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Bad Boy Ent.

Sued By Unpaid Intern

How Dare You Make Me Get Coffee?!

8/20/2013 7:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_p_diddy_getty_articleSean Combs is a corporate tyrant who had the audacity to force an unpaid intern to ... gasp ... GET COFFEE ... this according a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The ungrateful person behind the suit is Rashida Salaam -- who claims she took a gig as an unpaid intern for Bad Boy Entertainment from January 2012 to May 2012 and couldn't BELIEVE the kinds of work they had her do for free:

-- answering telephones
-- getting lunch and coffee for paid employees
-- making deliveries
-- gift-wrapping presents
-- decorating the office during holidays

Just torture ...

Salaam probably has a real case, thanks to recent changes in the law regarding unpaid internships (no more free labor for course credit) ... but we're guessing she's probably hurting her chance at landing a full-time gig with the company by filing the suit.

We reached out to BBE for comment -- so far, no word back.


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As someone who coordinates internships for students, this internship is a disgrace. If I found out my student was doing such menial work with no real skills being gained, he / she would be pulled from the site. Seems to me like they're abusing the internship pool.

428 days ago


By the snarky tone of this article, is it safe to assume that this is how TMZ treats its interns?

Is there a special intern that gets to wipe Harvey's a$$? Another to color that surfer douchebag's hair?

428 days ago


What a typical Enward.

428 days ago


DAMN!!! If he'd give me a place to sleep and food I'll do it :)

428 days ago


My dream is to get a job working for Puffy...Just so I can get close enough to smack that punk...

428 days ago


I'm sorry but was an intern for 2 summers during college at a highly respectable publishing company and these are the things you sometimes have to do. Everyone is trying to make a free buck today. Good luck to her in getting a real job after she loses this lawsuit.

428 days ago


And he had me feed his snake ...........

428 days ago


Get over it Salami. Most kids who INTERN in the entertainment biz do all this stuff PLUS - pick-up dry cleaning, take pets to the vet, BABYSIT, drive the boss around and get screamed at and treated like garbage.
ALL in the name of "getting in the door". Next time you opt to INTERN (for free) - remember its the equivalent of legal slavery.

428 days ago


And yet, she stayed.

428 days ago


That's whats called an internship...duh!

428 days ago


She should sue for as much as she can get. Eff bad boy entertainment. internships truly never pan out the way we would like to think. Chances are she will never get permanently hired anyway.

428 days ago

go home!    

The kids of today are lazy and entitled and pathetic. What she did is EXACTLY what an internship consists of. All successful people today probably did free internships for school credit to get where they are today. It's how you get your foot in the door.. The new law is stupid, kids should not be paid for internships. They are lucky and privileged to even get them. This just breeds more of the entitled youth culture, thinking that when they graduate from college, or probably high school at this point, that they are too good for entry level jobs and don't want to work their way up like everyone above them did. Disgusting. Funny thing is, it's not going to happen. Sad thing is, we have losers like this person suing Diddy growing older and will soon have a culture of adults with this idiotic, lazy mentality.

428 days ago


Actually, I thought Diddy got his start in the music industry as an unpaid intern, even washing people's cars and stuff. Maybe he knows what it takes to make it in the industry and is only willing to work with those who are hungriest to succeed...

428 days ago


She's just doing her bit for middle eastern PR, nice job.

428 days ago


Brings to mind the hilarious episode of Will & Grace where Grace hires that woman played by Shohreh Aghdashloo who plays the minority and racism card to get away with doing absolutely nothing...finally she messes up and reveals to Grace she is also Jewish expecting to milk more guilt out of Grace, but Grace being Jewish herself does not feel the slightest bit guilty firing her after that :)

428 days ago
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