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Randy Jackson

Bitches About Paris

Debbie Rowe Pissed

8/20/2013 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson is pissed that his niece, Paris Jackson, is confined in what he believes is a psychiatric hospital and thinks something really stinks ... but Paris' mom thinks he's delusional.

Randy just tweeted, "I just hate the fact that you [Paris] will probably still be there on my brother's birthday."  Randy adds, "She is not psychotic.  There is no reason for her to be in a psychiatric hospital this long away from her family."

But we've learned Debbie Rowe, Paris' mom, is livid at Randy and is telling friends that he doesn't know what he's talking about.  We're told Rowe said, "As usual, he's grossly misinformed.  He doesn't know what he's talking about.  He has no idea where she is.  She's not in a psychiatric hospital."

Rowe is saying Randy is just bitter because no one wants him to testify in Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial because he's irrelevant.



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What I Think    

What surprises me is that it wasn't one of the boys who went crazy. After all, they are the ones MJ sexually molested.

399 days ago


Poor girl! She is in a bad situation,i hope she is getting better.

Since when does randy care for his niece?

399 days ago


paris is an underage minor... wish the media would leave her alone

399 days ago


By way randy testified and said what all his brothers did and janet on oprah that Michael was an addict in denial who didn't want to participate in interventions.

399 days ago


I think Randy's stint in a psychiatric hospital was WAY too short.

399 days ago


It's all about neverending lies with Michael Jackson.
The son was brainwashed to believe what he told everyone. He really believed that Jackson didn't let him into his bedroom because he performed yoga everyday. Yeah, yoga caused you to not have sleep & lose 20 pounds until you had the certain look of death on your face. Yeah, yoga would help Jackson go onstage without eating because he'd have vomited if he ate more food after injecting Propofol. He left the truth out when people at AEG asked him why he was losing weight & self-destructing because he'd rather pay for Katherine's foreclosing house than save himself & keep the kids safe.
In other words, he was in love with the greatest fame. His decisions weren't saving his lost childhood.

399 days ago


That's worse. A professional victim who learned his manipulation techniques from his own parents.
A destructive man lost who he was slowly since the 1980s because he was allowed to be a spoiled paranoid child abuser.
He was a friend of sycophants who didn't do anything for his mental needs.
He thought relationships were about making money or being a sycophant.

No shock that his daughter now feels worthless & cut her so bad that she needed many stitches.
She thought he was the trustworthy father even though he was the biggest abuser in her life.
He was obsessed with
getting everyone to sell the story about him writing hit songs decade after decade and doing the moonwalk at 50.
He fantasized that he was going to be "fine"
after getting knocked out by drugs and
deforming his face. He planned his life for the kids to worship him
because people only cared about what crazy thing he'd do or how much money he made.
He didn't believe anything was worse than his reputation being ridiculed. Not even his kids' lives were as important to him as how wonderful he was portrayed.
He had the nerve to use kids to live his deceitful life. The way he lived his life had nothing to do with protecting kids. Kids don't stuff themselves with drugs & don't promote decisions.

He was a sick religious freak who believed childhood did not end as long as he made a lot of money.
He didn't cooperate with normal human beings because he would have to face his own criminal behavior. He was so lucky that doctors didn't put him in prison & child protective services protected his fame instead of the kids.
All the plastic surgeries, drugs & Neverland wealthy empire crap didn't change who he was.

A fake child, a fake white woman & a drug thief who let other people do his crimes & suffer the consequences.
Too many people fett sorry for him & tricked the kids to believe that Jackson did nothing wrong.

He was a loud crybaby. The only fitting punishment was a quiet death without prison time before. The kids can be happy that he didn't lie about the police & his prison cell and complain that no boys were with him.
He cursed & accused the police of twisting his shoulders off, like a bitch when he only got arrested with his sickly face in the mug shot.
All because little boys, not women, worshipped him in their bed.

He moaned about Sony killing him for the Beatles Catalog.
He felt guilty & embarrassed because he had no money without the Beatles' hard work.
If he's alive now, he'd know that Paul McCartney will be the one humiliating him when he gets his Catalog back.
He couldn't go onstage, so he whined to Prince that AEG was killing him.
I wonder what Paris thinks.

399 days ago


Debbie Row should be in Paris's life those Jackson are crazy dumbasses that want money. Debbie at least lives away from all those crazy's she has horses to help heal Paris instead of blood suckers.

399 days ago


For the wise guys around here.Propofol ISN'T INJECTED!

