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Miss Universe

Staying Put In Moscow

8/20/2013 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss Universe Organization believes the show must go on in Moscow ... and it doesn't matter that the Russian government is gay-hostile.

A rep from the MUO tells us the new, anti-gay law violates the core values of the organization ... nevertheless, they want to stay put in Moscow.  They say they're hoping to change Russian minds.  Good luck with that.

Here's the rub.  If some of the women competing are lesbians, they better keep it to themselves, because they could end up in the pokey if they play their hand publicly.

The decision to stay in Moscow isn't sitting well with everyone.  A petition on is trying to pressure the MUO to move out of Moscow.


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Gays are 20% of the population yet they seem to be the most vocal. News Flash - you cannot enforce you "will" on other countries and you cannot force anyone to accept your values. All people have the right to decide what to support - and that includes not supporting your pro-gay rights agenda across the world. Get over yourselves gay people. And, no I'm not anti-gay - I have two relatives that are. I'm anti "shoving it down everyone's throat" because that's what you want. Grow up Gays and maybe more people will take you seriously.

393 days ago


GAY HOSTILE!! You mean Russia refuses to be bullied into subscribing to the BIG LIE. Putin is not a ***** like Obama.

393 days ago


At least someone is standing their ground and not being bullied by the pro-gay agenda.

393 days ago


Can you really blame Russia? They are trying to prevent their society from becoming the chithole that America is.

393 days ago


P.S. They;re not saying you can't be gay.....they're saying you can't discuss it in public places. The public is for everyone, not for personal platforms.

393 days ago


What people in America refuse to understand that it is NOT the Russian Gov, who feels this way about gays. The Russian people do! and the government is giving the people what they want. The US needs to respect what other cultures believe and stay out of other countries business.

393 days ago


lol getting butt hurt because russia wont lie and say being gay is normal and natural. here in america you are expected to embrace unnatural unnormal life style choices. i applaud russia for their stance

393 days ago


Miss Universe is a world contest like the Olympics and the World Cup instead not as big. One of the things about these events is that they are suppose to respect the world countries and be mostly ignorant of their politics.

393 days ago


The real kicker is all the Russian Gays now want to come live in America and we will open our borders for them. We just did Russia a HUGE favor. Putin is doing a happy dance alone will the millions and millions of Russian people.

393 days ago


Everybody should have the right to hold a contest where ever they like. That said, when it comes to equality and discrimination, I have the equal right to boycott the show and its sponsors........

393 days ago


Despite what the media reports, more than half the people in this country is opposed to homosexuality. It's a immoral sexual choice, nothing more. They're not oppressed and they're no heroes. Good for Russia for having basic morals and values. I'll take my next vacation there.

393 days ago


It comes down to gays being catty little bitches. They have the whiny-bitchy-nagging tendencies of a woman with the testosterone-driven desire for confrontation of a man.

I'm ready to go to war against them if they don't back off and let us have our own opinion.

393 days ago

Colonel Custard    

It is my professional opinion that there is not nearly enough scissoring going down on this planet. I firmly stand behind or in front of any movement that will increase scissoring, especially if I can watch.

393 days ago


From what I've read they aren't "GAY HOSTILE", they just think kids shouldn't be indoctrinated with sexual agenda's or stereotypes. And for some reason the gay rights nuts are more upset with that then with the crapload of countries that throw them in jail or kill them.

Gay rights pr|cks don't want "tolerance". They don't care about people who commit hate crimes or real persecution. What they want is to FORCE everyone to advocate for them and to browbeat and harass people to smile and tell them what they're doing is glorious and perfectly normal!

Guess what! It's NOT normal! I don't care what you do but it's no more normal then pedophilia. It's just more accepted in todays culture and it doesn't victimize anyone in the traditional sense. Nobody needs gay's advertising their lifestyles and the fact that they're more outraged by what's going on in Russia then anywhere else shows what they're really getting at.
You can stone them to death but don't make rational laws that calmly elude to the fact that what they're doing may not be natural or mentally healthy! That's the elephant in the room they don't want you to see!

We've got gay child molesting puppeteers teaching our children about morality and yet we're pointing the finger at Russia like they're the idi0ts?

393 days ago


It's good to see that there are sensible people posting here on this topic. So sick of the pee pee smoking pillow biters that are screaming discrimination! It's called responsible behavior and having morals. I don't want my kid asking me why that man walking down the street is wearing a pink tutu and talking like Auntie Minnie!

393 days ago
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