here. They should have been monitoring her and giving her supportive care, whatever that might have been. She may have needed to have emergency poisoning measures done on her. She may have needed dialysis or something to get the alcohol out of her blood.

That character she used to play on That Seventies Show used to bug me out how she was so cold hearted. Then I just took it as a joke so I didn't mind it so much. Maybe she made a bad impression in some people's minds though that that was a cool way to be. There are manipulative women like that who get away with it.

410 days ago


Ironically enough, it's her own fault. She didn't become an alcoholic because of anyone but herself and it didn't happen overnight. Everyone has heartbreak in their life. Everyone but everyone doesn't drink themselves to death.

410 days ago


Please stop saying "she battled her demons" or referring to her illness as "demons. Alcoholism is a disease . Do people with a diabetes battle their demons? If someone is schizophrenic are they battling demons?

410 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Why does it have to be someone's fault? She died from her addiction. The end.

410 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I remember hearing a number of times that alcohol withdrawal for severe alcoholics can prove fatal even in medically controlled environments. It is my understanding that that poor woman could put away massive amounts of alcohol. I wonder if that's what happened to her. She seemed like she had a good heart. What a shame.

410 days ago


Boyfriend and Husband fighting over a known junkie. Who cares. SHE tossed her life and career away. Blah blah.

410 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Alcohol alters brain chemistry and most people are not in their right minds who abuse it. It takes a lot of effort to quit and having a good support system is vital. AA could have saved her life if she would have just reached out. RIP lovely lady.

410 days ago


Good drunk vs Bad drunk.... The shizz never ends

410 days ago


Lisa's death was due to alcohol addiction. No one can stop an addict except the addict......this blame BS is just that....BS.

410 days ago
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