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Nickelodeon's 'Fred'

Coming Out Shocks ...

Absolutely No One

8/22/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Fred" star Lucas Cruikshank finally told all his fans he's gay -- which is, without question, a bold and brave decision to be applauded.

It's also something, millions of his fans apparently could've told him years ago.



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Rehashing old news ? Come on, you can do better than that. Can't you ?

435 days ago


The men and women fighting for our country are brave. Coming out of the closet? Eh, not so much.

435 days ago


Oh my Gawd who would've thought?? Come on it was obvious this slug was gay!!

435 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

With all the 'gay' articles on TMZ in the last few days they should change their name to GMZ. There is nothing normal about being gay - in fact it is abnormal as any other fixation that troubles the human Psyché. Homosexual men still produce sperm and lesbians still produce eggs. The reason a man releases semen is to fertilize a woman's eggs occasionally and perpetuate the human species. There are no eggs in a man's anus.

Show me one example in all of nature where 2 males or 2 females of the same species have sex together instead of male and female coupling. If being 'gay' was normal there would be plenty of other examples of it in the animal world. Hate all you want but the natural world proves it is simply against nature.

435 days ago


Lucas Cruikshank finally told all his fans He's Gay.....................You should become a Tranny

435 days ago

Mrs Jackson    

My 10 yr old new he was gay to

435 days ago


"which is, without question, a bold and brave decision to be applauded".
How about sick & disgusting, should be ashamed of?

435 days ago


Ho Hum, someone is gay in Hollywood. I'd like to hear about a celebrity coming out as a Christian. Now, that would be brave and courageous.

435 days ago


gay or not he makes my skin crawl

435 days ago

Ozzie X    

What is this coming out month? If Brad Pitt came out I may be the slightest interested.

435 days ago

Your mom    

Burn it with fire!!!!

435 days ago


Superfluous comma, is also something.

434 days ago


And therein lies part of the problem with North America, people Expect Applause for simply stating a Truth.

434 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

You need a new "shock news" a dude poking or in this case im sure being poked by another man isn't news. We really don't care to hear about ppl coming out. We just don't care. It makes as much impact if you started posting about celebs saying their straight. we just don't flipping care. Unless of course they get arrested of yanking off a stranger in a rest stop and gets arrested there because that's just funny as hell

434 days ago


Bold and brave my ass. First... it's like if someone tells you the sky is blue... not exactly a big shock to find that out. Second... he's talking about who he likes to have sex with... why do we NEED to know exactly? Third... just because people don't like gay sex doesn't mean it's brave for someone to admit their gay. Lots of Christians don't believe in sex before marriage... hasn't stopped a damn teen on 16 and pregnant. this is the year 2013. Get the F!ck over yourselves already. If you want equality, shut the hell up about what goes on in your bedroom and get a hobby. If you define yourself and your life by who you have sex with. Get a f!cking hobby. Maybe define yourself as the guy who builds model rockets. When someone asks me to tell them a little more about myself, I don't say... "well, for starters... I'm straight..." My sexuality only comes up with someone asks me on a date. If it's a dude... cool. If it's a girl... Whoa there Nelly... I don't swing that way. Nuff said about that. see how easy that is? If you want equality, stop acting entitled and stop talking about your sexuality. Not everyone wants to hear about it All... The... F!cking... TIME

434 days ago
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