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'Fred' from Nickelodeon

I'm Gay

Won't Bang Judy After All

8/20/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lucas Cruikshank -- the viral video star who played the ultra-hyper "Fred" character in a Nickelodeon movie and several shows  -- has revealed he's gay ... and naturally, he posted his coming out video on YouTube.

The 19-year-old actor made the announcement during a short clip with his friend Jennifer Veal -- who starred in the Disney Channel show, "Jessie."

During the video, Lucas says his closest friends and family members have known about his sexuality for years ... but he never felt the need to make an announcement to the world.

At one point, Lucas turns to Jennifer and asks, "How come you didn't have to make a video saying you're straight?"

FYI -- Lucas shot to superstardom by creating several YouTube videos featuring his annoying "Fred" character ... who had a crush on a girl named Judy.  For some reason, they never hooked up.



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I loved his movie too, the first one I thought it was funny actually, and really this was a surprise how?....I am so tired of the Gay Parade

428 days ago


I actually still love his movie lol

428 days ago


You still don't need to "announce it to the world", and neither does anyone else. Go to work, do your job, make your silly TV shows, go home and bang whoever you want to. It has no bearing on who your TV character is. Besides, its not like we couldn't all tell already. The first time I saw him when my kid was watching I knew he was a flaming homo. Didn't care then, don't care now. This is getting old with people thinking they need to tell the world who they have sex with. It doesn't make you special. It doesn't make you better then anyone else. It just makes you a homo.

428 days ago


The movie was hilarious. Kevin cracks me up. The wrestler dad. The singing of Solid as a Rock. Good stuff.

428 days ago


Who cares?

428 days ago


Sara. You sound like one major DBAG. Just sayin.

428 days ago


No surprise when the kid was brought up in a Hollywood environment. This is what happens when society devolves to a point where something so perverted as homosexual behavior is accepted as a norm. Kids like this probably didn't have any game in the first place, but had friends. Before you know it, he's confused and thinks that is "love." Now he's embraced a troubling lifestyle. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

428 days ago


Ok. He is beyond annoying and his show is worse. However, my kids loooooooooved him for awhile and I think it is good for there to be gay young celebrities to foster acceptance.

428 days ago


just stay away from me

428 days ago


Why do so many accuse him of "announcing" he was gay? He didn't announce anything. He gave an honest answer to the question asked, "Are you gay?" Good for him that he is comfortable enough with his sexuality and career to not have to lie.

And all you hate-filled bigots who can't "deal with" effeminate men (or gays in general) - or suggest he "butch up" and doesn’t make a good "role model" - all fall into one of 2 categories. You are either a well-brainwashed narrow-minded fool or you're a self-loathing 'closet case' yourself. If anyone needs help, it is YOU.

428 days ago


I knew that bitch was gay.....can you tell by the annoyance of his damn voice that he is gay?

428 days ago


no sh$t. most aggravating character in the history of the whole of the history of entertainment really.

428 days ago


Coming out as gay is so last year. What else you got, Nancy Boy?

428 days ago


I just watched the video. I have a question. Why be queer? P--sy is sooo awesome!!

428 days ago


Should. Hang. Self

428 days ago
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