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President Barack Obama

Big Tippin'

Spendin' G's

8/25/2013 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the free world President Barack Obama has done something only great men do ... he tipped his server ON TOP of already added gratuity. He DOUBLE TIPPED!

Obama stopped for lunch in Rochester, NY Thursday at a little deli called Magnolia's. It was widely reported that the Prez ate a grilled cheese and some cream of tomato soup. Big stuff.

But what you didn't know ... Obama not only bought lunch for his secret service men (the ones who checked the place for WMD's before hand) ... he also double tipped his waiter, like a champ.

TMZ obtained a copy of the receipt ... his total bill for 9 people was $89.84. The restaurant added a 20% tip for the large party -- $16.64 -- but Obama felt more needed to be done. He gave an additional $30.

In total, B.O. left a 52% tip.

So, we gotta ask ...



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Hannah J    

OH hell yeah guys!
So you have proof and straight facts that he gets all of his money from American's pockets! I'm assuming yes because no one not even the President of these United States of America works hard for his money. All politicians especially YOUR American prez are dirty s*** who feed off of American taxpayers dollars! There isn't a single good person left in the country!
Thanks for your nonfactual input on the people who keep America a free country! :)
Hope you teach your children to be as ignorant as some of you are! We need a few more out there :D

427 days ago

Cor Bryant    

If *ANY* place I *EVER* eat adds a tip by default, I'll walk the hell out. Gratuity is for me to determine based on ****ing's not a given! How absurd.

426 days ago


OK he uses taxpayers dollars. Big deal. Every president has. A man gives an extra 30 dollars and it effects the national debt. Another man spends a million a day cross seas. Nothing said. I believe some of the citizens of this country have gone completely retarded.

426 days ago


taxpayers are paying it dummies lol, that's not even a finger nail compared to the millions he has spent on our pathetic

426 days ago


Well, unless his teleprompter was with him, he didn't know the tip was already included.

426 days ago

Bo Dayshus    

30 dollars from a multimillionaire.oohAnd when he gets out of office and starts collecting all his payoffs he'll be a billionaire.

426 days ago


ITS FAKE, you can tell by the different pen and kids hand writing on the amounts..!!

426 days ago

jeremy smith    

nice try..this isnt even his real signature he doesnt swoop the middle of his B's that way, they alwas come to a point in the middle of the first "B"

426 days ago


Really? $136 for HALF a grilled cheese? Coulda gone to Dennys.

426 days ago


Truth be told, he probably didn't notice the mandatory tip for a large party was already on there. Lots of people make that mistake.

426 days ago


23% voted fiscally irresponsible. These are the idiots that are haters that believe he can do nothing right.

426 days ago


That's how much you're suppose to tip....

426 days ago


That's how much you're suppose to tip.....

426 days ago


I didn't know they made a credit or debit card that says tax payers money. Is any of this really necessary. He left $30.00 dollars extra and people are acting as if the world is going to end. He's human and a tax payer meaning yes he did use tax payers money for the tip.

426 days ago


It's fun to spend other people's money, huh Barry?

426 days ago
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