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'Criminal Minds' Star

I Didn't Cheat on My Wife

... We're Separated

8/20/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson wasn't pulling a fast one on his wife by conducting an online relationship with a shameless catfisher -- sources tell TMZ, the actor and his wife have been separated for years.

Sources close to the couple tell us, Gibson and his estranged wife Christine Gibson still live together for the sake of their children, but they've been separated for 2-and-a-half years ... six months before Thomas started messing around with one of his Twitter fans.

As we reported, Gibson and the woman -- who catfished him by posing as a porn star -- carried on a heated relationship for two years before Gibson discovered the entire thing was a sham ... he even sent her a sexy hot tub video (it's hilarious).

Bottom line: Gibson might be a sucker ... but he's no cheater.



No Avatar


He looks high as kite & very paranoid in that video ! lol

432 days ago


If he's separated - he didn't do anything wrong. The only one who did something wrong is the woman who misrepresented herself in photos and identity. How convenient it is that she gave you enough info to embarrass HIM, but won't tell you her real name and is unwilling to face any scrutiny.

432 days ago


Typical mid life crisis behavior. Probably more sliding down the hill to come for him. Can't believe he talked about his kids to this person he didn't even know. What an idiot. It could have been a crazed serial killer for all he knew. Hope his wife finds a more loyal, loving and smarter partner in her future.

432 days ago

franz solo    

He is weird....spooky guy.

432 days ago


Its amazing what you can learn when you watch others, I now understand why other have always seem to use |~| NewDesignered,com |~| But now you know!

432 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So who looks more like an idiot:
Thomas Gibson, who for a at one time thought that he was conversing on the Internet with a porn star?
- - OR - -
TMZ which couldn't take five minutes to actually do a bit of research to check out if a man is separated from his wife or not?
TMZ, it seems like you people are really falling down at the job - you're "sources" will tell you just about anything and you are idiot enough to believe it.
The thing is, you just can't bring yourself to apologize to the man for being shoddy in your work. You are the worst of the worst when it comes to integrity. It's easy to see why you always couch your stories in terms like "sources close to", "friends of the couple", "people have told us", because you fuques are too lazy to even Google a subject.
And why is it that when you "reach out" or you "tried to contact" someone, they never call back? Oh I know, it's because you people are idiots.

432 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, I forgot to congratulate you on the new word that you learned, Catfish. The show's been on for at least two years, but you finally have "discovered" it.
I would imagine that you will now use this moronic usage of the word in daily stories until our eyes begin to bleed. I give you a head start on a good headline:
TMZ's own Fat Mike CatFished by manatee. Sources say He goes on first date after three years to a Krispy Kreme - manatee pretends to go to toilet and leaves donut shop by side door. "Friends" of Catfished quarter ton Lothario say he had pocket full of rubbers

432 days ago

Thin Lizzie    

This story is just stupid. The vid wasn't that bad. The person who tricked him is a jerk and TMZ wrong for helping this person mess with him more.

432 days ago


"We were on a break!" - Ross Gellar

432 days ago

Ozzie X    

His wife is beautiful, angelic.

432 days ago

Ozzie X    

Seems like the kind of person you would want to protect and not destroy.

432 days ago


That's probably a good thing since they both look super ugly. On criminal minds he isn't horrible looking but that's make up for you!

432 days ago


If he is separated why has he been talking to someone for two yrs and hasn't met her...thats a clue people...if I were single it would take me less than a month to waste time online before I insisted video chat....

432 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

By today’s standards of freaky, Thomas is closer to saintly in comparison. While embarrassing somewhat I do not think he should be ostracized. Please don’t bully him, expose her instead.

432 days ago


I'm not sure I understand all the "hate" comments. I think the video shows a man do***enting a small moment of his life. I don't see anyone else in the hot tug with him, so I'm sure where the cheating part comes into play - but then again , there might be something I'm missing. I enjoyed seeing him at his most vulnerable - him just being himself.

432 days ago
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