Debbie should have known better than to say Michael was "propofolized" because special equipment is needed when it's administered and it's NOT used as a sleeping aid,infact it drops the patient in a coma becasue it drops the blood pressure and slows the heart rate,the patient DOESN'T breathe on his own but through a breathing device.
So Michael was doing this every night,that's why his performance in Germany was great right?

Michael loved his child,he had Prince at that time only but threw himself in a coma,knowing he could die and never see his child ever again?
i don't believe that.

Watch Debbie encourage Michael to show Prince to the people gathered outside their hotel in

399 days ago


In her interview when the journalist asks Debbie if Michael ever abused drugs she said NO!
During her testimony she said three different things.

First she said that Michael had low tolerance and was afraid of pain,then she said he was afraid of the procedures because they were PAINFUL and in the end she says that Michael had no choice BUT to rely on powerful anesthetic drugs in order to go through with the tour in Germany in 1997.

She said: Michael didn't like medication that made him slur his speech or feel as if he isn't in control he didn't like BEING HIGH.
He was at the end of his rope he didn't know what to do.Michael was administered powerful anesthetic drugs because he was having trouble

399 days ago


He read the medical book that clearly said it was deadly to give comas and not REM sleep by Propofol.

Jackson knew that Propofol required several infusions per day because it took about 4 minutes before a small Propofol dose wore off & metabolized in the body.
Jackson obviously woke up & infused Propofol & killed himself. He was already malnourished & sleep-deprived for several months.
He had some sleep in 4 months, despite his lie that he could never sleep. If he hadn't slept at all, he would've died long before June 25, 2009.
He would've died soon after June 25 if he had forced himself to rehearse & perform.
He couldn't even speak or move in June 2009.
If he had continued with the same Propofol dosage, his brain would've shut down in 3 weeks.

Jackson refused to listen. He needed to save his reputation by going onstage & showing off to the kids that he could sing & dance and that he wasn't too old & weak to perform.

His priorities, the children, were not being cared for properly.
If he wanted to die, it was his choice.
He had no right to neglect the kids who never chose to be born to a mentally ill man who had surgeries & face injections to get the drugs & "Milk sedative" that he enjoyed.
Of course, Debbie made a terrible decision to give kids to him. She's too embarrassed to admit it, so she lies that he never enjoyed Demerol & Propofol. If he didn't have emotional problems, why did he lie that Propofol was a sleep inducer and beg for rubber injections in the face, bad nose jobs, chin implant & 3 lip thinning surgeiies with bad doctors & Arnold Klein?

He lied to them & manipulated them to pay Murray.
He had no problem sleeping & no urge to infuse Propofol from 2005-2008. The man obviously cared more about paying his massive bills and Katherine's house was being foreclosed on June 26, 2009. Jackson didn't feel any concern when he threw his massive fortune away & missed 4 months of Katherine's house payments...

399 days ago


They're both right - Paris is probably not in a psyciatric hospital but where the hell is she then?
At that deranged "school" for brats that has a reputation for killing and abusing it's wards??!

Why hasn't anyone seen her?
Why is Debbie still crying like Paris attempted suicide yesterday and saying Paris wants to die - STILL!!
If Paris STILL feels she has nothing to live for then maybe she is still holed up? Or - hopefully - she is back home or with her mom and going to therapy daily.
The long process to get better from depression does NOT require extended hospital stay like this!

Something is NOT RIGHT - Randy is right there!!
Paris is mos likely not in hospital anymore - Debbie is probably right there.

Debbies near breakdown on the stand makes me wonder just how sick the kid is

398 days ago


Randy kidnapped Grandma cuz he wanted to say she couldn't care for the kids and get things the way they were before. His kids living wherever they put grandma, so that her money would feed and cloth them because he doesn't work. He still wants to get Paris and siblings away from grandma - Paris comes with a $200K plus a year pay cheque and he's a greedy Jackson

398 days ago


me still thinks Mimi has been running at large from the mental ward for way too long, so long that the donkeys accept her for sex as their own kind!!!!

I've slept on that one and and I firmly believe that Mimi likes my posts!!! Thanks for clicking "like", me thanks!


Mimi,Just in case you didn't have a chance to read my thank you note before some a'hole made a complain and stupid tmz deleted it.. Here it is again!

398 days ago


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Go ahead TMZ engage all your staff in the live show early in the morning, and leave the reporting to the real professionals!!!!


398 days ago
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