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Kanye West

Who DARES to Talk

to the Great Yeezus??!

8/20/2013 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It happened. Again.

A photog DARED to actually talk while in Kanye West's presence ... despite KW's infamous "Don't ever talk" edict of 2013.  

He talked to Kanye. He talked to himself. He talked.

And what happened? Something crazy ... something out of character ... something non-violent.

Kanye actually smiled.

It's the second time we've seen Kanye smile this month. Maybe he's turned a corner.

We'd ask him ... but that would require us to talk ... and we've probably said enough already.



No Avatar


I'd love to talk to him but he would not want to hear what I have to say about this self-important POS.

429 days ago


I hate kanye west he is religiously offended me he is a puppet and would be ok to the goverment if they declared martial law .. Us "IMMORTALS" are here now and is in thr picture ive been to hell and set fire to it...

429 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Waits for the ground to rumble and for hell to follow ;)

429 days ago


Ugly inside and out Why do you even bother giving this douche bag the time of day TMZ? Oh that's right wont get your Ktrash paycheck if you don't kiss his ass.

429 days ago


Yeezus Season approachin'

429 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

You guys should carry rotten eggs and when he gets all crappy with you guys egg the crap out of him and inside of his car. teach that a$$hole a lesson

429 days ago


He still and always will be an *******! Ugly one at that!

429 days ago


Maybe this arrogant jerk finally realized that his daughter is gonna grow up and be completely and utterly embarrassed by his ridiculousness.

429 days ago

Kev the Realist    

He is a smug, self absorbed, angry, gay douch$bag who doesn't deserve any respect from any media or anyone else. he needs to take his disgusting, fat, talentless, gypsy, tramp, adultering girlfriend and move to someplace where we NEVER have to hear about Mr. KRAPTRASHIAN and the rest of the KRAPTRASHIAN's again. HOORAH

429 days ago

Mango Lady    

Just your ordinary once a noorger, always a noorger.
Never changing story.

429 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

See you missed your chance. When hes 1/2 way in the car like that you kick that car doo had as you can with all your force and try to cut that turd in 1/2 with the door. And if t doesn't work. You keep kicking it over and over till he stops making noise.
When will you ever get it right?

429 days ago


Must be back together with his boyfriend in France.

Either that or he's had shock treatments.

429 days ago


What a buffoon...his only noteworthy act is impregnating a bovine. Science is still wondering how that happened and PETA wants tar and feather him for animal abuse (the aforementioned bovine) How else dose a no talent tone deaf self absorbed moron get noticed??

429 days ago

my 2 cents    

He is under the hypnotic spell of the Momager. "You will smile at cameras, you will be loving to the paparazzi !"

429 days ago


I'd love to see a photog drop kanye.

429 days ago
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