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50 Cent Lawsuit

I LOST 'Cause I'm Black

8/18/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent says he got SCREWED in court recently because the judge was a rap-hating RACIST ... and now he wants the allegedly bias ruling overturned ... this according to court docs.

Earlier this year 50 and company called Sleek Audio were embroiled in a bitter lawsuit. 50 claimed Sleek owed him over $261,000. Sleek said otherwise. The case went to arbitration -- a binding process in which an arbitrator picks the winner.

Bad news for 50, the arbitrator sided with Sleek (the final $$$ judgement was kept under wraps).

But 50 refuses to go gently into that good night ... and is taking the battle to federal court -- claiming the arbitration judge discriminated against him because he's black, associates with controversial African-American figures AND because he's a high profile rap artist.

Specifically ... 50 says the bias ran so deep the judge didn't allow him to cross-examine witnesses and refused to look at evidence pertaining to the case. Pretty bold claims.

He wants the award axed ASAP and is asking for a new hearing ... where he says he'll prove the judge was out to get him from the get go.

Sleek fired back too ... claiming 50's allegations of racism are a desperate attempt to avoid the arbitration decision and get it brought before an actual court.



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Give me a break with the racist BS. Grow up and be accountable for yourself. You screwed up - period.

400 days ago


No cents can't handle it when he's not getting the California Celebrity Courts treatment. Not to worry,Mr Big will step in and reverse everything.

400 days ago


@grammar police we all have the same mentality if any person is denied proper income they will turn violent free food aint free money.. foodstamps cant buy you happiness .. money makes the world go around so whoever aint getting it turns into a animal.. white black asian mexican.. no one is excluded from this.. educate your ppl about drug overdose they have the knowledge but something puts them on drugs still.. the smartest person does dumb **** explain that.. why your mom let her educated man touch u.. and didn inform you about.. why columbus claim america after he slaughtered a whole race.. why my dick bigger then yours.. why i can sit in the sun and get sun ray energy.. why they introduce meth and extacy pills to you.. we can ask why about many things.. so why we kill ourselves.. if u put crabs in a barrel they will pull each other down to get to the top.. lol

400 days ago


Poor Punkin'. You lost because you are stupid. It has nothing to do with being black. AND...'because I'm black', is this the best you can come up with?

400 days ago


excuse my comment non racist ppl only applies to you

400 days ago


racist against blacks.. i love everyone who wants peace but the rest its for u.. if u like black ppl we like you too but the ones who im talkin about using stereotypes that was for u

400 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Wah, Wah, Wah it has finally happened. So many blacks have claimed that everything negative that has occured intheir lives is because of racial prejudice. If there is an earthquake or a lightning strike or a meteor balls out of the sky into their house it is because whitey is out to get them. Even the great Oprah claimed racism in Europe simply because the clerch was rude. Oprah did however admit to over reacting on her part. Enough already and get the chip off your shoulder and own your mistakes. I wish that 50 Cent and everyone in his generation could go back to when his parents were kids and see what racial prejudice really is.

400 days ago


Wake up and smell the coffee.
You are black and you always will be black.
No matter how many white women you hit on or attempt to hit on.
No matter how many times you sell drugs.
No matter how many "street names" you steal from others.
black is black

400 days ago


I hate when people start talking out their ass like they were actually in the court room. You want to talk Racism. Well... If you made up your mind without being there, and then automatically take a side your completely ignorant, in general. In fact if you were never in the courtroom and you side against race just for the opportunity to scream out "race card" Your a Bigot !!!

400 days ago


WOW - 50 cent ! This is a whole new LOW for you. WOW !!

400 days ago


Always running back to the only card they know how to play. When are you going to grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. When I break the law or behave inappropriately I accept responsibility and NEVER hide behind the color of my skin because I'm white! I own it because I'm an adult with Integrity! The biggest racists are black because you don't hear any other race so prolifically claiming discrimination due to skin color. Wah, Wah, Wah, get over yourself!!!!

400 days ago

Steve Kives    

He is use to intimidating people Racist

400 days ago


He lost the case because he's an idiot criminal with an unjustified ego. Imagine Beiber as an adult.

400 days ago

Not the Same    

Seriously?!?! I am half African American and I am white, why does everybody assume if you are African American you are black, hello???? Ever hear of North or South Africa??? I am soooooooo sick of the race card, in my city I have been attacked because I am white.

400 days ago


Breaking news! Al Sharpton is on the case, wants justice for 50 cent, and a protest is scheduled for Monday morning.

400 days ago
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