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Lamar Odom's Addiction

Khloe's Dark Secret

8/26/2013 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian kept Lamar Odom's crack addiction secret from her entire family for most of her marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Khloe did not want to burden her family and jeopardize the Kardashian machine by telling the brood about Lamar's drug issues. We're told Kourtney and Kim Kardashian learned of Lamar's addiction "very recently."

We're told Kris Jenner has known about it for a longer period of time, but was still kept in the dark for many months.

Our sources say even when Khloe reached out for professional help -- for example hiring private investigators to follow Lamar -- she lied about the extent of the addiction. Our sources say Khloe told private investigators Lamar was addicted to "performance enhancing drugs" and that's why she needed their help. She never played the crack card.

When stories started to surface about Lamar sleeping with other women ... and the family started asking questions ... Khloe felt she needed to reveal the real issue. As one source put it, "Khloe was a real trooper. She's been living a nightmare."


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"Lines In The Sand" p.s.

Drawing my own line-in-the-sand many years back?

Helped me create a new life and world for myself.

Wouldn't have been possible had I not pulled my own intervention -

Aided by a really good therapist!

"You either come in to therapy WITH me - or you cease contacting me altogether."

Got THEIR attention!

Freaking FINALLY !!!!

Turned out to be "good-bye" cuz of Denial/Refusal.

In their own mind(s) they're fine, just fine...

390 days ago


Kloe hang in there my prayers are with u both.

390 days ago


I'm not a Kardashian-worship-center.

But I've always liked them.

Always like people that build themselves up.

X-Factor blew it by not giving Khloe the mike and the space to create.

She was the only reason i watched.

They bought Ryan3 in and I said I'm -out.

390 days ago


God Forever Bless Mike Tyson:

For his courage - exposing himself to the press:

"I've been lying all along - I have only six days of sobriety."

Still Iron Mike!

"Most Fearless Of Them All."

390 days ago


Prayer that FOX renews Kris Jenner's show.

Prayer that Kris considers this theme -

As an oft-segment.

Name therapists (UCLA's N.P.I.) to discuss issues we all basically face.

Oh, and Lamar might discover?

He LIKES Recovery and the Recovery World.

I love it !!!!

390 days ago


How can a NBA player do yearsof drug use and pass all the urine test given by the NBA, this is all revenge against lamarfor seeing someone else, ESPN,all sports news venues and the NBA have not filed a complaint against lamar, the only accusation is coming from the kardasians. And kanya had better watch out and remember when the breakup comes and it will, the one that keeps the kid also gets the HOUsE or mansion.

390 days ago


lol a crack head is alwasy gonna be a crack head!!!!!!

390 days ago


Don't be so quick to judge khloe. Being married to a crack addict is crazy. They will take you down that road with them you will lie,cover for them, make up excuse for them so they will appear normal. It will make even the strongest woman doubt her own strength. Drug addicts are manipulate and will make you think your the one with the problem. And as longad you allow thectack head behavior go on. You are the crazy on. Be strong khloeand keep your head up

390 days ago


Wow that's sad to hear I really liked Lamar as a basketbal on my favorite team the clippers too had to learn to learn that's he's a crack head

390 days ago


Why is it that most of the people who comment on this site have issues with spelling and grammar and the basic formation of a sentence? And yet, they're usually the ones who have the audacity to pass harsh judgment upon others.

390 days ago


Coke and bitches , Khole can't help him , she been helping him cover it up . She needs to file and stop playing god.

390 days ago


Her dark secret is that she was once a man.

389 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

You all need to stop dwelling on the negative and try to remember the happy times when Lam-lam was high on crack cocaine and these two love-birds were engaging in lengthy, animalistic anal sex until Korn-hole's rectum was bloody. Precious memories....

389 days ago


A professional bb player...making all that money...and he's on crack?? Ok.....

389 days ago


Wow thIs Is really sad....for the LONGEST tIme khole and lamar's marrIage was the only stable one In the famIly. Im a recoverIng addIct I have 9 years clean, let me tell u that AddIctIon Is A VERY SERIOUS SUBJECT. And It should not be thrown around so easIly...we're talkIng about these two peoples lIves and I for one. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!!!! If your In the NBA u have to submItt to drug tests, If he dId have a drug problem we would have heard about It a LONG TIME AGO!!!!! And TMZ In one sentence u say that Khole Is "NOT GIVING UP ON LAMAR" but the next sentence says that "shes fIllIng for a dIvorce because he CAN'T BE SAVED" Wtf ya'll need.to get your **** straIght before you destroy someones lIfe.....If I were Lamar I would SUE THE **** OUT OF YOU for the lIes that u spread......REALLY TMZ don't you pay someone to check the facts before you post these storIes???????

389 days ago
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