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Bad Boy Ent.

Sued By Unpaid Intern

How Dare You Make Me Get Coffee?!

8/20/2013 7:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_p_diddy_getty_articleSean Combs is a corporate tyrant who had the audacity to force an unpaid intern to ... gasp ... GET COFFEE ... this according a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The ungrateful person behind the suit is Rashida Salaam -- who claims she took a gig as an unpaid intern for Bad Boy Entertainment from January 2012 to May 2012 and couldn't BELIEVE the kinds of work they had her do for free:

-- answering telephones
-- getting lunch and coffee for paid employees
-- making deliveries
-- gift-wrapping presents
-- decorating the office during holidays

Just torture ...

Salaam probably has a real case, thanks to recent changes in the law regarding unpaid internships (no more free labor for course credit) ... but we're guessing she's probably hurting her chance at landing a full-time gig with the company by filing the suit.

We reached out to BBE for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Wayne Gratzky    

Ra****ta was probably pissed about not getting an "internal" meeting with Sean

426 days ago


He has a history of being a deadbeat and not paying anyone ..and he's the least charitable millionaire Along with his BFF Jay-Z

426 days ago


Bad Boy Ent. Sued By Unpaid Intern...............NOBODY in AMERICA / USA Should Have To Work For FREE For NOBODY, At Least They Should Be Paid The Federal Minimum Wage, People Got BILLS To Pay...........Anyways i DON'T Like P. DIDDY / SEAN COMBS and i Think He is an AssHoIe !

426 days ago


Legit case because an unpaid internship is not supposed to be beneficial to the company, it has to be a training program that benefits the employee. There should be no such thing as an UNPAID internship in this day and age.

426 days ago


HEY ASHLEY, where are your comments on this post ?

426 days ago


That's it?!? You got off easy. He made me go to Queens to get him a suger cookie.

426 days ago


Diddy is a slime and she should have known better !!

426 days ago

Mike L    

What did she think an intern did? Its not like they're gonna let an intern do anything important.

426 days ago


SHUT UP and GET me some coffee. Oh yeah, be thankful someone gave your a$$ a chance.

426 days ago


He made me walk across the brooklyn bridge for some damn cheesecake!

Best rapper out there is Dylan...Dylan...Dylan...Dylan....Dylan! I spit hot fiya! lol

426 days ago


I thought this was exactly what an intern does? This chick sounds like she thought she should start out at the top and not have to work her way up. LOL, entitled much? The problem with this world today is attitudes like this woman has. ENTITLED TO SOMETHING AND NOT HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!!!

426 days ago


I suppose she thought she'd be directing music videos and stuff. When she starts her first job and realizes that despite her university degree she still has to do photocopying, she'll freak!

426 days ago


Just another example of how lazy our society is becoming. Apparently hard work and paying your dues is for suckers.

426 days ago


This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Internships in the past were never paid, they got college course credit and that's it. That's what's wrong with this world today, everyone thinks they should be making a million dollars for their time and that anything that's not a corporate CEO job is below them. These kids come out of college expecting a company to hand them a $50,000 or $60...,000 salary just because they have a sheet of paper called a degree. All the classes in the world cannot prepare you for the real world applications that you're going to need to get by in the business world.

I went to college and have a degree, but there's no way that entitled me to a huge salary until I learned the practical side of things in the business world and was actually using said degree every day.

I am not a fan of Sean Combs, but this young woman just needs to get over herself. Did she get college credit? Then the internship served its purpose.

426 days ago


Somebody needs to tell Mo'Queefa the real deal with internships. They give you this kind of crap to size up your attitude, cooperation, and passion for the field that you appreciate just being there. Then if you impress, the door opens for real learning. There are literally thousands who idolize Puffy Daddy or whatever he calls himself that would have been smart enough to hang tough.

426 days ago
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