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War Hero Sues KFC

They REFUSED to Serve Me

'Cause of My Service Dog

8/21/2013 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An American war hero is suing the company behind Kentucky Fried Chicken ... claiming KFC  employees refused to serve him ... all because he arrived to the fast food joint with his registered service dog, this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The man behind the lawsuit is Charles Hernandez -- who describes himself as a "highly-decorated  and combat-disabled veteran of the Iraq war and a distinguished educator in the New York City school system."

There's more ... he was also New York City Council's Veteran of the Year in 2011 ... and was also "one of the first soldiers to arrive at the World Trade Center site" on September 11, 2001.

So, you'd think the guy would have no problems getting some fried chicken at his leisure, right?

Wrong, according to his new lawsuit filed in NYC.

Hernandez claims he walked into a KFC in NY back in February, along with his registered service dog Valor ... who accompanies Hernandez to soothe his symptoms of post-traumatic stress caused by years in combat.

But instead of being greeted with a smile and some chicken, Hernandez claims a KFC employee told him, "papi, there are no dogs allowed."

Hernandez says he explained that he had the proper permits to have the dog accompany him inside restaurants -- to which the employee replied, "ok, but you still cannot have the dog in the store."

Eventually, Hernandez left ... sans chicken ... and is now firing back with the lawsuit -- demanding at least $1,000,000 for his troubles.

God bless America.

An employee at the KFC restaurant where the incident took place tells us ... when Hernandez arrived with the dog, the animal was not wearing the proper service dog vest and identification.

However, in his lawsuit, Hernandez states -- "Valor wears a bright green vest and tags that clearly indicate that he is not a pet, but rather a highly trained service dog."

Sgt. Hernandez called into TMZ Live today to talk about the suit.



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Eff him! Firstly, he's probably a baby-killer anyway, and hardly the kind of person that should be identified as a "hero' or publicly lauded. He's a professional killer, after all, and US troops killed tens of thousands of women and children in Iraq. Secondly, according to the KFC staffer, the baby killer's dog was not appropriately identified or permitted as seeing-eye-dog-type service animal, so why would this baby killer expect to be able to bring the disgusting mutt into a restaurant frequented by people who figured out how to leave their dogs at home?!

426 days ago

Gravity's Silhouette    

I think we're all missing the bigger picture here. Where does this "service animal" trend end? Used to be you had a seeing-eye dog if you were blind and that was it. But "seeing-eye" dog discriminated against people who could see but wanted an animal to take with them wherever they went. So now it's called a "service animal", and under the ADA, people who suffer "trauma" can apply to have service rabbits, service guinea pigs, service parakeets...basically, whatever I say will calm my nerves should just be accepted without question. If I want a service pig, I should be allowed to have one wherever, whenever, I want. It's all about me, me, me.

426 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

kfc was totally wrong and should pay up. good for mr. hernandez for sticking up for his rights. now people have a problem with service dogs??? give the people who own these dogs a break this is discrimination!!!

426 days ago


God bless him! I hope he wins. It's all about respect and knowledge. It seems the employee was too ignorant to listen to reason. Employees should be educated when it comes to things like this. Same on KFC for not training their employees properly. Now Pay Up!

426 days ago


His "service" dog should have prevented him from going in to KFC in the first place. lol. That's service for you.

426 days ago

Heather Hammel    

What about the fact that the law states that service dogs do not have to wear any form of identification. o service dogs don't even have to wear a vest or anything.

426 days ago


Bunch of crap. This guy was just on the air and he absolutely sounds like one of these guys who takes advantage of the system every chance he gets.

Garbage claim...take the dog outside like everybody else.

426 days ago


I hope this decorated war veteran wins. If will never go to a KFC,

426 days ago

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425 days ago


I hope he gets a 100 million dollars and I'm not going to eat that crap anymore. If they can't support veterans the f**k them!!!

425 days ago


What if someone is allergic to dogs? My brother for the longest time was severely allergic to dogs. He was so allergic just being near one set of hives and such. Don't get me wrong I understand a seeing eye dog being let in because that person literally can't function without the dog. Another thing I don't understand is why everyone is so quick to sue now a days.

423 days ago


I love KFC but I don't know if I can keep going there. As a Veteran my self I can't belive these people are so dumb.

422 days ago


I am a Vet also and I love KFC but I will not step into one again. And all Veteran should follow me and do the same.

422 days ago


The exact same thing happened to my family at kfc. My son is 9 and has epilepsy. He has a seizure alert dog. She is an amazing dog. 3 months ago we tried to go into our local kfc and we were told to leave even though we had her vest and keep a laminated micro sized copy of her certification on her.

421 days ago
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