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Gia Allemand

Boyfriend Said 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

8/20/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemand had a fight with her boyfriend hours before she killed herself, and he told her "I don't love you anymore."

Gia had accused NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of being unfaithful during lunch the day she died.  During the ride back to her house -- where they stopped at a Walgreens to get her NyQuil --  Gia told Ryan she still loved him but then he dropped the bombshell about his feelings.

We broke the story ... Gia hanged herself in her New Orleans home.  According to official docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Gia used a vacuum cleaner cord to end her life.  It was tied to the center section of her spiral staircase and tied to the handrail on the second floor.

It appears Gia was on the phone with her mom when she hanged herself.  Her mom told cops during the call the phone "had gone silent" and the mother tried in vain to communicate with her for 10 minutes.

Ryan went back to the house to check on Gia, and found her sitting on the stairs with the cord "wrapped around her neck many times."  She had been without oxygen for 30-40 minutes.

Gia left a suicide note on the dining room table and in it left all of her property to her mother.



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Jamey Hunter    

The guy is not the villain here. Relationships end every day. At least he was up front and didn't string her along. Sorry she died, but sounds like she wanted to make him feel guilty for the rest of his life, and I hope he doesn't. She is truly the selfish one.

394 days ago

Moe Greene    

I feel bad for the mom having to endure such a tragedy. I don't fault the ex-bf. He told her the truth. We should all be truthful like that and not worry if someone is going to snap.

394 days ago


Hey , what if someone attacked her from behinde ? Why do I keep thinking there's more to this story ?

394 days ago


Ever heard of Romeo and Juliet - people have been doing crazy sh*t over love forever, DOmestic violence, stalking, jealous rages, going after each in court, how many tv programs on couples that kill each over affairs, lies, decption, kidnappings- how many amber alerts over couples fighting, kidnappings, cat-fights, men fighting over girls, people do crazy things when they are in love! It's all in songs and movies, tv. Everywhere. This is just a sensational story to get everyone all bent out of shape. Nothing new here. Really.

394 days ago

She sounds like a terrible, selfish person. Way to ruin his life too....

394 days ago

BB not bb    

You can't just dump your live in girl friend as if she is nothing more than a contestant on The Bachelor or The Apprentice. That is why I hate those shows to begin with. The Apprentice I can sort of see because that is only a job, but that is even cruel how he says it.

People don't have any sensitivity towards others feelings any more. They stereotype them into a box and expect them to react a certain way. Obviously she was a very emotional person who couldn't just process away the news like it was just an end to the lunch date.

You are responsible for the people who you interact with and have in your life. He had more of a responsibility towards her than to just tell her to get lost. She shouldn't have let him get over on her the way she did, but there is no telling how a person will react.

You have to treat others with the same caution that you would want others to treat you with. People who are tactless are not worth being around and end up being toxic.

394 days ago


Don't blame Ryan. At least he had the decency to tell her the truth. He grew apart from her after being together for more than 2 years. They loss the spark in the relationship. It's not his fault she can't keep a relationship. Before the Bachelor she ended a relationship, then went on to the Bachelor, then was in a relationship with a MLB player, & them Ryan. You tell me of he's the blame or not? Most guys don't even tell you the truth and go and cheat on the woman.

394 days ago


I wonder if Gia's mother knew she might do something like this. Her parents or siblings or somebody should have insisted she see a psychologist or something.

It sounds like she was thinking like a lot of teenagers do. That "oh my God, I got a "D" on a test ... therefore my whole life is just OVER" or "I got a couple zits ... now my big date to the dance is a disaster"

Believe me, I know about this kind of thinking. I once had a girlfriend that was like this. She made a catastrophe out of the stupidest things.

She was like one of those women on the soap operas. Worse actually. She was a classic drama queen. I'm sure she's driving some other guy she's with crazy nowadays.

Super clingy, needy, drama queen type women are a huge turnoff for guys. I don't care how good looking they are. Most guys bail out relationships with those kinds of women pretty quick. More women need to know this.

394 days ago


That's really sad, but someone who is going to kill themselves is going to kill themselves. If not this time then next time but it's going to happen.

394 days ago


I'd be curious to know if she were on any anti-depressants or pillls? When I was prescribed Paxil then Effexor (looking back on it, completely unnecessary by the way), I was not myself and made some really insane decisions. All I needed was a vacation, yoga and better coping strategies. Well anyway, RIP.

394 days ago


People fall out of love everyday!

394 days ago


She obviously has had past years of turmoil. It's not his fault.

394 days ago

BB not bb    

Chivalry is dead. Apparently breaking a woman's heart is nothing more than encountering a drama queen any more. People feel sorry for him instead. If she was looking for pity, that means she was looking for love and compassion and finding none.

There is a right way and a wrong way to dump someone. She was not just some random tramp and she shouldn't have been cast off so brusquely.

I have to say this for Mike the Situation on Jersey Shore. He was a very dirty sleazy player, but he always was very careful to be tactful the way he freed himself from the women he hooked up with. He never made them feel like dirt. The one time he messed up was with Paula, but even then he left her with enough dignity to send him the balls cake.

If you want to be a cad and a scoundrel, you aren't a very nice person. It doesn't matter how wrong it is what you drove someone to do, it is not without your input that it happened. There had to be a way to let her down gently or at least with some dignity. Maybe people are too busy and self centered to find it..

394 days ago


What a selfish b*tch!!!! She destroyed her mother, family & friends over a boyfriend. You people on here crying for her are enablers plain & simple. She took the easy way out cause it suited her "screw everybody else's feelings" What a coward!!!

394 days ago


I can't believe someone so beautiful killed herself over him. She could of done ALLOT better. I look at some of these ugly men and the beautiful women they get and they treat them badly....he didn't deserve her. Now he can spend the rest of his life regretting that his dumbass was even born.


394 days ago
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