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Severe NFL Violence

Dolphins' Incognito Won't Press Charges in

Helmet Attack

8/20/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

11:20 AM PT
  Richie Incognito is a seriously forgiving dude ... telling us, "Football is an intense game. I've been there. Emotions run high. People lose their cool ... thank God no one got hurt."

No blood no foul in the case of the violent helmet swinging incident between Houston Texans Antonio Smith and Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito -- because Incognito is willing to let it slide ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the Dolphins offensive lineman tell us he has no plans to press criminal charges for the vicious altercation during Saturday's preseason game.

The video, first aired on FOX Sports 1, is ugly – while the players were grappling, Smith ripped off Incognito's helmet and swung it HARD right at his noggin.

We're told Incognito's totally fine, so at worst it was probably a grazing shot -- but considering NFL helmets weigh as much as 6 pounds of hard plastic -- Smith could've done some serious damage. 

Houston police and the Harris County Sheriff tell us they would only take action against Smith ... if Incognito filed a complaint.

Smith's not off the hook with the NFL, which could suspend him. A league spokesman says the case is "under review.”

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No Avatar


That's a face mask penalty right there...15 yards.

426 days ago


Smith should be benched for the season WITHOUT PAY!!! Hes lucky enough to be on a pro football team and he acts like that?? No Way!!!

426 days ago


I can't believe Incognito is still playing pro ball because he's such a blooming idiot. When he played for the Rams, I can't tell you how many big plays (and we didn't have many) were nullified because of a penalty on this slack-jawed cretin. Besides that, the play doesn't look like it was intentional. Looks like Incognitos helmet came off when the guy was coming up. Even if Incognito did get hit with a helmet, it couldn't make him any stupider than he already is!

426 days ago


F Ingonito he's one of the dirtiest players in the league! And the ninja can did nothing wrong!!

426 days ago


A suspension is warranted, but Incognito is a dirty player, always has been and that should be considered regarding the fine. He's got a history of dirty play. Incognito clearly had his hands inside Smiths facemask.

426 days ago


What about the next time someone gets under neath Smith's skin? Will he show more restraint and not tear off another player's helmet? Or will he throw caution to the wind and bash their brains out?
Incognito might be dirty and cheap, but that doesn't make Smith Batman. Let the league deal with dirty players. Or hit him within the rules. A 15 yard penalty is better than a 3 game suspension.

426 days ago



426 days ago


Incognito is dirty and everyone knows it! He tried to break Smith's ankle last year. If you watch the video you will see that Incognito is clearly jerking Smith's helmet around. Incognito should be suspended too. And seriously? He isn't pressing charges? You play a violent game where you are paid to hit and be hit. Put you panties back in the drawer and go earn the millions you get paid. And hey, if you don't entice people by trying to break their ankles and jerk their head around by their helmet, you probably don't have to worry about getting your helmet ripped off and thrown at you.

426 days ago


Watch the whole play unfold, you will see that Incognito got away with some ****ty play, incognito. He was punching Smith.

425 days ago

Gary B    

I wonder if all of this crazy behavior from football players is tied into the concussion issue? Every time we hear a rape or violent crime story with athletes its college and pro football players.

425 days ago

George King    

An NFL player tried to compare the NFL locker room to corporate employer and accepting the perverse traditional. No territorial haven should be carved out for conduct exemptions in the NFL or any sport.

345 days ago

George King    

There was this Miami Dolphin in light of the Incognito incident who compared the NFL Locker Room to corporate employment. The stadium, practice facilities and team vehicles are an extension of a players employment space. The lockers & benches are equvilent to a cubical work space. Therefore, NO SPECIAL TERRITORIAL HAVENS SHOULD BE CARVED OUT FOR CONDUCT EXEMPTIONS FOR NO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND EMPLOYEES OF PROFESSIONAL SPOR ORGANIZATIONS.

345 days ago

Kewan Bonhardt    

There was an Afican American player from the Miami Dolphins who compared the NFL Locker Room to corporate employment. My brother of African lineage has accepted the perverse, distorted & corrupt value system of what bonding should be. My brother, the locker room is the athlete's office and an extension of their employment. The bench the players sit on and the lockers they use is their office cubical space. When professional athletes like Incognito reports to a game, stadium or practice facility they are in a work environment. This is how they earn their pay check. Therefore, NO SPECIAL TERRITORIAL HAVEN SHOULD BE CARVED OUT FOR CONDUCT EXEMPTIONS OF NO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND EMPLOYEES OF SPORT ORGANIZATIONS! Get educated my brother!

345 days ago

George King    

Richie Incognito, an OLD NORSE VIKING-LIKE CELTIC SAVAGE is nothing more than an OVERT TERRORIST RACIST who has been allowed to thrive by like minded individuals in the NFL. Overtly COGNIZANT his behaviors are well chronicled. His motive is to seek glamour, recognition & publicity through controversy & terror. Adam Scheftner had the audacity to compare Mike Vick with "OVERT COGNITO'S" behaviors on GMA when there are NO comparisons. "OVERT COGNITO'S" behaviors are repugnant and consistent and his dismissal from the NFL is long overdue!!

345 days ago
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