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Marvin Gaye's Son

You Can Bet We're Gonna Sue Over 'Blurred Lines'

8/22/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marvin Gaye
's son is out for blood in his war with Robin Thicke, telling "TMZ Live" he resents Thicke's lawsuit against the Gaye estate over "Blurred Lines" ... and is strongly insinuating he plans to respond with legal action of his own.

Marvin Gaye III dropped us a line Wednesday, and he's not happy ... basically saying Thicke has disrespected the Gaye family by shamelessly lifting his father's famous tunes for the hit song (plus many other Thicke tracks).

As you know, Thicke has filed a lawsuit against the Gaye estate, asking a judge to head off any legal action from the Gayes by ruling "Blurred Lines" does NOT violate Marvin's copyrights.

Marvin III says Thicke's lawsuit is a total slap in the face.

Marvin III hedged when we asked flat out if he plans to sue Thicke for copyright infringement ... but the message was clear.



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Everybody always borrows ideas....It's called inspiration!

338 days ago


clearly Robin was using Marvin for his music and you can clearly hear how similar they are. Come on Robin you could have chop that song up alittle more to not be so close to the Real Marvin. So I would agree with The Estate that Robin need to be more orginial in his work and he must pay or working harder to chop up or pay up the copying of those legendary sounds.#justsaying

338 days ago


Robin is a thief!

338 days ago


I do think the songs are very, very similar. They are not the same lyrically, but the beat is basically the same give or take some nuances. It's going to be interesting to see how it all turns out.

338 days ago


NO BOD DEE....can imitate or duplicate Marvin Gaye. End of story!

338 days ago


It's an homage...people will probably check out Marvin Gayes music because of the publicity and his fat son will make some money.

338 days ago

MJB's #1 Fan    

Robin Thicke is nothing but an imitation. He's corny, talent-less and taking up space on the R&B charts. Go away. Remake a Def Leopard or Rolling Stones song or something.

338 days ago


Music evolves and similarities in styles are going to always happen.

338 days ago


Thicke, dude, I love ya, love your music're about to make the Marvin Gaye estate much richer!

338 days ago


OMG! Ticke, I love ya, love your music but're screwed and will soon be making the Gaye estate a lot richer!

338 days ago


Where is Nona Gaye during all of this? Marvin's daughter.. I mean if you are suing shouldn't all of the children be suing??

338 days ago


Robin is not the only one suing the family and Bridgeport music Pharell and T.I is also a part of the litigation, but in order to sensationalize the whole thing you make it seem lie it the white man stealing from the black man. If any stealing went on then a black man stole from his own also. This reporting is sooo bias. Also the clip that was shown to prove theat he is been doing this for a long tine, Million dollar baby, It is from the sex therapy album and Marvin Gaye is listed as one of the writers of the song. I give Robin Credit for he has been one of the few people that has been keeping Gaye"s memory alive by always referring to him as his inspiration. Clearly the family was threatening. Robin I hope you win!

338 days ago


Please all the dummies who know nothing about music stop commenting...the track wasn't sampled...musicians played similar beats...the Marvin Gaye song was never a hit.

338 days ago


This dude is not even Marvin Gaye’s real kid and has no rights to squat.
Peep this:
"On November 17, 1965, a baby boy belonging to teenage Denise Gordy was born. Knowing how her aunt and uncle-in-law was desperate for a family, she allowed Marvin and Anna to adopt the boy shortly after his birth, naming the child after his adopted father, Marvin Gaye III after the baby was christened at Detroit's Bethel AME Church. For months, Anna had pretended to be pregnant even after she was told she couldn't bear children.[17] Marvin later explained that he felt ashamed for not being able to conceive a child naturally, fearing ridicule from friends. Denise Gordy later admitted she mothered the child.[20] Marvin III didn't learn of his real mother until after Marvin's death. Marvin III later had two sons, Marvin IV and Dylan (b. 2000)”.
See this website n tell me what you think. This dude needs to get a job or ask your uncle Berry for some $$$ cuz Marvin is not his biological father and he felt sorry for the kid and was talked into adopting him by his then wife Anna Gordy who she was a trip too.
If anyone should be perusing a lawsuit it should be Nona Gaye Marvin’s biological daughter. She’s a classy chick who has herself overcome some demons and now has a promising acting career.

338 days ago


I"m with the Gaye family on this one!!! Thicke has lifted Marvin's tunes.Hopefully the judge will see the arrogant Thicke for the thief he is !!!

338 days ago
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