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Lindsay Lohan

Defends Hanging with Old Friends

But Really in Danger Zone

8/22/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0821_lindsay-lohan-Vikram-Chatwa-article-splashLindsay Lohan is fiercely defending her decision to hang with a friend who has an even more checkered past with drugs than her, and actually thinks it's a positive step for her recovery -- problem is ... she's delusional.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't understand why her shopping trip with Vikram Chatwal would raise concerns she's hanging with a bad crowd, and putting herself in danger of a relapse.

As we previously reported ... Chatwal was busted for drug possession in April, but avoided jail by agreeing to 12 months of in-patient rehab.

We're told Lindsay thinks Vikram is good company because, like her, he's been through several rehab stints ... and is currently in recovery.

Here's the flaw in that argument ... multiple drug counselors -- from reputable clinics -- tell us Lindsay's playing with fire by hanging with old friends connected to her partying ways.

Most counselors told us ... it's "not recommended" for recovering addicts to hang with another addict -- especially if it's been a short stretch since they got out of rehab.

Lindsay's been out for 22 days, and while it's unclear when Vikram was last in treatment ...his drug bust was just 4 months ago. Not to mention, neither volunteered for rehab, but had to be forced by a judge.

As one counselor put it ... "Why hang out with someone whose commitment to sobriety isn't airtight."


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Sad sacks ?!

391 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Maybe they were fellowshipping, both being in recovery and all. Move beyond the program, it's a tiny world and those ex drug addicts are unethical, watch out for them Lindsey.

391 days ago

Really? Nevermind,...    

It's either the best she could do for a 'friend' or the silly little Ho just got papped with her dealer. Either way, getting bored with her sheer idiocy now,...

390 days ago


Her dude. Junkie too

390 days ago


A paycheck is a paycheck....

390 days ago

All Heart    

She's skating on thin ice. It's these types of bad decisions that will lead her to "it's OK if I only have *one* drink or just *a little* coke ..."

She'll be denying she has a problem again before the holidays and will be her "old self" within 6 months. This short stretch of sobriety will be "the good old days" while she's struggling but "the worst decision of mt life" while she's high.

390 days ago


Nearly every treatment center in the country is 12-step based (meaning they base their treatment program around the NA/AA philosophies and encourage getting a sponsor and working the steps...the treatment centers Lindsay have been to are 12-step based). And when you get out of rehab and go to NA or AA the first thing you are told is to get a sponsor (a fellow addict in recovery, who may have 10 drug related felonies for all you know, but now has significant clean time) and to make friends with and stick with people in the program (who aren't actively using and working on a program of recovery too). They will tell you that only one addict who has worked the steps and is now in 'recovery' can help a newcomer to stay off drugs and alcohol. I don't know what kind of 'drug counselors' were interviewed for this story, but for them to say how dangerous it is for two people to hang out outside the AA/NA meetings is ridiculous). When they talk about staying away from 'old friends' they mean people you were actually getting high/drunk with and might trigger you towards relapsing. For example, if you watched MTV's Celebrity Rehab, do you ever remember Dr. Drew telling them all to stay away from one another once they left, because they were all addicts? Or does he encourage them to support and help each other both while they are in rehab, and when it ends?

390 days ago


He must be paying for everything. She loves to shop.

390 days ago


There is actually a distinction for sober time and "dry time". Dry time is where an addict doesn't drink or do drugs, but continues with the same lifestyle as when they were using. Associating with the same people, going to the same places and doing the same things, but not drinking alcohol or using drugs. It's definitely tempting fate, because drugs and alcohol played a part of it before, and it indicates a lack of commitment to give up that lifestyle. Lindsay has been photographed with this guy where it looked like she was doing drugs before. (They got shots through a window in his apartment or whatever) Plus with his own addictive behavior and choices (not years ago, mind you, but months) - I don't see why anyone would consider this a good idea. But whatever, another time of Lindsay saying she's changed when she really hasn't.

390 days ago

★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    

Lindsay will crash & burn in ...3...2...1...


390 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

If she is still on probation the Court should order drug & alcohol test for first thing Monday morning and notify LiHo about it late Sunday afternoon! She must have got her paycheck in full from Oprah to be doing something this stupid so soon after getting out of rehab.

390 days ago


Viki should be in jail, then deported, Lindsay should just go quietly to her grave.

390 days ago

Good riddance!    

Well, duh! Of course Crackie's hanging with her druggie pimp and doing drugs again. It's the Lowhan way!

390 days ago


Oprah hasn't coughed up any significant do re mi yet, so she's just doing some part time work until her first check arrives.

390 days ago


This is great, now Oprah can PUBLICLY PULL the PLUG on the mockumentary with the best excuse in the world, "Lindsay wasn't sincere about her sobriety" What a headline that'll make. Oprah will be trending for a week straight

390 days ago
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