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Lamar Odom's Addiction

Khloe's Dark Secret

8/26/2013 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian kept Lamar Odom's crack addiction secret from her entire family for most of her marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Khloe did not want to burden her family and jeopardize the Kardashian machine by telling the brood about Lamar's drug issues. We're told Kourtney and Kim Kardashian learned of Lamar's addiction "very recently."

We're told Kris Jenner has known about it for a longer period of time, but was still kept in the dark for many months.

Our sources say even when Khloe reached out for professional help -- for example hiring private investigators to follow Lamar -- she lied about the extent of the addiction. Our sources say Khloe told private investigators Lamar was addicted to "performance enhancing drugs" and that's why she needed their help. She never played the crack card.

When stories started to surface about Lamar sleeping with other women ... and the family started asking questions ... Khloe felt she needed to reveal the real issue. As one source put it, "Khloe was a real trooper. She's been living a nightmare."


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I don't know either person! However Addicts choose their prey. I've dealt with addicts and it's not an accident that Lamar Married her within 9 days. Addicts are the best at what they do. You will never out smart an addict, they know everything about medical and therapy treatment. These addicts will developed a narcissist behavior. She can not be his family when it comes to the habit. She must separate her feelings from the addict, or he will take her through the gutter with out empathy. I'm not saying not to love him. But she needs to get help and get strong first before dealing with him. Her husband is three different people. It has nothing to do with Khole, but if she don't seek help and knowledge of this problem, he will blame her for everything without taking responsibility for himself

423 days ago


addiction is a struggle

423 days ago


I am afraid the Chloe's rush to marry Lamar was a mistake. Had she taken the time to know more about him and discovered that he had a drug problem she could have waited until he was truly 'clean' and avoided all the current agony. Those 4 years of marriage protection enabled him to continue his unfortunate habits which may well end the marriage now. Very sad as they are both nice people and it is fortunate that no children have been involved. I wish them both better luck.

423 days ago


He had to be on drugs to marry someone that ugly when he's a basketball player so he could just go around banging pretty much anyone because he has money, and that's all women care about really.

423 days ago


I haven't heard whether or not she is in therapy. If she wants to help her hubby, she needs one. The media is having a feeding frenzy with this story. Her family is telling her to leave him and consulting an attorney! May God bless her heart and give her love, support and strength. He seems to be the only one in her corner right now. A therapist can help her cope with the issues in her marriage. She needs more support and less criticism. Im just sayin....

422 days ago


She's going to stay with him....He wasn't smoking crack with prostitutes or anything. He was probably just at his dad or friend's house smoking it. She'll feel sorry for him and if he decided to go to rehab, she'll stand by his side.

422 days ago


is lamar her dark secret? wow you California people are lunatics

419 days ago


Khloe...I don't know if you will ever read this but you are and always have been as bright as the sun. You are strong and wonderful a true delight the balance to your family. Your family loves you and they are there for you. I don't know the truth only whats posted by the media but if Lamar could turn from your constant love and relentless support for even a moment he doesn't know or understand true unconditional love or who you are. Be strong Khloe. I have been there and it's the hardest thing ever but you can do this. Don't spend the wonderful life and special amazing gifts you have to offer on someone who doesn't see how enchanting you truly are because the thought of the pain without Lamar seems too great. He has shown after everything where he stands. You already stand alone with him. Take the proper amount of time to heal and move on because you will never be alone.It's time to think about Khloe and her happiness and Khloe's needs. I am so sorry that your hurting as a fan I wish you all the best. :) @-->----

400 days ago


Wonder what drugs she was doing too??? She lost a lot of weight and her face has become very sunken in... Knowing his addiction I cannot see how she did not leave him unless she had/has a bit of a habit too...

397 days ago


Khloe get rid of him he is a loser.

315 days ago


Cloe, drop the loser you can do better than Lamar!!!11

315 days ago
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