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Myla Sinanaj

I'm Getting Plastic Surgery

... To Look Like Kim K

8/18/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Myla Sinanaj'
s obsession with Kim Kardashian is getting painful -- she's about to undergo a boatload of plastic surgeries ... designed to make her look JUST LIKE KIM.

Myla tells TMZ she's sick and tired of being called the fat version of Kim K -- and going under the knife will fix it. She explains, "I’m obsessed with her body and want mine to be exactly the same."

In order to do that, slicer-and-dicer Dr. Matthew Schulman will perform $30,000 worth of procedures next month, modeled after Kim's assets -- lipo, lip injections and a boob job.

Myla's confident anyone who slammed her body in Vivid's "Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX" will eat their words afterwards... adding "I know it will launch my career."

FYI -- No surgeries have been booked for her face.

And now this:



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en Todo Momento!!    

i mean i am not like the kardashians agent or anything, but this chick seriously needs to hop of kim k's dlck already. i mean how much more are you going to use someone else's name to try to make a career for yourself? for beginners, this chick looks absolutely nothing like kim kardashian. ok, sure, you have 'long black/dark hair'.. and so now you are like kim kardashians twin??? this chick is fuqn retarded. seems like this is the crowd she is catering to, freakin porno for disability recievers, for retards. she's like making a porno for the people in wheelchairs, who are drooling and their head won't stay upright and have to have 24'h care. i mean who else is this retarded bitch making pornos for then? porno for steve hawkins or something. go figure, he really needs it bad, i would guess.

241 days ago


Will there be a brain transplant as well so she be just as vapid & stupid as Kim?

241 days ago


Sounds like Myla has some issues and suffers from low self esteem. Why would anyone want to make themselves look like Kim? Things are really getting pathetic when it comes to some people. People can't just be themselves anymore.

241 days ago



241 days ago


next thing you know she well try to bang kanyee(sorry for my horrible spelling) and steal the baby! :(

241 days ago


Hey, the MORE people that LOOK like Kim Kardashian?

The-better-off this entire PLANET will be!

But me, I'm a dude -

Plastic surgeon's can do only SO much.

In this vein?

I'm going under-the-knife-

And to LOOK more like Kanye.

LAX around November ?

WILL be the acid test.

(Kanye can send me in first and to throw the Paps off - then walk in with like a Nixon mask)

Oh, and what about Katie Couric?

Having maybe her lips and face done?

SHE can save her show.

By undergoing the same Kim K. surgery.

241 days ago


I'm also inventing an Impersonation School.

For people that just don't get themselves.

But are honest-enough to admit it.

Change IS possible!

At least at MY School!

241 days ago


What a loser. That goes for anyone who looks up to the Kartrashians.

241 days ago


Impersonation School p.s.

My School's also received applications from peeps?

Wanting to look like Kris, Bruce, Khloe, Lamar, and of course Kanye.

We rejected that Kanye-applicant.

That'd cut into MY game, know what I mean?

No Katie Couric-applicants yet...

241 days ago


Heidi Montag said the surgery would launch her career too but we all saw how that turned out.

241 days ago



241 days ago


Disgustingly sad. The world doesn't even like the one Kim K. we have, and this girl thinks we care about a second? So, soooo pathetic Myla.

241 days ago


This chick is just straight up dumb... why cant girl just be themselves. The only room in the world for 1 Kim. This chick is trash.

241 days ago

Verdi e Amarello    

Sad story

241 days ago


I'm thinking she should put that money towards a good Psychiatrist.

241 days ago
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