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President Barack Obama

Big Tippin'

Spendin' G's

8/25/2013 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the free world President Barack Obama has done something only great men do ... he tipped his server ON TOP of already added gratuity. He DOUBLE TIPPED!

Obama stopped for lunch in Rochester, NY Thursday at a little deli called Magnolia's. It was widely reported that the Prez ate a grilled cheese and some cream of tomato soup. Big stuff.

But what you didn't know ... Obama not only bought lunch for his secret service men (the ones who checked the place for WMD's before hand) ... he also double tipped his waiter, like a champ.

TMZ obtained a copy of the receipt ... his total bill for 9 people was $89.84. The restaurant added a 20% tip for the large party -- $16.64 -- but Obama felt more needed to be done. He gave an additional $30.

In total, B.O. left a 52% tip.

So, we gotta ask ...



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Bo Dayshus    

Uncle Tombama always knows which Ase to kiss to get what he wants.

388 days ago


Whats the crippled goose factor for a meal like that ? 8-10

388 days ago


For you people that have no clue.... here's some stats on this CRUMMY President.....

President Obama doesn't seem to believe in the capitalistic system and has instituted major regulations which have stunted economic growth.
The social justice economic plan is failing and American's are suffering. Economy and wages are stagnant and the quality of life is down and continues to be so.
Here are some facts to back that up.

* 7 out of 8 jobs created are 'Part Time'

* 54% of American's make 'Less Than' $54,000 a year

* Avg duration of Unemployment: 20 weeks in 2009 / 37 weeks now

* More than 8 Million Americans stopped looking for work.

* Trade deficit with CHina was $268 Billion, $315 Billion in 2012

* Poverty rate stands at 16%. That is the 'Highest' since 1965 when started.

* Food Stamps, Under Obama, have increased by 11 Thousand 'PER DAY' under his watch
* Gas: 2009 = $1.85 per gal Now: $3.53 per gal.

* Avg. Worker Health Insurance costs have 'Increased' by 29% and going higher due this horrible ObamaCare.

So while some of you run around not know 'Jack' and think this guy is 'Likable'.... he has no clue on what or how to fix this economy.

Any of you who say, "Oh, well look what Bush did that's why!" Well, you have NO CLUE.

This President has increased the debt of this country MORE than ALL Presidents COMBINED!

Get a clue people.... this guy and his socialistic beliefs are Killing this country.
And we've got 3.5 more years of it.


388 days ago


You should always leave a ridiculous tip...especially when its the tax payers money and not your own.

388 days ago


The tip will be paid by his salary not the people. He's obviously closely audited and tips are not a business write off.

388 days ago


At least he finally gave something to someone who works for a living

388 days ago


As always liberal media like TMZ only publishes unnecessary and useless info.

388 days ago


Big G's????, really TMZ??? Definitively you do not have anything better to publish? What a waste!.

388 days ago


BO, biggest POS in U.S. history.

388 days ago


lol.........he be spending those g's. probably paid with the money he took from us the past months. looser

388 days ago


President Obama just signed a new Policy last Friday, not to arrest illegal aliens in this country if they have minor children. This policy only will entice more illegals to come to our country.

388 days ago


Really TMZ you think that is something to talk about. That is the least that should have been tipped. I am sure that there was a whole section roped off for him so no other guests and then I doubt they were there for a short lunch so that might have been the server's only table that day.
Do you not think that this will either be covered by the taxpayers or expensed some other way?
Sorry I just do not find it that remarkable to be honest as who knows who all helped her and that she will have to split that with.

388 days ago


Looks like he was gonna leave 70 then scratched that out and left 30 instead. Math is obviously not his strong suit!

388 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Is this where Obama was instead of making a statement about the brutal senseless murder of Delbert Shorty Belton, a WWII Veteran and Hero? I am applaud and disgusted that this President made a statement about Travon Martin, how "This could have been me"...well Mr Obama, this could have been my grandfather. Where the hell are you now?

388 days ago


I love these feel good stories. Desiree can probably buy a new pack of socks from walmart due the emperors generosity.

388 days ago
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