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Gia Allemand

Boyfriend Said 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

8/20/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemand had a fight with her boyfriend hours before she killed herself, and he told her "I don't love you anymore."

Gia had accused NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of being unfaithful during lunch the day she died.  During the ride back to her house -- where they stopped at a Walgreens to get her NyQuil --  Gia told Ryan she still loved him but then he dropped the bombshell about his feelings.

We broke the story ... Gia hanged herself in her New Orleans home.  According to official docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Gia used a vacuum cleaner cord to end her life.  It was tied to the center section of her spiral staircase and tied to the handrail on the second floor.

It appears Gia was on the phone with her mom when she hanged herself.  Her mom told cops during the call the phone "had gone silent" and the mother tried in vain to communicate with her for 10 minutes.

Ryan went back to the house to check on Gia, and found her sitting on the stairs with the cord "wrapped around her neck many times."  She had been without oxygen for 30-40 minutes.

Gia left a suicide note on the dining room table and in it left all of her property to her mother.



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All you people talked ish and tried to ruin the saviors life and your gunna pay in your dreams in your lies blood coming out your mouth and eyes and ears from red rubys...TO HELL I SEND THEE...

375 days ago


perhaps the breakup was just the last straw. i wouldn't be surprised if she had been suffering from chronic anxiety and depression far before the breakup. i feel so sad that she was in such a doomed state.

375 days ago


What a selfish bitch

375 days ago


It might not be b/c of the guy. More than likely it was the whole scene of where she moved to and the lifestyle in general wasn't for her. I went to a Dr. after moving to Louisiana thinking I was going out of my mind trying to adjust and was told I had developed severe environmental depression. When people visited where my husband worked there he was told that they had NEVER seen an area with lower corporate moral and aggression. People think New Orleans is just one big party but for some it really gets the best of you. JMO but she might have survived if she had left instead of continuing to give in to a situation that would never get better. I called a help line saying I couldn't cope and was told "We have many roads out of here, I suggest you take one" She may have really tried to make it work. I just wish she could have escaped instead of takeing her life. May she RIP quietly.

375 days ago


So your boyfriend tells you he doesn't love you anymore so you kill yourself? That will show him.

375 days ago

frankies mom    

A good friend found his girlfriend after she hung herself. Watching what he had to go through was absolute torture...I watch the bachelorette and Gia was one of those girls that just stood out. She was beautiful, and sweet. You could almost feel how certain situations affected her though. Someone had to know how fragile she was. I feel for everyone involved. Tragic.

375 days ago


It's not the guy's fault she was an idiot. Why do that to your family and friends?

375 days ago


She was in so much pain. May she rest in peace. Not her boyfriend or mother's fault. Not hers, either.

Gia had other issues and the ending of her relationship was more than she could handle.

375 days ago


Gia "hung" herself...

I expected better grammar from you TMZ...

375 days ago


It's "hanged". If your going to hate... at least try to sound smart

375 days ago


TMZ says>>>>Ryan went back to the house to check on Gia, and found her sitting on the stairs with the cord "wrapped around her neck many times."

If so, then how can she hang herself if she's "sitting" on the stairs.. As they say.. What, she leaned forward while sitting to tighten the cord around her neck?

375 days ago


This just goes to prove that hurtful words can kill. Even teenagers who get bullied in school commit suicide. America needs to wake up to the reality that words can hurt worse than sticks and stones.

375 days ago


We don't know the real details of her relationship with her bf so best not to judge. But she might have called her mom not to be talked out of anything but rather so she wouldn't die alone. I think that happens with suicide helplines- some people are ready to die but just want another human around while they do it, even just on the phone. It's not motivated by meanness but just by that desire for company at the time of death. Hope her mom understands that rather than beating herself up about it. Basically, she wanted the last voice she heard to be her mom's. Explains why she left everything to her mom also.

375 days ago


Hanged herself while on the phone with mom? NICE!!!!!

375 days ago


Virtually all reality show contestants are borderline personality types. The only surprise about this woman's suicide is that it's so rare.

374 days ago
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