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Ben Affleck as Batman

Born to Be the

Caped (Cod) Crusader

8/24/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck is gonna be the best Batman ever -- is what almost no one is saying, but before fanboys start committing hari kari ... we present a few reasons Ben could actually be a wicked pissah supah-hero!

Just try to forget 'Daredevil' ever happened. Ben does.



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Shut Up you freaking GEEKS.If Batman is that special in your like.You don't have the amount of brain cells it takes to recognize good acting.

425 days ago


Ok fine, forget Daredevil. Then how about: Gigli. Armageddon, where he is horrible and has a spitball in his mouth the entire time. Totally throwaway role in Goodwill Hunting. Sum of All Fears? Hollywoodland? He took up directing because no one wanted to see him on the screen!

425 days ago


There goes another movie down the toilet.

425 days ago


If they can get Larry ,( the cable guy ) he would be the best choice , second choice Tom Hardy

425 days ago


Forget ben affleck. forget any other Batman if affleck is the only one they can get to act the part.

425 days ago


Two years from this time.

Batman-purists will be screaming for 2-3 more epics.

Featuring Ben, Ben and only Ben.

It'll be like Robert Downey Jr. - as IRON MAN

Right now the Purists aren't sure Ben can pull it off -

But he'll go down as the best of many.

They're lucky to get Ben - it's the perfect choice at the perfect time -

425 days ago


With Ben you get a seasoned Hollywood vet.

Fought his way back to the top.

A writer, a director, a producer -

You put all of that into one BATMAN flick?

And you've got a Monster.

Other than the fact Ben's a Red Sox fan?

He's perfect - a perfect choice for this.

Long home run to the deepest part of Fenway.

425 days ago


I've always wanted my-old-pals the Farrelly Bros.

To direct a big super-hero kind of thing.

Peter Farrelly'd kill this -

As director - or even to add humor, dark stuff.

But Warner Bros. and Pistol Pete?

Are they still on the same page and talking ...


Lemme make a few phone calls here.

In my make-believe-world of Dream Teams.

It's like fantasy baseball, fantasy football - my world.

So far I've won nine titles.

425 days ago


Only Red Sox fans should work on the new Batman.

Ben, the Farrelly's, Matt Damon...

Make it a Boston thing.

425 days ago


damn, he will not be a good batman. just like Christian bale they both suck at acting! another dissapointmen...........

425 days ago


Hard to imagine anyone being Batman after Bale but I'll give Ben the chance. His last few movies have been pretty good. I think people are being pretty unfair to him. I never thought Matt Damon could pull off being an action star either, but look at him go. I just hope he has better hair than he did in Daredevil.

425 days ago


Personally I could care less however I think if you go to the movie open minded and watch it when it comes out you will be surprised. Unless you hate Ben Affeck then there's no reason to judge yet. First of all he fits the bill for a Batman. Tall, good looking and usually a good actor if the part is right. Besides, there will be so many other actors and actresses,not to mention muti million dollars worth of special effects and CGI effects so don't be so quick on the draw. Remember the first Batman? I couldn't believe that choice either but it went well from what I remember. Good luck Ben! Any better suggestions? Perhaps people are thinking Ben is getting too old? Lol. Peace!

425 days ago


Absolute train wreck coming.

425 days ago


Dear Hollywood Suits: You are desperately out of touch with what the fellow fan boys and girls want. We DO NOT WANT Ben Affleck to be BATMAN. You cannot go from dark, brooding Christian Bale to the guy from Chasing Amy. If you must continue with the Batman franchise, NEW AND FRESH would be appreciated. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to watch Ben Affleck as Batman and not have flashbacks of the JLo years. Please do not do this. Please! -The movie going public

425 days ago


Hell no , he doesn't match up to any of the other men that played batman. Dare devil destroyed him , ben u do this im not seeing batman.

425 days ago
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