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Myla Sinanaj

I'm Getting Plastic Surgery

... To Look Like Kim K

8/18/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Myla Sinanaj'
s obsession with Kim Kardashian is getting painful -- she's about to undergo a boatload of plastic surgeries ... designed to make her look JUST LIKE KIM.

Myla tells TMZ she's sick and tired of being called the fat version of Kim K -- and going under the knife will fix it. She explains, "I’m obsessed with her body and want mine to be exactly the same."

In order to do that, slicer-and-dicer Dr. Matthew Schulman will perform $30,000 worth of procedures next month, modeled after Kim's assets -- lipo, lip injections and a boob job.

Myla's confident anyone who slammed her body in Vivid's "Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX" will eat their words afterwards... adding "I know it will launch my career."

FYI -- No surgeries have been booked for her face.

And now this:



No Avatar


damn this girl is insecure. Once she makes that jump (surgery)she will never quit. Its like chips or tattoo's. you can't just have one

430 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

The goofiest thing I've read, one trashy chick trying to look like another.

430 days ago


She better start praying for a miracle because even the best surgeons in the world can't help her, she does look more like Rob Kardashian.

430 days ago

Kev the Realist    

So this idiot wants to look like a fat, disgusting, ugly, stupid gypsy tramp????? Why doesn't she get a lobotomy as well, then maybe she will be just as smart as Kim K???? This doctor should lose his medical license as this woman is SICK IN THE HEAD.

430 days ago


Who is this chick????!!!!! This is so stupid. Damn!!! Kim ain't the only chick in the world who people think is good looking. Be your damn self! This obsession with her is so overrated. Get a clue.

430 days ago


Why would she want to look like that stupid whoore.???

430 days ago


WHY?? Your already prettier than that skank!

430 days ago


Not a kim k fan but that's scary

430 days ago


Who is this idiot???

430 days ago


Wow. Pathetic. 1st you talk **** on the woman knowing damn well your are jealous of her. clearly. then you go get SURGERY to look JUST LIKE HER. Look just like her and wish you had her life also. Get her sloppy 2nds. Make porns. PATHEITIIIIC. Sad. Sad Sad hoe. You should be happy with who you are. Not waste you time making yourself look like someone else. And paying tons of money to do it. Hoes. SMH.

430 days ago


You need to save that money for a psychiatrist!

430 days ago


one whore wants to look like another whore? lmao

430 days ago


This is pathetic--just almost tragic. How messed up must this girl be? If nothing else, she should be embarrassed to tell people she's doing this. She's got some mental issues that should be addressed before this surgery.

430 days ago


Kim K's body is an insane circus freak looking caricature and I don't think any woman who values her sanity would aspire to look like her. I find it extremely ironic than when Kim first got popular it was largely due to the whole "omg like I love her because at least she isn't lyke SKINNY and actually has lyke CURVES, omg finally a real wimmin eye can relate too!" crowd. Although skinny might not be everyone's cup of tea and might look plain awful on some people, at least it can be achieved somewhat naturally and frugally, unlike Kim's body which will set you back probably $50,000 in implants, injections and liposuction to achieve. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a variety of body types in media from thin to voluptuous, but Kims ain't it.

430 days ago


"FYI -- No surgeries have been booked for her face"... TMZ, where do you think lips are?

430 days ago
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