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Lil Wayne/2 Chainz/T.I.

Entourage Member Allegedly Breaks

Girl's Jaw

8/23/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

12:25 PM PT -- A rep for T.I. tells TMZ, the incident did NOT occur on T.I.'s bus ... in fact, the rapper was not even aware of the incident. Which leaves two other possibilities.

More drama for the Lil Wayne/2 Chainz/T.I. tour buses -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ, a female fan says she was invited on board one of the vehicles after the show in OKC this week ... and an entourage member punched her in the face, breaking her jaw.

The alleged attacker isn't named in the police report -- but the victim says her jaw was broken in two places ... and the damage is so bad she required surgery to repair it, and her jaw is now wired shut for six weeks while it heals. The victim says she'll be on a liquid diet for the entire time.

Here's the story ... the victim told police, the unidentified entourage member had been hitting on her during the concert ... and invited her on board one of the rappers' buses after the show.

The victim says she took the guy up on his offer -- but when she showed up with her girlfriend, he stuck his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast.

The victim says she slapped his hand away and he turned around and punched her in the jaw, sending her flying out of the bus door. She says she landed on her back on the pavement with blood pouring out of her mouth.

According to the police report, the entourage member ran off, and the victim was taken to the hospital.

A rep for the Oklahoma City PD tells TMZ, the incident is under investigation. So far, no arrests have been made.

FYI, the incident allegedly occurred just hours before police searched 2 Chainz' tour bus for drugs ... and arrested the rapper.


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What is up with all the black men perpetrating violence against other people? What is it about their culture that lends itself to drugs and violence? Is it the lack of fathers in their life? Why does that group have such a disproportionately large amount of violence in it?

395 days ago


How can we argue with racists when this is the type of stuff our culture propogates as a black man this is embarrassing!! and I'm tired of being embarrassed

395 days ago


These WORTHLESS ****suckers should be locked up for years. They all think they are far above the law and rules. He they are on the front line when the revolution starts.

395 days ago


This isn't the first time a girl got on a bus & was treated badly. Hopefully if anything good can come from this- girls learn not to get on the buses. I don't believe she was asking for it. But hopefully girls will be reminded to be more cautious and not fall victim to a man because he is famous or fame adjacent. & it's my belief that most girls & women don't realize their worth and deserve to be treated like a lady & that gives any dumb idiot the opportunity to treat them badly. But that just my opinion.

395 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

they pulled a chris brown on her.

395 days ago


with the way so called Musical Artists and many Athletes conduct themselves it is no wonder why our Children are turning in to Violent little psychopaths.if you let your kid listen to and idolize idiots like this don't be shocked when they kill the family next door over some shoes or some other non sense reason.Any parent that lets there child listen to modern so called music should have a daily beating until they learn to make their kids turn that crap off and act like a civilized human being.

395 days ago


All these racist comments about these black rap artist, but the only people that buy there music or go to there shows are white. That's clown **** bro.

395 days ago


Those people are nothing but a bunch of mindless thugs.

395 days ago


What girls or women in their right little minds would want to hang out with these three ugly a@@ no talent bastards?

395 days ago


Very unfortunate. But I gotta say, these groupies know what deal is when invited to a tour bus/hotel room etc. I can see kickin her out if she didnt wanna put out, but punching/injuring her is just too far.

395 days ago

denise black    

girls stay off these tour buses !!!!! have them meet you in a public area like eat at a restaurant in a public setting or a nice bar with a good public setting to get to know him and don't have sex have a nice conversation exchange numbers and go home !!!!!! if they cant do that then your in for a rude awakening

395 days ago


I'm a woman who drives entertainer tour buses for a living. And I gotta tell ya- this chick did the equivalent of a kid entering a windowless van for a piece of candy. After a concert these guys are hormonal, drunk, high, rich and entitled. If the women think they are going back to a tour bus to play bridge they're effing stupid. She deserved to get punched for (1) not listening to her gut; (2) believing the bs that this guy fed her low self-esteem to get her on the tour bus; (3) thinking she was going to the bus to have some existential conversation that would lead to her becoming his soul mate; (4) having no clue that she was going to the bus to get f&cked. She should be grateful it was her jaw getting punched and not her vagina.

395 days ago


damn these rappers really need to control the ppl they hang out with they get it in their head that they are untouchable just cause they know a certain artist thats not right the rapper should be held responsible for this

395 days ago


These UGLY POS disgust me and should disgust all. This attitude of women being abused is beyond reason.

395 days ago


That is horrible they need to have serious consequences for their actions. This is a serious injury with a long rehabilitation and repair time.

395 days ago
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