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'The Calling' Singer

Suspicious Injuries

It's Not a Hoax, I Swear!!!

8/19/2013 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Calling
singer Alex Band has released photos of the injuries he allegedly sustained during a violent abduction Sunday morning in Michigan ... but let's be honest ... they don't paint a picture of a "near-death" encounter.

Alex's publicist tells TMZ ...  the singer suffered a fractured lower spine, 15 stitches to the lower chin, 3 broken teeth and is bruised on his side and stomach from a beating that occurred after Band was snatched off a Lapeer, Michigan street by mysterious people in a van.


According to the rep, the only reason Alex escaped with his life is because his captors took mercy on him for having a baby on the way. The rep says Alex told them, "Don't kill me as I am about to be a dad," and the captors responded, "We don't kill fathers." It's like something out of a bad movie.

As we first reported, police are investigating the incident ... but we've tried multiple times to get someone from the PD on the phone and they're stonewalling it.

And get this ... Alex's PR team just announced The Calling's big comeback.  Coincidence?

Even though it smells fishy, Band is sticking by his story, insisting, "I was near death due to this unbelievable situation and the rumors are categorically false and not a hoax as reported.”


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430 days ago


Get the fcuk outta here, if he was beaten and robbed his injuries would've been a hell of a lot worse than that. He looks like a guy who drank too much, wandered outside and did a face plant on the ground.

430 days ago


Unless you live here in Mid-Michigan you can't assume that what happened was fake. There is a reason 4 of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the US are from Michigan. Anyone around those cities are facing at lease a 1-7 chance of being a victim of crime.

430 days ago


He is a pu$$y so I am sure a punch to the face and waking up next to some train tracks is considered a life or death experience for him. A-hole stars and their way to get them back in the spot light is just ridiculous.

430 days ago


just a bunch of thugs horsing around it seems ...
white american males and their never ending pathetic cries for attention (whether negative or positive).......
stupid hypocritical group of men...
grow up losers....!!!

430 days ago


He looks really good for being "beaten" to near death.

430 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I live in Michigan and I am 10 minutes north of the boys at HARDCORE PAWN.

Come on down here and we'll show you a REALLY REALLY good time...

430 days ago

Bob Jenkins    

Jeremy London anyone?

430 days ago

Bob Jenkins    

lol what a liar this kid is. got drunk as hell at 3 am and maybe someone punched him because he's a tool and deserved it. take the bandaid off your nose lets see whats under there (nothing).

430 days ago


Stupidest made up story ever. Wait- I just got jumped by a unicorn & Santa. They stoled all my cookies. But since I said I am a Aries they decided not to kill me. Now go buy my cd.

430 days ago


Here's what I think... wait. Nope. Still don't care.

430 days ago


Why would anyone be suspicious about someone getting jumped at 4am in or near Detroit...happens daily.

430 days ago


Got **** faced and fell face first into a ditch. Lucky it wasn't full of water. Stupid BS. Probably embarrassed himself and made it all up.

430 days ago


look at those stained,dirty unkept horse teeth...

430 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

Another pub stunt, similar to that guy that was in a coma after the bottle to the face yet woke up smiling the next day, two goofs just checking in on America to see if people remember who they are when people didnt even know them at the height of their careers.

430 days ago
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