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Lamar Odom's Addiction

Khloe's Dark Secret

8/26/2013 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian kept Lamar Odom's crack addiction secret from her entire family for most of her marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Khloe did not want to burden her family and jeopardize the Kardashian machine by telling the brood about Lamar's drug issues. We're told Kourtney and Kim Kardashian learned of Lamar's addiction "very recently."

We're told Kris Jenner has known about it for a longer period of time, but was still kept in the dark for many months.

Our sources say even when Khloe reached out for professional help -- for example hiring private investigators to follow Lamar -- she lied about the extent of the addiction. Our sources say Khloe told private investigators Lamar was addicted to "performance enhancing drugs" and that's why she needed their help. She never played the crack card.

When stories started to surface about Lamar sleeping with other women ... and the family started asking questions ... Khloe felt she needed to reveal the real issue. As one source put it, "Khloe was a real trooper. She's been living a nightmare."


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Kev the Realist    

Well finally reality bites back. The entire KRAPTRASHIAN group are nothing but a bunch of pathetic, dumb ass, gypsy tramp pimps who will do anything for money. The entire machine is designed for nothing other than pandering with any story they can, as they are totally devoid of any talent whatsoever and are simply focused on doing whatever they can to get more money. Kim is a tramp with her angry, gay, boyfriend. Rob is a useless moron. Khloe has no talents and married Lamar to get some additional notoriety, Kourtney hangs with the utterly useless Scott *****it who is nothing more than a money grubbing gigggilo and Chris is the mother pimp who schemed her way to a talk show which has to be one of the worst talk shows on TV. Hell they even had to pander to get Harvey Levin to come on their show. That alone shows how desperate they are for "talent" or class to appear on her show. It is past due for the networks to KICK THEM ALL to the curb. Oh yeah and take the new generation of those 16 somethings with them as they are simply being "groomed" for a life of TRAMPDOM.

426 days ago

miss b    

Lamar Odom's taking a ride on Mr. Pipe.
{And he won't share}

426 days ago


So she lied to everyone and now we are supposed to believe her. Gypsies are known for lying.

426 days ago


This is smear campaign against him by the Kartrashians I do not believe these stories at all. Its them making up the stories and paying TMZ to run them. If he was really a drug addict trust me it would of come out a long time ago and he wouldn't have a job as they constantly drug test NBA and would of definitely seen something already. I believe he cheated on her and now she and the family are out for revenge so they are trying to ruin his career and life.

426 days ago


What a bunch of BS.

The only truth to this "story" is that she hired private investigators, but that was to follow him to find out who he was cheating with.

The NBA tests for drugs and a crack addict can't put the pipe down long enough to perform at a professional level of sports and the pick it back up when convenient.

Please, when you make another story up, try to make it at least semi-believable.

426 days ago


Only God can judge but...wasn't Lamar engaged or involved with another woman when Khloe dug her claws in? It takes two, and if this is true Lamar is getting his...maybe this is God's way of teaching her a hard lesson. Crack is NO joke, addiction is a disease. I hope they both get help and find their way...

426 days ago


The Kartrashian machine is fueled by their so called "secrets."

Everything, even down to their monthly cylcles is packaged and sold for PROFIT.

426 days ago


I'll bet Lamar has tons of "secrets" that the Kartrashians don't want to get out to their "fans." They're using their usual "smear" campaign to try and discredit him, but he who yells loudest, has the most to hide.

426 days ago


Khloe was in love with the Laker with a multi million dollar contract Lamar the discontent set in when he was traded to Dallas and now that he's probably out of the game for good and she couldn't get knocked up by him for that 18 year payday she no longer has any use for him.

426 days ago


Stay tuned for tomorrows thrilling episode...yawn.

426 days ago


If I had married into that family I'm afraid I would have turned into a crack addict too!

426 days ago


First I knew a Latin girl years ago that I use to drop of after work in the Marina (Marina Del Rey) California at Lamar's apartment and this was when he was a Clipper before that mentioned many times that he did drugs.....even more so during the death of his baby. Why are you people so hateful when it comes to a family that is on reality tv making all the money because they work hard...it's sad that jealously and envy rules with compete strangers are just simple nobodies that speak so viciously on a family you don't know. I see real...regardless of the extras they may have on tv for TV but Kim has not done no more than y'all ragdy asses in and out of a relationship. She did not sit on her Beverly Hills ass...she help organize closets in Bev hills...have fashion advice as she put together outfits for stars and became a assistant to the stars....a beautiful looking family including the gorgeous Khole...Kris for behind her kids and push them to believe in themselves and their dreams and success followed. And those who talked about kanye being gay...get your life...did you look at his interview on the kris show Friday...I did and got to see something that Jay Z nor beyonce could never do....give you them in the real world in such a raw interview....I have so much more respect for him....you people will continue to tear down the good and it's your choice as its mind to write what I feel about a beautiful family that has given me nothing but real and raw....fights, laughs, love all in one....I love how the family have brought in the Jenner men and Brody with his fine ass....and how the young girls have their own identity...I like how Kourtney and her family portray what she believes in....her and Scott are great together unmarried with their children...real life...of she chooses to move forward she will but its no pressure and bless Khole with strength in this time and God work on Lamar...I don't know them of course but I am not here to drag them down because they are human as we are the only thing different they have choose to live in the spot light and when things happen that may come up in anyone's life then they are picked apart and judge which is sick....also Rob....great young man graduated college but trying to find his niche....but again graduating college is a success in it self....he didn't have to he could have just receive money and ran with his famous last name, so kuddos to Rob....Bruse is the man when need to be....you can tell when he is tired his wife knows and he is able to be the man and husband he has to be...he is just a kind man....okay enough of me defending a family that does not know I exist but for you people I had to state what I feel and express my prayers for the family at this time and how I feel as a fan....keep on pushing through trials...I do thank god they have real friends and most importantly they have each other.

426 days ago


Bull@&$t why was she trying to get pregnant if she knew he had a crack problem? Just say she married a man she did not know and he left her the same way he met her! High profile rich men discard women trash. Your first lesson in life.

426 days ago

BB not bb    

I head been seeing stories about Lamar cheating since last December. Maybe he likes to do the drugs with hookers and then have sex. He seems like a cheap sleazy person. It is hard to tell with him because he is usually quiet and keeps his mouth shut. Maybe he thought he would just marry into the rich and famous and see where it took him.

She deserves better than to be played for a fool. She seems kind of easy going, so maybe he saw an opportunity to take advantage. I thought it was very creepy how there was just some random young white man living in her house who her husband would rather spend time with than with her. Why did she even let that guy move in?

I kind of get the feeling that Lamar does not appreciate Khloe.

426 days ago

Pete Beau    

she is not a "trooper" like a police man but a "trouper" like a member of dance troupe.....no one proofs this drivel?

426 days ago
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