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Paris Jackson

I Want My Brother Back

8/22/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
was at war with her brother Prince days before she tried to commit suicide, and we've learned she's now extremely regretful and wants to mend fences.

Jackson family sources tell TMZ ... Paris felt abandoned by not just Prince, but by everyone in her world.  When Michael was alive the family bond was unbreakable.  But after he died, she not only lost her father, but the family unit disintegrated.  She couldn't relate to Blanket because he was too young, ditto Katherine because she was too old, so the only possible soulmate was Prince.

We're told Prince became distant to Paris because he developed other interests -- girls, martial arts and cars.  Paris became enraged and the two argued fiercely, which escalated up to the time Paris took a meat cleaver to her arm.

We're told one of the reasons Paris became close to Debbie Rowe is because her mother showed a genuine interest and love for her daughter -- which meant a lot.  But Rowe couldn't solve the big problem in Paris' life -- the feeling of abandonment.

Our sources say Paris has recently been telling friends and family she wants to repair her relationship with Prince, and regrets the conflicts that divided them.

Short story ... we're told the fact that Paris is expressing these feelings is great progress.



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Really? Nevermind,...    

"the fact that Paris is expressing these feelings is great progress." Paris is a mixed up teen, not a sociopath!!! Again I say; LEAVE PARIS ALONE!! Anyone would think you we're trying to drive her to suicide just so you could get the exclusive. That's what's sick TMZ,...

430 days ago


Who are your sources exactly?...nobody worth a damn would EVER talk about Micheal's kids especially Paris with a celebrity gossip/news site. .....and it's been proven time and time again that pretty much everything "reported" about Michael and now his kids turns out to be FALSE.

430 days ago


Good for her.

430 days ago


ur brother will allways be there for ya paris,u just need to be honest with him,hes ur friend not ur lover.

430 days ago


Glad she's doing better but sad this minor child's business is all over the tabloids.

430 days ago

Max Smart    

Maybe it's time for TMZ to butt out and let the kids have their growing pains in private. Leave them alone - they aren't even old enough to vote.

430 days ago

miss b    

Little Brat.

430 days ago


"I want Pugsley Addams back"

430 days ago

mj fan forever    

Of course they immediately found a way to make her be in the spotlight so they can continue to exploit her, Debbie Rowe obviously included, who is selling info and giving interviews about her from the start. And one of the main reasons of their estrangement is just Debbie Rowe as Prince doesn't like her, and he is right. NO way Debbie Rowe can be geniune, all what she does is for the love of the money and if Paris bonded with her it was just because she felt abandoned and surely exploited, and just because Debbie Rowe is good to take advantage from the situation, playing the role of the good and sincere person when the only thing she is interested in is the money and sooner or later she shows her real aims. I've no doubt Paris misses the bond with her brother, they were a wonderful and lovely family, Michael Jackson granted them an environment of love and taught them to love and support each other, they were happy children, but now everything is lost and greedy unnatural mother Katherine LARGELY contributed. Unfortunately now Michael Jackson's children are only surrounded by money-grubbers who do and say anything for money, no matter what.

430 days ago


She needs her daddy, whoever he is!

430 days ago


We all are waiting for you Paris to turn 18....

430 days ago


She can't face that her dad was a pedophile and drug user. Great musician, yes. Wrong that he died, yes. But that doesn't change what Michael was. Paris can't handle the truth.

430 days ago

King of TMZ    

You are not alone
I am here with you
Though you far away
I am here to stayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Loooooooooooooooone loooone Alllloooooone Why!!!
Loooooooooooooooone loooone Alllloooooone Why!!!
Huh uh!!!

Just the other night!
I thought I heard you cry
Asking me to go
and hold you in my arms
I can see you Paris
You know that I ll be theeeeeeeere!
You are not alone! Giiiiiiiiiiirl!!!
Can't stop feeling the looaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooaaaoooove!!!! :)

430 days ago


There is no way these children are half black.

430 days ago


Once again the great folks at TMZ present us with PURE Fiction. This is made up and concocted and false. You guys should be smacked.

430 days ago
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