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Thomas Gibson


Hey Stranger, Check Out My Sexy Hot Tub Video

8/18/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brace yourselves, this might be the most hilariously embarrassing video we've ever seen -- sent by "Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson to a random stranger on the Internet ... after he got catfished hook, line, and sinker.

Here's the full story: a woman contacted Gibson on Twitter roughly two years ago, using a photo of a scantily clad woman, and told Gibson she was a huge fan. Gibson took the bait.

The woman -- who refused to tell us her age or name -- is from North Dakota. She says she carried on a 2-year relationship with Gibson (who's married) exchanging multiple explicit photos and video with him, using images she stole from various pornographic websites (including

The result ... Gibson was smitten. Seriously, you have to watch the video, which he shot around Christmas last year in Utah. It's like the hot tub scene from "Austin Powers."

The woman says she actually developed feelings for Gibson too, and everything was going well until a few months ago, when she got a letter from Gibson's lawyers demanding she cut off contact ... because Gibson had discovered her pics were fake.

Shocker ... she says she hasn't heard from Gibson since. Too bad because the hot tub looked fantastic.


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Why is a married man is now catfish, but it is trolling. Married men should not do this, Lucy he has some splaning to do.

429 days ago


Jeez, real women dont look like that and the few who do dont want you.

429 days ago


Liked this man and thought he was mature enough and not do this foolish behavior. My opinion is slowly going down of him if this isn't a joke for publicity.

429 days ago


At Least Thomas's online girlfriend exist, poor Manti Teo. I wonder what did Gibson told his wife Christine about this

429 days ago


Stupid.......I think its a joke....he is a comedic actor too besides Criminal minds..

429 days ago


Man ...You people are gullible ! Oh and gullible means easily swayed or fooled...sheesh

429 days ago


I think it is funny especially the part about the water gun. If that is all he is doing, I don't see it as a problem. You do anything on social media, you have to expect it to get out there. Capiche

428 days ago


I SERIOUSLY hope his wife divorces him. This is unacceptable behavior from a married man, and it's the stupid wives who "stick it out." that allow these egotistical men to continue their cheating behavior over and over again. Guys like this have no integrity and that goes for famous and non famous alike. Look, men go through "Mid Life Crisis' But, what shows actual care and respect for the woman they married. (More than likely the same women who were there supporting them while they chased their acting dreams and raising their children.) other than treating her as a goddess as they should, would be to go to their spouse and say "Hey, this isn't working." and then divorce so that she also gets a fresh start and isn't humiliated by the guy she thought she could trust running around on her.

428 days ago


Men, when it comes to sex many can be clueless. Let's understand for men sex is the weakest link.

428 days ago


Never ceases to amaze me how quickly people jump on the judgement chair. So some apparently nameless person contacts Trolls Meeting Zone and claims to have had a 'relationship' LOL. with a TV personality - that statement alone should be enough for people to stop and think, before we even get to the "developed feelings" bit ...double LOL. This mysterious person readily admits that they lied to that person for a long time by using a false identity, stole someone else's property and used it under false pretenses, and even when asked to stop contact, continued to do so before deciding it appropriate to humiliate this person as much as possible because THEIR deceit had been discovered. But to attempt to give some sort of creditability to their sordid tale, they allegedly forward a pretty tame but in TMZ land "cringey, embarrassing, sexy video - yeah, really hardcore TMZ, especially after the edits, My 5 yr old was horrified. But this is apparently irrefutable proof of this 'love affair'. For this, they are rewarded both financially and with the promise of anonymity.... oh sorry I forgot this person is already nameless so I assume TMZ sent the payment for this 'exclusive' to the bank account of Mrs. Nameless somewhere in North Dakota...Very considerate of Mr. Gibson not to make any reference to his apparent 'girlfriend', in this sexy video. She truly is Mrs. Nameless. Now this behaviour by Mrs. Nameless is perfectly OK because it's acceptable to treat someone like this if they are in the public eye, where any errors of judgement are unforgivable. Weak moments totally forbidden. They might have some personal issues, low moments - tough. We don't care. They get paid lots of money so they are fair game. After all, It's only their lives and their family lives and feelings at stake, it really does not matter that it is very possible that this is a made up story, or at the very least a highly exagerated story. Oh and because he is married, he deserves extra crap. Of course it does not matter that Mrs. Nameless may also be married, maybe a typical soccer mom and general all round sweetie or the most upstanding character in the neighbourhood. Nope, her deceit was just a big joke and he deserves to be ridiculed and laughed at...oh and lets keep adding bits to the story, so the already fabricated bits are made even juicier. Its always so much easier to comment on someone else's problems and misfortunes. I guess it means you don't have to deal with your own sordid little lives. I shall await the undoubted hates. :)

428 days ago

beth ward    

YOU are a USED douche bag and I feell sorry for your spouse,.

428 days ago


It saddens me to see that you, TMZ would put out there and facilitate this lady's revenge on Mr. Gibson after he found out she was not who she said she was. By doing this you now also share in the responsibility of hurting innocent children, Mr. Gibson's who will be greatly affected by this. You should really stop and ask yourself, Do I as a company want to have the responsibility for damaging innocent people just so you can tantalize stupid people who enjoy this kind of stuff. I myself, can say, yes the man made a mistake, we all do. I'm sure from now on he will make wider decisions. This is very unnecessary stuff in my opinion to attract people to view your information. I realize you don't care, you are just concerned with profit, but at what cost are you willing to gain your money? These children have been hurt because one lady who tried to sell herself to Mr. Gibson as someone else and now is retaliating because of being rejected, you for being a part of it by putting this video out there on your site. Disappointed in what a person will do to another.there is so much I am sure that could be focused on on the world than this kind of stuff. Wishing for a better world where people cared about each other, put others a head of themselves.....that we would lift one another up instead of dragging one another down

428 days ago

sua may tinh    

wow! very funny!

423 days ago

Sam carter    

What a bitch getting back at him by giving you these twits at TMZ that video. Well whoever you are I hope you are happy now making Thomas's life hell what did you expect to happen when he found out you gave him a fake name, picture and videos of yourself for him to turn around and say I still like you you lied to him ffs

423 days ago


So sorry and sad for the Gibsons. He always pesented himself as a devoted husband an father. What happened to him. They are separated just like his parents and with young children. There is probably a more to this revelation than meets the eye. This is their priivate life and we should all mind our own business. Take inventory on our own lives
instead Thomas & Christine Gibson. Our comments only hurt the situation more.
A very sad fan. Hopeful for a conciliation. God Bless

419 days ago
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