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Kanye West

Who DARES to Talk

to the Great Yeezus??!

8/20/2013 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It happened. Again.

A photog DARED to actually talk while in Kanye West's presence ... despite KW's infamous "Don't ever talk" edict of 2013.  

He talked to Kanye. He talked to himself. He talked.

And what happened? Something crazy ... something out of character ... something non-violent.

Kanye actually smiled.

It's the second time we've seen Kanye smile this month. Maybe he's turned a corner.

We'd ask him ... but that would require us to talk ... and we've probably said enough already.



No Avatar


One must understand and speak THE DIVINE language to address Him. Maybe Cornelius or Leeloo from 'The Fifth Element'

429 days ago


Pimp Mom took KW in for a Frontal Lobotomy, his next album 'Puppies R cute' will be out for Christmas.

429 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Can you talk to Kayne just using a baseball bat please?

429 days ago


Don't waste your time with his clown anymore. The least you write about him and his clan the better. Soon, they will come looking for you!

429 days ago


Oh Please! The only reason he smiled is because the guy said "you're the greatest". He wasn't smiling until the guy started kissing his @ss!!

429 days ago


Someone please give him a hoodie.

429 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

This ones for TMZ and all the White comments they make about white people being over pale and over white. So this WOULD be a typical TMZ post if they had the balls to write the same about white and black people.
Heres the TMZ lines...
1. WOW Kayne sure looks tan he might be confused with black crow gum drops
2. WOW that's one tanned tar baby.
3. He nailed the "blackface"
4. Someone should tell Kayne to lay off the self tanner
5.Is that a raisen on his face? Nope just his face.
6. damn that cars almost as black as Kayne, only shinier.
7. Did he get his reflectors brightened? I mean teeth?

can add more in comments for TMZ future use.

429 days ago


KANYE WEST is a gay fish

429 days ago


WOW I guess the bitch in-law is putting him in line.

429 days ago


It's sad that the paparazzi seriously messes with this man until he snaps. But when he snaps a beats someones ass then its a problem. Why don't we stop antagonizing him and actually ask him nice things. Like I don't know. How is he? How's Kim? How's North? Say something Funny. Instead of *******ish. No but this is why paparazzi are hated. Because this is what they look for. To piss people off until they spaz out. It's stupid. Stop being so negative to people. Try to make their day better instead of bring it down. It's bad enough they can't do **** without seeing it on a website or TV. People need to start being more positive to each other instead of trying to bring each other down. Life it too short.

429 days ago


Obviously ticket sales for the upcoming tour are lackluster, or we'd never see him kiss butt like this or smiling on PMK's show. Two failed albums and no tour ~ his "art" and "fashion" won't buy the bling he wants for that new house. Better put Kimmie back out on the stroll.

429 days ago


For a while I thought he was the lone standout but no more.

They are all in it together.

And they all suck.

I, too, would love to see a pap or anyone knock this fool out.

429 days ago


He's not good enough to talk to me.

429 days ago


I cant stand this mentaly ill tard. He has been getting bad press lately so hes trying to seemok for amin.
The good thing he has done is keep that ho kim k trash out of the press!!

429 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

It's almost like the Paps WANT to get into a fight with Kanye 'right?....reaction = instant pics = more money.

429 days ago
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