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Gia Allemand

Boyfriend Said 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

8/20/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemand had a fight with her boyfriend hours before she killed herself, and he told her "I don't love you anymore."

Gia had accused NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of being unfaithful during lunch the day she died.  During the ride back to her house -- where they stopped at a Walgreens to get her NyQuil --  Gia told Ryan she still loved him but then he dropped the bombshell about his feelings.

We broke the story ... Gia hanged herself in her New Orleans home.  According to official docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Gia used a vacuum cleaner cord to end her life.  It was tied to the center section of her spiral staircase and tied to the handrail on the second floor.

It appears Gia was on the phone with her mom when she hanged herself.  Her mom told cops during the call the phone "had gone silent" and the mother tried in vain to communicate with her for 10 minutes.

Ryan went back to the house to check on Gia, and found her sitting on the stairs with the cord "wrapped around her neck many times."  She had been without oxygen for 30-40 minutes.

Gia left a suicide note on the dining room table and in it left all of her property to her mother.



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BB not bb    

He gave her a one two punch, first to the heart, then to the gut. She couldn't take it emotionally. He first cheated on her breaking her heart, and then when she said she even forgave him and still loved him, he said in cold blood that he had no use for her.

She was like a little puppy looking for a home. He kicked her to the curb like some useless cur. She really needed to be with someone who could honor and validate her feelings. I think she wasn't what his ego needed, so he just disregarded her.

Men have a pimp and player mentality any more where they act like all that matters is what they want and don't care what they do to hurt others. Men used to go after other men for disrespecting their women.

Now they act like it is some big privilege to even be in their presence. I wish she could have told this clown to shove it. She was sensitive and idealistic. There are men who will play on that and go along for the ride until they get bored. Then they don't care how they just used the person, they want someone else.

He probably wanted some down and dirty girl who doesn't mind cheating with another woman's man. Some people are just turned off by the pure and innocent. They need their sex to be dirty to be satisfying.

399 days ago


So sad! Ryan must feel awful for cheating!!! That is so tragic!

399 days ago


I think Gia and Ryan were in different stages of their lives. She was almost 30 and he was 25. She apparently wanted more from the relationship than he wanted. Her suicide was not his fault. Her hurt was deep and more than she could handle. She was obviously sick and shouldn't be blamed either. It is a tragedy for everyone and I hope her family honors her memory well.

399 days ago


What a complete moron! People who kill themselves are so stupid! You can't move on find another guy?? You go and kill yourself?? Wow she sure showed us! NOT!

399 days ago


Don't you hate when someone hangs themselves & everyone starts arguing if its hanged or hung. Happens every time!!!

399 days ago


I'm sure she did not consider the heartache left behind. At the lowest point in her life, she was only thinking about an escape. She could have reached out for help, she could have just moved on, but nobody knows how distraught she may have been at that moment. I hope her soul rests and her family recovers.

399 days ago


I am so tired of us women thinking we rnt worth more than this...she was BEAUTIFUL and jmo but he was nit that good looking..she could have been with an amazing person but instead ended her life bc of a MAN! Come on women, we need to standWhy di we let men control our emotions to the point of up, be STRONG and above all else LOVE ourselves!

399 days ago


She dated a guy we know who played in the NHL and acted EXACTLY the same crazy way with him! Threats of suicide, yelling, screaming. Sad to say but what she did was sort of inevitable.

399 days ago


Maybe, just, maybe, this isn't about her boyfriend. Maybe this is about her feeling unlovable, like something is wrong with her. Obviously, she reached out to her mother, but death by hanging takes a long time,so she probably had already made up her mind to die, and called to say her goodbyes and probably forgot to hang up the phone because she was so emotional. Lets not be harsh with her memory. This could be YOUR mother, or sister, or wife, or girlfriend.

399 days ago


Maybe just maybe, this wasn't about just him. Maybe this was about her feeling unlovable. Sure, he played his part, (and isn't to blame)

399 days ago

Deborah Hall    

I think from what I have seen,, she was way too good for him, I would have told him. I don't love you either
if you are cheating on me, and yes I will move on., What a
beautiful girl she was. She deserved better than him!

399 days ago


dont think u allowed in the pearly gates killing yourself hell move on u will not

399 days ago


SAD, but NOBODY should make you feel so low that you kill yourself over it!! There had to be more going on inside of her ...

399 days ago


What a coward. Just weak!

399 days ago


now we know why this emotionally unstable, talentless chaotic tramp can not hold on to a man...heh,heh,heh---good riddance...

399 days ago
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