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Marvin Gaye's Son

You Can Bet We're Gonna Sue Over 'Blurred Lines'

8/22/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marvin Gaye
's son is out for blood in his war with Robin Thicke, telling "TMZ Live" he resents Thicke's lawsuit against the Gaye estate over "Blurred Lines" ... and is strongly insinuating he plans to respond with legal action of his own.

Marvin Gaye III dropped us a line Wednesday, and he's not happy ... basically saying Thicke has disrespected the Gaye family by shamelessly lifting his father's famous tunes for the hit song (plus many other Thicke tracks).

As you know, Thicke has filed a lawsuit against the Gaye estate, asking a judge to head off any legal action from the Gayes by ruling "Blurred Lines" does NOT violate Marvin's copyrights.

Marvin III says Thicke's lawsuit is a total slap in the face.

Marvin III hedged when we asked flat out if he plans to sue Thicke for copyright infringement ... but the message was clear.



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all about the money    

That's the problem these days. There really is very little if any original music anymore. Everyone lifts...I mean samples other artists work and makes minor changes and calls it their own. Actually kind of worrisome. Even Hollywood is doing the same thing these days remaking one movie after another. Seems creativity is lacking or we as a species have reached and exceeded our creative talents and now can only do one remake/sample after another.

406 days ago


You forgot 'Got To Give It Up' and 'Blurred Lines' another rip off.

405 days ago

USAF Chick    

Singers do this all time to the ones that they idolized or were inspired by growing up...doesn't make it right...instead they should do it right and give tribute to the people who made them who they are today! These artists may be gone, but they are not forgotten, they need to give them credit...especially since back then it was harder to make took way more work than posting videos on FB, YouTube and so forth to get famous. Just sayin...

405 days ago


Cause certainly two dudes can't have the same style without it being copyright. WTF EVER.

405 days ago


Thicke just came up with 4 or 5 songs that sound just like 4 or 5 Marvin Gaye songs but thats just a coincidence.


405 days ago


Whose music you gonna steal next?

405 days ago


First question would be who owns the copyrights to these Gaye songs the writer and composer or the singer? I don't think Robin is disrespecting anyone it seems he admired Marvin. I think Marvin's son just want a piece of the pie.

405 days ago


The first time I heard Blurred Lines, I immediately assumed it was a legal collaboration with Marvin Gaye's estate. Thicke better shut up and pay up. He is coming off like a no talent, disrespecting moron.

405 days ago


I hope you down in flames Thicker. Your talentless compared to Marvin Gaye!

405 days ago

Jade Fox    

All the commenters that are claiming that Robin is correct on this are either retarded, or racist. The dude clearly stole from Marvin over and over again. Thats why there are copyright laws, to protect from theives even in death. If Usher, Trey Songz, or Neyo were to rip Elvis, The Big Bopper, or Hank Williams off there would be a huge huge uprising and most likely, they wouldnt sell another fckng record EVER again in life. Im just saying.

405 days ago


Marvin Gaye wrote composed produce and even sang his own back up on his music Robin thicke is dead wrong for heisting that man's music like that

405 days ago

Lola Marie    

Marvin Gaye's songs are unique. I don't see it being the same. Robin Thicke is more like the new generation with a different feel, and Marvin Gaye has been and its already an icon.
Marvin's kids should be working on their projects.

405 days ago


If you use someone's music you have to pay the piper. It is what it is. Puff daddy built an empire off of other artists music he had the common sense to give credit and $$ to the original artist...

405 days ago


Marvin Gaye III really let himself go. He's not aging well, at all. On a side note, Prince dated Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona, I think her name is, back in the 90's. She was in Prince's video for "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World". I wonder if Prince ever told Nona, Breakfast Can Wait.

405 days ago

K Dixon    

The actual music/beat is the same. Which he sampled and has/had to pay to use from the actual composer. The first two do sound similar. The question really is how would you feel if these songs were put out the same week or year?

405 days ago
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